Operating Company

We Have a Reputation for Improving
 our Clients'
Promotion and Sales Activities through Web Marketing and Designs.

Operating Company

We Focus on Clients' Results and Contribute to Increase Sales Through Effective Web Marketing.

We confirm the client's goals and propose and execute web strategies that can achieve them. The web strategy that should be executed varies depending on the client's industry, products and services, so rather than a uniform strategy, we combine websites, SEO, listing advertisements, SNS operations, SNS advertisements, marketing automation, etc., and then place the orders. Even after the implementation, we will analyze the web marketing and improve it to make it even more effective, achieving unprecedented customer growth and increased sales.


We will Create a Website which Prospective Customers Find the Value and Lead to Increased Inquiries.

We don't just create beautiful websites. Prospective customers will find the value of your company, and we will create a website that will increase inquiries and sales while combining SEO, internet advertising, and access analysis. For that purpose, we will create a website with high design skills, marketing skills, and IT skills. We will create a website that is easy to see from any device, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and will give you an overwhelming edge over your competitors.


Take the Right Approach to SEO.

We aim to display the top of the search results of Google and Yahoo for keywords that lead to client sales in the right way. We will never implement risky SEO measures that damage the value of the client's website. By properly creating a website, you can implement safe and meaningful SEO measures and attract high-potential access to the website.

Operating Company

We Carry Out Online Advertisements that Accurately Appeal to Prospective Customers.

We will achieve a high inquiry rate by gathering a website that appeals to prospective customers and a high probability of access. In order to increase access, we will make full use of online advertising in addition to SEO measures. You can achieve high cost-effectiveness by using various types of Internet advertisements for different purposes, setting Internet advertisements in detail, and conducting improvement activities based on the results. We have a web marketing team that specializes in online advertising, SEO measures, and access analysis, so we can increase access and inquiries in-house.


The Analysis and Improvement that Starts after the Launch of Website will Increase the Effect even Further.

We believe that publishing a website is not the end, but rather the beginning. During website building, even if you think about the content that attracts prospective customers, it is only a "hypothesis", and you will not know if it is really correct until you publish it. After the release, we will analyze it and if there is something not going well, we will make improvements and correct the course. By constantly turning the PDCA cycle, the website will transform into a website that will produce more and more results after it is published.


Automatically Generate Prospective Cutomers and Support Sales Activities.

Web marketing centered on websites is both sales promotion and sales activities. Proper web marketing can automatically attract prospective customers, educate prospective customers, and increase their willingness to buy. Until now, sales activities in which sales staff searched for prospective customers and persuaded customers are now just doing the closing because prospective customers who are willing to purchase make inquiries and visit the store themselves with knowledge of your company. It is possible to make a significant contribution to sales activities by treating sales promotion and sales as one line without separating them. To that end, we will make full use of highly specialized content, e-mail magazines, and marketing automation that meet the needs of prospective customers.

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30 million yen


Hisashi Miwa

Nagoya office
3-2-5 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City Yoshikei Building 4F
TEL. 052-684-5558
FAX: 052-684-5578
Vietnam office
Unit 305 Citilight Building, 45 Vo Thi Sau, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
TEL.+84 (0)28-2239-0444
Number of employees

About 120 (including Vietnam)

Business content
Website Production
Website planning/design/building
Website operation/improvement
Landing page production
Special recruitment site production
Internal SEO measures
Content marketing support
App UX/UI design
Web Marketing
Listing advertisement operation
Remarketing ad operation
Facebook, Instagram Ad Management
Access analysis/Heat map analysis
Website competition research, web consulting
Marketing automation (Pardot) construction/operation
CRM (SalesCloud) construction/operation
Web System Development
Web system development
Web server maintenance
Offshore development
Photo planning/shooting/editing
Video planning/filming/editing
Graphic Design
Logo (CI, VI)
Pamphlet and company information
Promotional materials (DM, flyers)
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