[8 selection] Imported Food Stores in Nagoya! Enjoy a Deep, Exotic Atmosphere!

Posting date: 2022.10.26
[8 selection] Imported Food Stores in Nagoya! Enjoy a Deep, Exotic Atmosphere!

Do you love Korean, Vietnamese, curry and other ethnic cuisines? Do you want to make them at home and also want to enjoy the foreign atmosphere?

For those who are interested, we have picked up stores where you can buy imported foods in Nagoya. We introduce a wide variety, including Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Brazilian, and more.

*Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store.

Near Station, Great Convenience! Vietnamese Food Store
"Cho viet nakamura"|Nakamura Ward

First, we would like to introduce "Cho viet nakamura," a 3-minute walk from Nakamura Kuyakusho Station on the Sakuradori Subway Line. It is a Vietnamese food store.

Inside the store are rows and rows of freezer cases. Inside the freezer cases are a wide variety of meats such as beef, pork, and chicken, as well as vegetables, processed foods, and fruits.

There is a blackboard with a description of the parts of the meat, which is very kind. There is also a whole chicken!

On the shelves are also condiments and rice paper for making spring rolls.

There are so many varieties of pho noodles alone!

There were also a few juices, sausages and vegetables in the refrigerated case.

Most of the signage in the store is in Vietnamese, but if you ask the staff, they will politely tell you how to use it and how to eat it. Conveniently located right next to the station, the restaurant is clean, bright, and easy to enter.

[Cho viet nakamura]
Address : 1F Princess Meieki Nishi, 2-59 Kogane Dori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0804, Japan
Phone number :070-3623-4312

Old Favorite Indian-Pakistani Food Store
Zafar Trading International
"Halal Food Store”|Kanayama

Next, we introduce Zafar Trading International "Halal Food Store", an imported food store with a long history in Nagoya.

This Indian-Pakistani imported food store has been in business since 1994 and has long been a loved. The store manager is Mr. Zafar, a native of Pakistan. It also carries halal food.

*What is halal food?
Certification is granted when the product is processed in accordance with Islamic teachings and is recognized as having no food satellite or quality control problems.

The store is approximately 5 minutes walk from Kanayama Station. It is located in a residential area on the way from the station to the AEON MALL Atsuta store. It has the atmosphere of a wholesale store, but the general public can shop there.

Meats with the Halal mark are sold in refrigerated and frozen cases.

Naan that can be eaten just by baking!

There is a wide variety of spices, some in large quantities.

There are many kinds of retort curry. Snacks, cookies and juice are also available.

In addition to ingredients for curry, the shop also offers a wide range of seasonings for Thai and Chinese cuisine. The store has a deep atmosphere that suddenly appears in a residential area. You can enjoy a wide variety of ingredients from a large selection.

[Zafar Trading International Halal Foods Store]
Address: 7-21 Hayori-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 456-0003, Japan
Phone Number :052-889-6843
Parking :2 cars

The Narrow Store is Packed with Indian and Thai Ingredients! 

ASIAN FOOD STORE HALAL is a food store located on Higashi Niomon-dori in the Osu shopping arcade district. Owned by a Nepalese national, the store offers a variety of foods from India and Southeast Asia.

It is located approximately 5 minutes from Kamimaezu Subway Station and 8 minutes from Osu Kannon Station, it is an easy stopover during a stroll in Osu.

Southeast Asian instant noodles, pho, and other products were lined up from outside the store.

The store, which was built about three years ago, is very long and narrow, with a mirrored wall on one side. It is a small store, but the products are lined up tightly up to the ceiling!

Wide selection of Indian spices, rice, Thai and Chinese seasonings, etc. are available.

There were also halal-certified meats in the freezer case.

It's also recommended to stop by when you stroll through Osu Shopping Arcade!

Address : 3-42-10 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0011
Telephone number : 052-265-8004

More than 70 Years of History
"Narita", a Korean food Supermarket | 4 stores in Nagoya

Established in 1948, Narita is a supermarket specializing in Korean food with a history of more than 70 years and 4 directly managed stores in Nagoya City.

The store offers a wide variety of Korean foodstuffs, seasonings, and original products developed by the store. Since its establishment, this long-established supermarket has been loved by many people, including Korean residents in Japan living in the Tokai region.

The Daimon Store, located a two-minute walk from Nakamura Kuyakusho Station on the Sakuradori Subway Line, also serves as a central kitchen. All of the store's kimchi, prepared foods, pancakes, etc. are prepared here.

The menu features handmade prepared dishes such as yangnyeom chicken and Korean pancakes.

Of course, they also have homemade kimchi! Not only the standard normal kimchi, but also daikon kimchi, cucumber kimchi, yam kimchi, and many other variations are available.

Narita has been supporting the dining tables of Koreans in Japan for over 70 years. There are 4 branches in the city: the main Narita store, the Daimon branch, the Ozone branch, and the Imaike branch, so please visit the store nearest your house.

[Narita Main Store] 
Address : 7-15, Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0015, Japan
Telephone number: 052-451-1560

[Narita Daimon Branch]
Address : 5-17 Taikodori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0811
Telephone number: 052-482-3080

[Narita Ozone Branch]
Address : 1-10-4 Yamada, Kita-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 462-0810
Phone Number :052-911-1478

[Narita Imaike Branch]
Address : 1-16-13 Imaike, Chikusa ward, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0850, Japan
Telephone number :052-735-0127


Homemade Kimchi and Ume Plum Extract are also Available!
Full Lineup of Korean Foods "Kankoku Tokusou"| Shinsakae

Next, we would like to introduce a Korean food store "Kankoku Tokusou" located in Shinsakae, Naka-ku, Tokyo. It is located about a 13-minute walk from Yabacho Subway Station and about a 14-minute walk from Shinsakae Station.

Inside the small store are neatly arranged Korean foodstuffs such as kimchi, gochujang (spicy black bean paste), seasonings, and instant foods.

Korean staff members are making kimchi, asazuke (pickled plums), and ume extracts in the kitchen in the back of the store. Many jars of plum extract filled with plums were lined up!

A wide variety of instant noodles and snacks are available.

In the refrigerated case are makgeolli (Korean wheat malt liquor) and other Korean liquors. The frozen case is lined with products such as kimchi dumplings that can be simply microwaved.

There are many kinds of gochujang and large quantities of togarashi (red pepper) are also sold!

Although it is a small store, it offers a full lineup of products! Please stop by when you are in the Sakae area.

[Kankoku Tokusou]
Address : 1-25-31 Shinsakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Telephone number :052-251-6937

Chinese Food Store near Nagoya Station
"Chugoku Bussan Choukou (Yangtze River)"|Nakamura Ward

Next, we would like to introduce "Chugoku Bussan Choukou", a store selling Chinese foodstuffs. This is located on the west side of Nagoya Station, about an 8-minute walk from the station.

The building is marked by large letters on the wall. The first floor of the building is a food store and the second to fourth floors are accommodations.

A wide variety of foods are condensed and lined up in a compact and clean store. There is a considerable selection of frozen foods such as dumplings and steamed buns, frozen meats, seasonings, and snack foods.

Various snack foods are available! Recently, they also sell Chinese idol goods. This is a store where you can experience the atmosphere of China in the vicinity of Nagoya Station!

[Chugoku Bussan Choukou]
Address: Nagae Bldg. 1F, 2-16-4 Noritake, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0014, Japan
Telephone number :0524526688

Full of Brazilian Atmosphere! 
"My Brazil"|Minato Ward

"My Brazil" is a Brazilian food store located in Shichibancho, Minato-ku. It is located a five-minute walk from Tokaidori Station on the Meiko Subway Line.

The area is also home to many people of Brazilian origin, and the store is beloved by Brazilians living nearby.

The compact store is packed with Brazilian condiments, snacks, drinks, meat, and more. They also sell homemade bread!

They also sell fresh meat, including beef and pork. Brazilian sausages are also available!

It used to have a restaurant as well, but now it is only a food store. There seems to be a very large number of Brazilian customers, so please go there to feel the Brazilian atmosphere as well as the store.

[My Brasil]
Address : 2-11-1 Nanabancho, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 455-0001, Japan Mall Kubangai
Phone number :090-9918-6616

You can Enjoy Brazilian BBQ !
Brazilian Food & BBQ Store
"The Amigos"|Odaka

Last but not least is the Brazilian food store "Exotic Butcher Shop The Amigos Odaka" located in Midori-ku, about a 7-minute walk from JR Odaka Station.

Not only can you buy Brazilian food, but it also has BBQ facilities! You can go out empty-handed, buy meat and food in the store, and enjoy BBQ.

The Amigos has 8 stores in the Tokai area, 2 of which are located in Nagoya City: the Maker's Pia store in Minato-ku and the Odaka store introduced here. They carry fresh meat as well as food imported from Brazil.

There are wide variety of fresh, such as beef and seasoned chicken.

Sausage is also rich in variety!

There are also BBQ-related products and BBQ sauces in the store.

A wide variety of spices and wines are also available. The spacious store also carries a wide range of other items, from seasonings, snacks, soaps, and other daily necessities to fresh vegetables.

Why not try something a little different and experience a Brazilian-style BBQ?

[The Amigos Odaka branch]
Address :26-1 Kamishiota, Odaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 459-8001
Telephone number :050-3138-2948
Parking lot :15 cars

Today, we introduced imported food stores in Nagoya. Please go out and feel the exotic atmosphere.

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