[Within 2hrs by Car] 12 Outing Areas where You can Go on a Day Trip from Nagoya!

Posting date: 2023.07.01
[Within 2hrs by Car] 12 Outing Areas where You can Go on a Day Trip from Nagoya!

Where should we go this weekend?

This time, we would like to introduce you to the "outing area where you can go on a day trip from Nagoya" recommended by Life Designs Editorial Team. There are many spots that you can enjoy all year round, so please use this as a reference for your weekend outings!

* Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store when using.


A Holiday Spent in Magnificent Scenery
"Komono Town, Mie"


Komono Town is located in the northwestern part of Mie Prefecture, at the eastern foot of the Suzuka Mountains. With hot springs and other facilities, it has become increasingly popular in recent years as a place where people living in the Tokai area can casually visit on a day trip or overnight.

There are plenty of spots perfect for adult holidays, such as cafes where you can relax and spend time, outdoor activities where you can fully enjoy nature, and restaurants where you can enjoy high-quality food and time.

Enjoy the Charm of Yunoyama!
Ryokan Kotobuki-tei, A Retreat Loved by royalty and Writers

Kotobuki-tei is a long-established inn located in Yunoyama Onsen, Komono Town, Mie. This is a retreat where you can fully enjoy the charm of Yunoyama, such as the high-quality spring water called "beauty hot water", the location rich in nature, 6 private baths, and the proud dishes made with local ingredients.

Since its founding in 1909, it has continued to protect the traditions and culture that have been passed down from generation to generation. In 2007, the Suunkaku annex, which was loved by the imperial family and writers, was designated as a nationally registered tangible cultural property.

Guest rooms with outstanding views and the annex "Suiunkaku" loved by the royal family and writers

The rooms at Kotobuki-tei, surrounded by rich nature, are in a great location.

It is also recommended for special days and important anniversaries, such as Japanese-style rooms with a view of Mt. Gozaisho and rooms with family baths (hot springs).

During your stay, be sure to visit the annex "Suiunkaku" built in 1929.

The floor plan incorporates the modern architectural methods of the time, including lantern windows made to the same dimensions as Ishiyamadera Temple in Shiga, beams cut from trees over 100 years old, and the Colburn method, which is very rare today.

Since it is registered as a national tangible cultural property, it is currently open only for tours, but the guest rooms loved by the imperial family and literary figures are worth seeing.

6 types of "Private Baths" Rich in Individuality

Yunoyama Onsen opened more than 1,300 years ago. It is said that Jokun Osho was discovered by Yakushi Nyorai's revelation. At Kotobuki-tei, you can enjoy various styles of baths, such as open-air baths and private baths.

One of the attractions of Kotobuki-tei is that you can enjoy 6 types of private baths. It seems that there are many regular customers who come to enjoy the hot springs while bathing in the forest, "Hinode" where the scent of cypress is soothing, and "Juraku" which has a ceramic bathtub.

▼ Click here for details of the private bath

Kaiseki Cuisine with Plenty of Ingredients from Mie

It is also a great point that you can enjoy meals in your room! You can eat slowly without worrying about your surroundings. Couples, husbands and wives, and families can spend a relaxing time together.

The cuisine uses plenty of local ingredients such as spiny lobster (Ise-ebi) and Matsusaka beef from Mie Prefecture. You can enjoy gourmet food that looks and tastes spectacular.

There is also a day trip plan, where you can have an authentic kaiseki lunch in a completely private room with one room per group.

▼ Click here for details of the dishes

[Ryokan Kotobukitei]
Address: 8585 Komono, Komono-cho, Mie-gun Google MAP is here
Phone number: 059-392-2131
Hours: Check-in from 15:00, check-out until 10:00 the next day
Parking: Available (40 cars/free)

Click here for the website

Gozaisho Ropeway


The Gozaisho Ropeway connects Mie Prefecture's Yunoyama Onsen and Mt. Gozaisho (1,212m) in the Suzuka Mountains.

The ropeway over Mt. Gozaisho (1212m) is one of the largest in Japan. The total length is 2,161m, and you can see wonderful Nishiki-e from the window of the gondola on a 12-minute walk in the air.



"Nest" is a hideaway cafe for adults that has become popular through word of mouth, even though it is located in the mountains.

You can enjoy homemade bread for morning breakfast and lunch, summer-only coffee jelly, and fluffy pancakes. Nest offers "delicious time to calm your mind." Here you can rest and recuperate.

Address: 2323-1 Sugitani, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture Google MAP is here

*Because it is a small shop, there is a limit on the number of people. Please see their website for details.

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Forest Adventure Yunoyama

Forest Adventure Yunoyama

Forest Adventure Yunoyama

Forest Adventure Yunoyamais an outdoor park in harmony with nature that opened in Komono Town, Mie on March 16, 2019.

The "Zip Slide" is over 100m long and the "Tarzan Swing" where you jump from a height of about 10m awaits you. An outdoor park where you can enjoy thrills, exhilaration, and a sense of accomplishment in the extraordinary space of a forest.

[Forest Adventure Yunoyama]
Address: 4958 Komono, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture Google MAP is here
Phone number: 059-340-7739

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Kamoshika Douguten (Kamoshika Tool Shop)

Kamoshika Douguten (Kamoshika Tool Shop)

"Kamshika Douguten (Kamoshika Tool Shop)" is a brand launched in 2014 by Yamaguchi Toki, a Banko-yaki (Banko ware) kiln in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture. It is a noteworthy Banko-yaki brand that is handled by lifestyle shops nationwide and Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten. Banko-yaki is a representative local industry in Mie Prefecture, and was designated as a national traditional craft in 1979.

In the store, you can find not only the products of "Kamoshika Douguten" but also various items related to Komono Town.

[Kamoshika Tool Shop]
Address: 2834-2 Kawakita, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture Google MAP is here
Phone number: 059-327-6555

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"CAFE SNUG" is a 5-minute walk along the railway from "Ohaneen" station on the Kintetsu Yunoyama Line.

In the shop where you can feel nostalgic while visiting a distant foreign land, you can enjoy not only muffins, but also various menus such as homemade muffins and dressings for breakfast, daily lunches, and parfaits that are popular with children.


Address: 4227-1 Komono, Komono-cho Google MAP is here
Phone number: 059-393-2285

Click here for the special article on outings in Komono Town

Sightseeing Spot that Represents Mie Prefecture
"Ise City, Mie Prefecture"

"Ise City, Mie Prefecture" is a tourist destination that represents Mie Prefecture.

Including Ise Jingu (Inner Shrine), the largest shrine in Japan with a history of 2,000 years, Okage Yokocho & Oharai Machi, which is lined with food and souvenir shops unique to Ise-Shima, and an aquarium where you can enjoy interacting with marine mammals. Full of highlights, including “Ise Sea Paradise”!

If you want Souvenirs and Meals for Visiting Ise, this is the Place!
Founded in 1910 "Iwatoya"

Otafuku-san is the landmark! Iwatoya is a 30-second walk from Ise Jingu Naiku Ujibashi-mae. Founded in 1910, it is the largest souvenir shop in Oharaimachi.

Inside the store, you can find Iwatoya's original souvenirs, such as the famous Iwato mochi, which is certified by the Ise brand, as well as Japanese sweets and Ise udon noodles!

In addition, there are 10 tenant stores such as pearls, Ise tea, and Matsuzaka beef, and you can find souvenirs from Ise Shima.

4 Recommended Items from Iwatoya

A wide range of Iwatoya original products, including Ise brand-certified confectionery "Iwato mochi", "ginger sugar", and "Ise udon". Among them, we have picked up the most recommended ones.

・Ise Brand Certified Iwato Mochi
Speaking of Iwatoya, Iwato mochi! Azuki bean paste from Hokkaido is put in a small rice cake and sprinkled with soybean flour. The softness of mochi and the aroma of roasted soybean flour are the perfect match! It's individually wrapped, so it's easy to distribute as a souvenirs.

・ Karinto Otafuku Manju
Karinto manju is steamed manju made from wheat grown in Mie Prefecture, with a rich aroma of brown sugar and deep-fried in rice oil. The point is the crispy and light texture.

・Iwato Mochi Langue de Chat
The flagship product "Iwato Mochi" has become a langue de chat. A biscuit with iwato mochi kinako kneaded into it is sandwiched with anko-flavored chocolate.

・Bracken-starch Dumpling in front of the Ise Naiku Shrine
Soft and chewy soybean flour bracken-starch dumpling made with beet sugar from Hokkaido. Bracken dough is kneaded with strained bean paste cooked with adzuki beans from Hokkaido. By kneading and steaming the dough, it becomes springy.
Finishing up with warabi mochi.

Also available for purchase at the online shop

"Isuzu Shokudo" where you can Enjoy the Food of Ise-Shima

The appeal of Iwatoya is that you can enjoy not only shopping but also dining! At the "Isuzu Shokudo" in the back of the store, you can enjoy the food of Ise Shima, including "Ise Udon (650 yen)".

We recommend the Ise Sea Bream and Tuna Sangu Combination (¥2,250), a set of sushi and Ise udon noodles. The traditional hand-kneaded sushi has a simple seasoning that allows you to fully enjoy the umami of the seafood. If you want to eat meat, try the Matsusaka Beef Mini Steak Bowl and Ise Udon Set (¥2,350). The thick Matsusaka beef is excellent to eat!

There are plenty of sweets, such as the Iwatoya Hiyashi Shiraishi Zenzai (¥600), so you can take a short break.

*Chilled Shiraishi Zenzai: Limited time only from May to October

In addition, about 20 meters from the local product shop, there is the charming Iwatoya Main Store, which retains the atmosphere of the old days. Please join us and stop by!

Address: 11 Uji Imazaike-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture Google MAP is here
Phone number: 0596-23-3188
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Open all year round

Click here for the website

Ise Jingu

In the Edo period, people wished to visit Ise Jingu at least once in their lives, the “hometown of the heart” of the Japanese people. The locals call it “Oise-san” and have been familiar with it for a long time. Even today, it remains a place that every Japanese person wants to visit at least once.

It takes about 20 minutes by bus from Geku to Naiku. Since ancient times, it has been customary to go from the Outer Shrine to the Inner Shrine when visiting Ise. When visiting Ise, please make a schedule and be sure to visit both.

Okage Yokocho & Oharai Machi

Located in a section of the Naiku Monzenmachi, Okage Yokocho is a relocated and reconstructed area of representative buildings from the Edo and Meiji periods on the Iseji road. Within the approximately 4,000 tsubo of land, there are many fun spots, such as food shops and souvenir shops that are unique to Ise-Shima.

Oharai-machi, on the other hand, is a beautiful stone-paved street that stretches approximately 800 meters from Uji Bridge along the Isuzu River. The streets are lined with gabled-roofed and gabled-entry houses, a style characteristic of Oise-san. The streets are lined with many souvenir stores, restaurants, and merchant houses, making it a pleasant place to walk around after visiting the shrine.

Ise Sea Paradise

"Ise Sea Paradise" in Ise City, Mie Prefecture.

As the name "Fureai (interacting) Aquarium" suggests, it is an aquarium where you can enjoy interacting with marine mammals, such as shaking hands with otters, getting up close to walruses, and touching spotted seals.

We would like you to experience the handshake with a clawless otter, an event where you can shake hands with a clawless otter. There are only 3 facilities in Japan that keep clawless otters! Moreover, you can shake hands only at Ise Sea Paradise!

[Ise Sea Paradise]
Address: 580, Futamicho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture Google MAP is here
Phone number: 0596-42-1760
Opening hours: See website
Closed: See website
Parking: 250 cars (paid)

Click here for the website

Ise Meoto Iwa Meoto Yokocho

"Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho" is located in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. This is an indoor shopping facility adjacent to the tourist attraction "Meotoiwa" in Futami-cho, Ise City. It's full of attractions, including good foods made with local ingredients and hands-on experience unique to Ise!

There is also an aquarium "Ise Sea Paradise" where you can enjoy interacting with sea mammals.

It takes about 15 minutes by car from Ise Jingu, so it is recommended to visit it together with your visit to Ise.

[Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho]
Address: 580, Futamicho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture Google MAP is here
Phone number: 0596-43-4111
Business hours: On the website
Closed: See website
Parking lot: 250 cars (charges apply)

Click here for the website

Ninja Kingdom Ise

``Tomoiki no Kuni Ninja Kingdom Ise'' is located in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. Located about 2 hours by car from Nagoya, this theme park can be enjoyed by 3 generations of parents and children.

You can dress up as a ninja and experience training and play games, and you can admire the world-famous garden designer's Edo Style Garden. In addition, you can enjoy watching a play, so you will surely be satisfied at the end of the day!

[Tomoiki no Kuni Ninja Kingdom Ise]
Address: 1201-1 Mitsu, Futami-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture Google MAP is here
Telephone number: 0596-43-2300
Parking: 1,000 cars (free)

Click here for the website

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