"Parlor linka" A Hearty Homemade Yeast Bread Shop Opened in Osu in February 2023

Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Posting date: 2023.07.11
"Parlor linka" A Hearty Homemade Yeast Bread Shop Opened in Osu in February 2023

"Parlor linka", a homemade yeast bread shop newly opened in February 2023 in Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

"Parlor linka", which has a calm atmosphere like a hideout, is a shop filled with the commitment and dreams of the owner, Hana Takimoto, who loves bread.

This time, we interviewed the owner, Ms. Takimoto, about why she opened the shop and her commitment to bread.

Like a Friend's House
A Hideaway in Osu with a Warm Atmosphere

A 5-minute walk from Osu Kannon Station on the Tsurumai Line.

As you go down the alley, you will see a signboard of "Parlor linka" in a corner of a quiet residential area.

The owner opened this store with the hope that you would feel as if you were visiting a friend's house, and that you would feel free to visit. The shop has a wonderful atmosphere like a hideout.

A handmade sign with a cute logo.

This logo, which Ms. Takimoto's friend designed, not only looks like the initial "PL" of "Parlor linka", but also looks like "pan (bread)" and "lin".

Since the owner wants you to relax and take it easy in the store, the store do not allow shoes inside the store.
If you wear slippers and enter the store, you will feel like you are at a friend's house.

Counter seats and single seats are also available so that even one person can easily enter the store.

The warm counter made by Ms. Takimoto's parents is a regular customer's favorite.
You can also enjoy a conversation with Ms. Takimoto, who loves to talk.

The shop has a handwritten menu of the day.

Not only bread lovers but also vegetable lovers can enjoy special soups and dishes.

The Love for Bread Turned into Making It by Herself

– Please tell us how you opened the shop.

Ms. Takimoto: "I have always loved bread, and have been making bread as a hobby since I was in high school. While making bread through trial and error, I started dreaming of owning my own shop one day.

When I became a university student, I started selling bread little by little by renting a space and setting up a shop at events. My plan was to work at a general company for about two years after graduating from university, save money, and then open a shop. I was able to save money while I was still a college student unexpectedly, so I decided to put my plans on hold for a bit and take the plunge and open my own restaurant.

Five months have passed since the opening of "Parlor linka". Now, many people are visiting us. Parlor linka serve bread-based meals, so I would be happy if more people liked bread. ”

– Please tell us about the origin of the store name “Parlor linka”.

Ms. Takimoto: "The word 'parlor' has the meaning of 'discussion room' or 'cafe'. Although it is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from Osu Kannon Station, it is in a quiet location a little away from the main street.

The name "parlor" comes from our wish that you can enjoy chatting while eating in this place where you can enjoy a relaxing time.

"Parlor linka" is a combination of my family's pet dog "Rin" and my name "Hana". I don't think I could have opened the store without the support of my family, so the name of the store reflects my family's feelings. ”

– Please tell us what you are particular about.

Ms. Takimoto: "I think that there are a lot of people who eat rice in Japan, but as a bread lover, I wanted to spread the bread diet, and I opened this shop with the hope that more people could enjoy bread-based meals.

So, as a result of thinking about how to get more people to like bread, I decided to offer not only takeout but also bread-based meals. Every day, I study how to eat bread deliciously and side dishes that go well with bread, and change the contents of the daily menu every three or four days.

When bread is the main meal, bread with a strong peculiarity often does not go well with the meal, and there are many people who do not like such bread in the first place, so I am particular about the yeast of the bread.

We use homemade sake yeast, so the bread is not sour and has a strong sweetness. I've been researching yeast since I was in high school, so I'm confident in the taste of my bread. ”

A Proud Lunch where You can Taste 3 to 4 kinds of Homemade Bread

Click here for the "Bread and soup set (1,200 yen)" of the day.

The colorful, healthy and hearty meals will satisfy your stomach.

There are four types of bread on this day, from top to bottom: "Walnut Bread", "Almond and Cheese Fugus", "Focaccia", and "Cheese Bagel". The bread recommended by the owner, Mr. Takimoto, who likes hard bread, is lined up.

The more you chew, the more flavorful the bread becomes, and it's great that you can enjoy four different types of bread at once! The compatibility with meals and soup is also excellent. You can also buy your favorite bread to take home afterwards.

The deli that was served with the bread was "salad", "carrot rapée", and "beetroot with cream cheese sauce".

Carrot rapée with cumin and refreshing beetroot marinated dish are Ms. Takimoto's specialties.

Today's soup of the day is a "cabbage potage". This soup, which is very rich and has a gentle taste, is popular among the customers.

Since the hot season has come, Ms. Takimoto plans to offer cold soups such as "Gazpacho" in the future.

The Next Goal is to Spread “Drinking with Bread”

– Please tell us about your future prospects and new initiatives you would like to take on.

Ms. Takimoto: "First of all, I want to work hard to make bread so that everyone can enjoy it.

There are so many things I want to challenge, but I would like to actively work on the development of new summer menus. Many people are looking forward to desserts and drinks, so we plan to release something refreshing in the summer.

Also, we plan to open stores at events and collaborate with other stores in the future, so please look forward to it.

Now my goal is to spread the custom of "drinking with bread" in Nagoya. Recently, there are more and more restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka where you can drink while eating bread, but there are still few such restaurants in Nagoya.

For that reason, we are also working hard to open at night, and we serve alcohol all day. Bread and sake go well together. We also make homemade plum wine, so please come and visit us at night. ”

The owner, Ms. Takimoto, loves to talk and always welcomes you with a lovely smile.
It is a shop with a warm atmosphere that makes it easy for even one person to enter. There is no doubt that you will want to visit again and again.

Why don't you visit "Parlor linka" once in search of special homemade yeast bread and a relaxing space?

Spot Details

[Parlor linka]
Address: 1-12-7 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 460-0011
Opening hours: Varies depending on the day, so please check Instagram.
Closed: Varies depending on the day, so please check Instagram.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/parlor_linka?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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