Nagoya's Local "Gacha": Find your Favorite Capsule Toy!

Posting date: 2023.07.10
Nagoya's Local "Gacha": Find your Favorite Capsule Toy!

There are various types of "gacha-gacha (capsule toys)". In recent years, the target demographic has expanded to adults, and the number of specialty stores such as "Gacha Gacha Forest" and "Gashapon Department Store" has increased one after another, and the market is expanding significantly.

Under such circumstances, the popularity of “local gacha”, which contains local specialties and famous places, is gradually spreading. Capsule toys with a strong local feel, called "local gacha", have a variety of ingenious items, from those based on local stories that only locals know, to products that will please tourists as well.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce "gacha" unique to "Nagoya". It is also recommended as a souvenir when visiting Nagoya.

A Classic Nagoya Souvenir!
A Miniature Toy with the Motif of "Aoyagi Uiro"

A miniature toy with the motif of "Aoyagi Uiro" is the same as it looks, but it is smaller. The product logo and design drawn on the box, as well as the wording on the back are the same.

Furthermore, when you open the inside, there are two small pieces of uiro, just like the real thing.

There are 7 types in total. The box part has a netsuke strap.

Aoyagi Capsule Toy Series Vol.2
"Frog Manju Series"

The popular “Kaeru (Frog) Manju Capsule Toy” has caught fire on social media.

Manju with a smiling frog face is a popular souvenir of Aoyanagi Uiro.

There are attractive capsule toys such as "Frog's Milk Bath", a menu that floats on milkshake, "Kerotozzo", an arrangement recipe, "Frog Butter" with butter sandwiched in between, and "Frog Manju" in a paper box.

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Souta Fujii (Shogi Player) Ate!
Nagoya Cochin Pudding
"Piyorin" Keychain

"Piyorin", a custard pudding from Nagoya Cochin, has become a popular Nagoya souvenir since the website server of Piyorin went down when Shogi player Souta Fujii won the two titles. 

Such “Piyorin” capsule toys are also highly reproducible and very cute! All types come with ball chains, so you can enjoy them as key chains.

There are four types: normal, strawberry, chocolate, and matcha.

We also recommend a cookie-shaped rubber strap with “Piyorin” turned into a cookie.
Please check it out as well.

Nagoya Specialty
"Misokatsu Yabaton" Keychain

Nagoya's specialty "Misokatsu Yabaton" is now available in a smaller size! The tonkatsu is so realistic that you'll feel hungry at any moment, and it's perfect for memories of Nagoya.

Starting with the standard “Waraji Tonkatsu”, there are 5 types in all: “Filet Tonkatsu”, “Loin Kushikatsu”, “Bu-chan Rubber Keychain” and “Bu-chan (Baseball version) Rubber Key Chain”.

A Coffee Shop that Nagoya Boasts to the World
"Mountain" Miniature

The coffee shop "Mountain" is a mecca for good cheap eats that Nagoya boasts to the world. A menu with outstanding impact has become a miniature.

It was so real that it reminded me of the day I "*climbed" the mountain. Even if you can't reach the summit at the shop, you might be able to complete all types of capsule toys and aim for the summit.

*Mountain has a strong fan base, and there are even mountain terms such as "climbing" to visit a "mountain" and place an order, "distress" to retire without finishing what was served, and "reach the summit" to finish eating what was served.

▼ Click here for the mountain article

Nagoya's Soul Food,
Ankake Spa Originator "Yokoi"
Miniature & Package Pouch

Yokoi, the originator of Ankake Spa, has released a capsule toy with a miniature Ankake Spa and a package as a pouch.

Spaghetti with a quality just like the real thing is a gem that Yokoi fans want to get.

The Lid is Cute! "Kuppy Ramune" Accessory Case

Ramune "Kuppy Ramune" from Nagoya. The `` Kuppy Ramune Accessory Case'' with Usagi-kun and Squirrel-chan printed on it is so cute that you'll want to collect it.

Try spinning it with your child.

A Specialty Store to Enjoy Local Gacha
"Dream Capsule"

"Dream Capsule" is a gacha-gacha specialty store that collects about 400 types of capsule toys. 250 to 300 kinds of new products appear every month. Please try to find the Gacha Gacha that is unique to Nagoya.

Nagoya Sakae Central Park
3-15-13 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 37 in Central Park

Aeon Town Meisei Store
Aeon Town Meisei 2F, 6-49-1 Kounomicho, Nishi Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Kintetsu Passe
Kintetsu Passe 7F, 1-2-2 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Market Square Sasashima
4-60-14 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Market Square Sasashima

Prime Tree Akaike
Prime Tree Akaike 3F, 1 Minote, Akaike-cho, Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture

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