[10 selections] Recommended for Girls' Trip from Nagoya! Special feature on Hotels and Inns

Posting date: 2022.11.28
[10 selections] Recommended for Girls' Trip from Nagoya! Special feature on Hotels and Inns

If you're going on a girls' trip, you'll want to stick to hotels and ryokans where you can spend your time comfortably and stylishly. So this time, we will introduce hotels and ryokan that are perfect for a girls' trip from Aichi and Nagoya! We have picked up spots where you can spend a relaxing time in the hotel, such as hot springs and restaurants.

Every spot is perfect for traveling from Nagoya, so please use it as a reference for your trip.

Natural Treasures are Adjacent to the Hotel, "Hotel Indigo Inuyama Urakuen" | Aichi

"Hotel Indigo Inuyama Urakuen" just opened in March 2022. It is located on the site of the former Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel, close to Inuyama Castle, and has a tea room "Joan" on the premises, which is a rare location decorated with two national treasures.

Hotel Indigo is a hotel that offers a unique customer experience. It is the first indigo brand in the Tokai area.

The guest rooms boasting high-quality interiors are sure to appeal to women. It is as comfortable as a villa, and has a cozy atmosphere.

The hotel also has Inuyama's only natural hot spring, Hakutei no Yu. The clear, odorless alkaline simple hot spring with a pH of about 8.5 is said to be effective for beautiful skin.

At the restaurant "Yamaterasu", you can enjoy a food experience inspired by the seasonal ingredients, history and culture of the neighborhood area near the hotel.

It is a hotel where you can satisfy your body and soul.

[Hotel Indigo Inuyama Urakuen]
Address : 103-1 Inuyama Kitakoten, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Phone Number :0568-61-2211(Representative)

A Hotel that is Connected to the city of Kanazawa

"SOKI KANAZAWA" is located in front of the Oumicho Market, close to Kanazawa Station in Ishikawa Prefecture. Opened on November 19, 2022, this is a hotel where you can enjoy "a trip to spend time in nature, regaining who you are."

SOKI KANAZAWA is in a great location for sightseeing in Kanazawa. Within a 15-minute walk from the hotel, you can visit major tourist spots such as Higashi Chaya District, Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen, and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, as well as Kanazawa's charms such as food and crafts unique to Kanazawa, which is rich in history and culture. You can enjoy it actively.

There are 12 types of guest rooms that you can choose according to your travel style.

In addition to single travelers and couples, there are also plenty of rooms that can accommodate up to four people, which are recommended for families and groups.

Perfect for group girls' trips!

In addition, guest room items include wooden hot water cups made from Yamanaka lacquerware, diatomaceous earth coasters made by local companies, organic hojicha (roasted green tea) sticks, and tableware that uses glazes made from impurities created during the Kutani ware production process. It's also a great point that you can find items that are made in the prefecture and are loved!

The large public bath is designed with the motif of the traditional public bath of Kaga Onsen. Just like the guest rooms, the gently curved ceiling envelops you in a space where you can enjoy a bath to soothe away the fatigue of your journey.

For meals, you can enjoy special Japanese cuisine at the Japanese restaurant "Sorashio" on the 1st floor.

Address : 2-1 Fukuro-machi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone number : 076-210-0270

A Resort Hotel with Ocean Views from All Rooms
"Irago Ocean Resort"|Aichi

"Irago Ocean Resort" in Tahara City, Aichi, which reopened on July 1, 2022, is a resort hotel with ocean views from all rooms on Cape Irago on the Atsumi Peninsula. It takes about 5 minutes by car from Irago Port to the hotel, and there is also a free pick-up service.

In addition to the Irago natural hot spring open-air bath located 100 meters above sea level, the hotel also has a full range of warm bathing facilities such as a jacuzzi, a high-concentration carbonated water "Tsuboyu", a sauna, and a private bath. An outdoor pool is also available during the summer.

The hotel has a wide variety of gourmet options, including a main dining room that uses local vegetables and seafood from Mikawa Bay, a Japanese, Western, and Chinese grill buffet, and a cafe and lounge that serves light meals. This is the hotel where you can spend a relaxing time.

Irago Ocean Resort
Address : 1460-36 Koneyama, Hinode-cho, Tahara, Aichi, Japan
Telephone number : 0531-35-6111

All-inclusive Hot Spring Resort Hotel
"Oedo Onsen Monogatari TAOYA Shima"|Ise

"TAOYA Shima" is a new hot spring resort facility created by Oedo-Onsen Monogatari Hotels & Resorts.

It is an all-inclusive hot spring resort hotel that offers an open-air bath that is one with the sea, a magnificent view from the windows of the restaurant and lobby lounge, and an ocean view from all guest rooms.

One of the great attractions of TAOYA Shima is that you can see art exhibits. Artworks are scattered throughout the building. Among them, the centerpiece is “Pumpkin” by Yayoi Kusama. It is a valuable art piece that can only be seen in a few places in Japan.

An infinity hot spring where you can enjoy day and night as one with the sea. The hot springs used for the baths are transported hot water from Shinmisato Onsen Choju no Yu in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. The colorless and transparent alkaline hot spring water is smooth and gentle on the skin, and is popular as a hot spring for beauty.

The hotel is all-inclusive, so you can enjoy a welcome drink when you arrive, draft beer, vinegar drinks, popsicles, etc.

In addition, the gourmet buffet is full of luxurious menus that use plenty of Mie Prefecture's specialties. This is a hot spring resort where you can forget about everyday life and spend your time "relaxingly and gracefully."

[Oedo Onsen Monogatari TAOYA Shima]
Address : 1826-1 Shirahama, Uramura-cho, Toba City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number : 0570-031268

"Hotel Vison" that Connects the Body and Nature|Ise

"HOTEL VISON" is located in Japan's largest commercial resort facility "VISON". Based on the concept of "accommodation that connects the body and nature," this is a resort hotel that stands quietly on Taki Hill.

In addition, there are some of Japan's leading tourist destinations such as Ise Jingu and Kumano Kodo nearby, making it a very convenient base for sightseeing in Mie Prefecture.

"Hotel Vison" has 6 private villas in total, each with a name representing the season. It is a private space where you can enjoy outdoor baths and meals while feeling the great outdoors.

At Hatago Vison, each guest room is designed by a different designer. You can enjoy a discerning stay along with the liveliness of the Hatago area.

Guests of Hotel Vison can use the hot bath facility "Honzoyu" for free.

At "Honzoyu," which was realized through joint research by Mie University and Rohto Pharmaceutical, you can enjoy 72 kinds of medicinal herbal baths all year round, which are formulated based on VISON's unique concept of "Honzo 72 Seasons."

Please enjoy an extraordinary time while experiencing the rich nature of Taki Town at Hotel Vison.

[Hotel Vison]
Address : 672-1, Vison, Taki Town, Taki County, Mie Prefecture
Telephone number : 0598-39-3090

A Private Space in Harmony with Calm Nature, "NEMU RESORT"|Mie

"NEMU RESORT" in Shima City, Mie Prefecture is a complex resort facility where you can enjoy hotels, hot springs, activities, and the latest glamping.

On the vast grounds there is "Hotel Nemu", and also 3 types of hot springs such as , "Megumi no Yu". Furthermore, there is an outdoor dining "Satoyama Lounge" where you can enjoy glamping while watching the starry sky in the great outdoors. The resort golf course "Nem Club Golf" on the seaside, and the "Marina" which is the starting point for various activities is also located.

Among them, the newly opened "Nem Forest Villa" is recommended. Eight buildings in harmony with vast nature, with the theme of "private space in harmony with calm nature". Dogs can stay together in 4 of them. (There is a dog run for guests only)

Each building has its own land car (cart for transportation), so you can easily enjoy walking around the vast grounds of the resort.

The dinner barbecue, which is limited to hotel guests, uses plenty of seafood from Ise-Shima, such as spiny lobster, abalone, Ise-dori, Shima health pork, and locally-produced dried fish. If you wish, you can add an option to the menu using Matsusaka beef and Mikumano beef, which are famous products of Mie Prefecture.

During your stay, you can enjoy activities while feeling the seasonal nature of Ise-Shima, such as outdoor dining "Satoyama Lounge" and "Bonfire Cafe", hot bath facility "Megumi no Yu", yoga, SUP and sea kayaking.

Address : 2692-3 Sakoshi, Hamashima-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Telephone number : 0599-52-1211

Enjoying a Resort Stay in Monaco of the East
“ACAO SPA & RESORT”|Shizuoka

ACAO SPA & RESORT is a resort facility in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Surrounded by the rich nature of Atami and built in a vast bay area overlooking the Sagami Sea, HOTEL ACAO is a resort hotel that is easily accessible from the Tokai area.

At the restaurant, based on the concept of local production for local consumption, you can enjoy luxurious and colorful dishes that arrange seasonal vegetables and ingredients.

In the summer, "ACAO BEACH" opens with a pool bar and restaurant attached to two large and small pools. You can enjoy an extraordinary experience that can only be found in Atami, combining the relaxation of an overseas resort with the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

All guest rooms have an ocean view. You can spend a luxurious time while feeling the openness of the sea and sky, and the nature that changes with the seasons.

The open-air bath has an infinity design that makes it look like it is integrated with the sea. A bath that feels like you're soaking in the ocean, soothes your daily fatigue and refreshes you.

The quality of the spring, which contains plenty of sea minerals, boasts a high skin beautifying effect.

Address : 1993-250, Atami, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
Telephone number : 0557-82-5151

Encounter the Charm of Hida Takayama
"hotel around TAKAYAMA"|Gifu

"hotel around TAKAYAMA" is located in Takayama City, Gifu, within walking distance from Takayama Station.

The concept is to create “good local” encounters between travelers and Hida Takayama. While being a hotel, it also serves as a hub for the city, its culture, and its people.

The GOOD LOCAL SQUARE on the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel is filled with opportunities for travelers to encounter "GOOD LOCAL" and is full of local information!

There is also a paid rental of an electric assist bicycle, so you can even go out to a slightly distant place.

Another nice point is that there are plenty of guest rooms that can accommodate 3 to 4 people. The living room and bedroom are separated, so it's perfect for a girls' night out!

On the 2nd floor, there is also a large public bath exclusively for guests who can enjoy Hida Takayama Onsen (carrying water). There is also a private hot spring bath that can be used by groups.

For breakfast and dinner, you can enjoy the food of Hida Takayama at Hanaoka DINING and BAR.

Breakfast is a four-tiered “Takayama Irodori Yoju Tamatebako” packed with delicious ingredients from Takayama. There are three types: Japanese, Western, and Hida beef roast beef. We are also working on reducing food loss by making it a set menu.

It opens as a dining bar at dinner time. Approximately 100 types of drinks are available, creating an extraordinary experience unique to a hotel.

It is not only a hotel where you can stay, but also a hotel where you can experience the charm of the region and propose new ways to enjoy your trip.

[hotel around TAKAYAMA]
Address : 1-42-7 Hanaoka-cho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
Telephone number :0577-36-2811

"Grandia Hosen", an Resort where Tradition and Formality Live in Awara Onsen | Fukui

"Grandia Hosen" is a resort hot spring facility for adults located in "Awara Onsen", which has been loved by many writers and artists for a long time as one of the best hot spring towns in Fukui Prefecture. Among them, you can visit the elegant SPA such as the large bath, cypress bath, sleeping bath, open-air shelf bath (Tsuki-no-Yu), open-air bath (Hoshi-no-Yu).

In addition, each inn in Awara Onsen has its own hot springs, which is rare among hot springs in Japan.

There is also a full esthetic and relaxation menu that allows you to spend a relaxing time in the hot springs even more elegantly. You can relax your daily fatigue.

In addition, you can enjoy drinks and alcohol as much as you like for free at the 1F lounge Kangetsu.

From standard guest rooms to guest rooms with open-air baths, you can choose according to your budget and purpose of travel. Among them, the detached rooms "Kotobukitei", "Yutorogi-tei" and "Nadeshiko-no-ma" are perfect for enjoying a special trip!

Meals also vary depending on the room you stay in. The restaurant offers an adult buffet dinner supervised by the executive chef who supervised JAL's first-class in-flight meals, the Fukuura dining room where you can enjoy Fukui's ingredients, and the Kotobukitei where you can have your meals in your room or in a small banquet hall.

A hot spring inn where you can enjoy a luxurious trip that is one rank higher.

[Grandia Hoshisen]
Address : 43-26 Funatsu, Awara City, Fukui Prefecture
Phone number : 0776-77-2555

Perfect for a Reward Trip!
Suimeikan, a Long-established ryokan in Gero Onsen along| Gifu

Suimeikan is a long-established inn in Gero Onsen, Gero City, Gif. At Suimeikan, which is built along the clear Hida River, you can enjoy a tour of three large public baths with different tastes. Another point is that the hotel offers dishes that allow you to enjoy the tastes of Hida, plenty of guest rooms, an indoor hot spring pool, beauty salons, and other facilities.

There is also a Noh stage and a tea room where you can feel Japanese culture, so you can enjoy a variety of stays.

Guest rooms include "Seiransou," a detached house in the sukiya style where you can spend private time; "Rinsenkaku," where you can enjoy the fragrant bath of Japanese cedar and traditional Japanese beauty; and "Hisenkaku," which combines the best of Japanese and Western styles. We also recommend the "Girls' Trip Group Banquet Plan," which is perfect for women's trips.

Gero Onsen is one of the three famous hot springs in Japan. The spring quality, which is also called "beauty hot water", is as smooth as a serum, and your skin will be moist and smooth even after bathing.

The dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients are also exquisite. You can enjoy Western cuisine at "Baden-Baden", Chinese cuisine at China Room "Ryuri", Japanese cuisine at "Kitanoryo", and Japanese-Western eclectic banquet dishes at "Tokiwa" dining room.

Address : 1268 Koda, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture
Telephone number : 0576-25-2801

This time, we introduced hotels and ryokan that are perfect for girls' trips from Aichi and Nagoya! Please use it as a reference.

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