"Kissa Entowa"- spend a blissful cafe time surrounded by daily goods and books just right for your life

Ogaki City
Posting date: 2020.10.29
"Kissa Entowa"- spend a blissful cafe time surrounded by daily goods and books just right for your life

A relaxing space where an old building and a coffee shop are fused together, and a beautiful garden is reflected in the window.

This time, I visited “Kissa Entowa”, a storehouse that has been built since the Meiji era in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture.

Kissa Entowa

Kissa Entowa

A storehouse more than 120 years old has been renovated into a coffee shop and a store that offers books, daily necessities, food, and other items, all of which are the owner's passion. The store was originally owned by the family of the owner, Mr. Wada, and his father wanted to keep the storehouse, so his son, Mr. Wada, took over the business.

Spend a relaxing time in your daily life.

The name "Entowa" comes from the words "En (connection) and Wa (harmony)."

The concept of the store is to let people feel a moment of relaxation through books, things, and encounters that may be relevant to them in their daily lives.

The interior of the store has a warm and calm atmosphere where you can feel the dedication of Mr. and Mrs. Wada.

Kissa Entowa

Kissa Entowa

The sweets served at the cafe include pudding, which is a regular menu item, and handmade sweets that change from time to time. They are handmade using seasonal fruits and other ingredients.

This time, I got Entowa's pudding, which is a classic.

Pudding of Entowa

Entowa Pudding ¥480

A pudding with a moderately firm and rich flavor. The fresh cream that accompanies the caramel flavor is not too sweet and leaves a gentle aftertaste in your mouth. It's a pudding that makes you happy to the core, and you can't help but smile with just one bite.

Coffee beans

The coffee beans used in Entowa are roasted by "Cafe Adachi" in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, and the blend is Entowa's original. You can have a special coffee that you can't taste at other shops.

The owner, Mr. Wada, who originally could not drink coffee, could drink it without hesitation and realized how delicious it was when he drank a cup of Cafe Adachi's coffee. He then became interested in coffee and learned a lot about how to brew it.

bulk coffee beans

bulk coffee beans

Coffee beans are also sold by weight.

What surprised me is that you can buy it in the cupful rather than by the gram. This is very attractive for those who want to try a little first, or for those who think a whole bag is too much to drink by themselves. It gives me a chance to go back and see which beans I want to enjoy at home next.

dark roast blend

I purchased the deep roasted blend for 6 cups.

It is a delicious coffee with a strong depth and aroma. Please try Entowa Blend to create a peaceful time in your home time.

A quiet space where you can enjoy a book and coffee in the forest.
"Bookstore in the forest that travels with books"

Forest bookstore that travels with books

When you go up to the second floor of the coffee shop, there is a bookstore that makes you feel like you are in a coffee shop in the forest. The store owner, Mr. Wada, has about 2,000 books in various genres, mainly books that he has read so far and books that he wants to read in the future.

Forest bookstore that travels with books

Forest bookstore that travels with books

Surrounded by books, there are sofa seats and counter seats where you can relax.

This is a quiet space where private conversation is strictly prohibited. You can spend a special time just by yourself, where time passes slowly while you are staring at a book in a comfortable silence.

This seat can be reserved from the website for 300 yen per hour (1 hour free per order).

One use, one item.
Feel the love in each item.

Kissa Entowa

All of the daily necessities and foods handled by Entowa are the ones that Mr. and Mrs. Wada choose to use on a regular basis. For example, they choose an item that they think is particularly good for each purpose of use in their lives, such as "If it's a scrubbing brush, this" or "This is the one  if it's a detergent."

In today's world, where there are many things that are cheap and wear out quickly, Entowa offers a wide range of products that will move your heart.

Turtle child bundle

For example, if you are looking for a scrubbing brush, we recommend this Kamenoko Tawashi! It is a versatile product that has just the right amount of hardness and can peel off the thin skin of food.

As you can see, there are many "just the right products" lined up in the store.

Kissa Entowa

Kissa Entowa

Handling not only daily necessities but also food products.

Recommended points are handwritten on each product, and you can really feel the commitment of Mr. and Mrs. Wada. The inside of the store is fun just to look at. It's a space where you can feel excited while shopping. It is a shop full of wonderful connections where you can find your own "just right item" through Entowa.

A beautiful garden full of good old atmosphere

Entowa has a wonderful garden where you can feel the Japanese atmosphere, which is an essential point.


There is an Entowa garden just outside the store, and the store uses spring water pumped from the well here. Natural well water is of course the water they provide at first. You can feel the commitment even from the water.

And if you go ahead and head to the back of the shop, there is a garden of pebbles and cedar moss.


Good old garden. A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and refresh your mind. You can see the garden from the window of the shop.

The coffee you have while looking at the garden full of greenery is even more profound and delicious.

Cafe Entowa

Entowa also has an extensive SNS, with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., where it provides information on various useful things for daily life in addition to information on the store. They also sell daily necessities and other items online, so please check out their website!

Kissa Entowa is a wonderful space where you can spend a relaxing time. If you visit the store, you will find many little happiness scattered about. How about visiting there to find your own “just the right item”?

Spot Details

[Kissa Entowa]
Address: 2-1088 Nakagawacho, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture 503-0017
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Mondays and Sundays




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