[20 selections] Check these Out at Ghibli Park! Recommended Souvenirs (Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse Edition)

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Posting date: 2023.07.25
[20 selections] Check these Out at Ghibli Park! Recommended Souvenirs (Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse Edition)

"Ghibli Park" expresses the world of Studio Ghibli works. At the goods shop "Adventurous Flying Squadron" in "Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse", you can find a large collection of original goods limited to Ghibli Park.

In addition to stuffed animals and key chains, there are also interior goods, stationery, and items for adults.

So this time, we will introduce recommended goods and souvenirs that you want to get when you go to Ghibli Park.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
The longed-for "Ghibli rice" is a magnet.
"Ghibli Rice Magnet"

When it comes to scenes that are indispensable in Studio Ghibli animations, it's almost always the food scenes that appear. The "Ghibli rice" that appeared in the work is now available as a magnet. There are 11 types in all.

The "fried egg toast" from "Castle in the Sky", the "wrapped herring and pumpkin" from "Kiki's Delivery Service", and the "bacon and eggs" from "Howl's Moving Castle" are just some of the things that make you excited!

Please try to get your favorite Ghibli rice.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
Outstanding impact! "Kashira stuffed toy"

Kashira is a character with a green face that appears in "Spirited Away". Adventurous Flying Squadron sells this impactful stuffed animal.

The more I look at it, the more cute it seems (laughs).

There are 3 sizes from S to L.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
Cute retro!
Collaboration glass of "Adelia x Ghibli Park"

The collaboration glass with Aichi prefecture's tableware brand "Adelia" is perfect for gifts. Ghibli characters such as Totoro, robot soldiers, and Ponyo appear in the Adelia-like design.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
CLUB HARIE x Ghibli Park
"Mini baumkuchen (3 pieces)"

Collaboration products of the popular Baumkuchen specialty store “CLUB HARIE” and Ghibli Park are also very popular. The package is designed with the image of Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse.

There are 3 easy-to-eat mini-baumkuchen inside.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
Also recommended for baramaki! "Nut langue de chat"

Ghibli Park souvenir sweets with cute package designs. The design of "Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse", "Hill of Youth" and "Dondoko Forest" is also a point.

This "nut langue de chat" is also recommended for baramaki.

When you open the contents, you can see the cookie written with G. White chocolate is sandwiched between hazelnut cream and sandwiched with nut cookies.

The crispy langue de chat is so delicious that you can eat as many as you want.

[Limited to Ghibli Park] "Susuwatari Konpeito"

In "Spirited Away", a ghost called "Susuwatari" who works with Kamoji. Konpeitou, which Susuwatari loves, is now available as a souvenir.

The box is made of Mino washi paper, making it a perfect gift for foreigners.

Cute dancing Totoro!
"Dondoko Odori Yunomi"

Totoro's "Dondoko Odori Yunomi" is handmade by Japanese craftsmen one by one. I designed a scene where large, medium and small Totoro are dancing Don Doko.

It's a large size, so it's also recommended for men.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
"Embroidery clasps" with beautiful embroidery

"Embroidery purses" embroidered with My Neighbor Totoro can only be purchased at Ghibli Park.
The pale colors and embroidery dyed with plants are very nice.

Besides Totoro, there was also a version embroidered with Ponyo on the cliff.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
"The Borrower Arrietty"
"Cube sugar" that tickles the heart of lovers

This "sugar cube" is an item that tickles the hearts of "Arrietty the Borrower". It comes with a memo written by Sho that reads, "Forgotten things," and when you open it, you'll find pictures of flowers and clothespins.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
A total of 26 types of "alphabet tiles"

"Alphabet tiles" are handled after Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, next to Aichi Prefecture, is a tile production area.

Ghibli works and characters related to each letter are decorated. For example, H is Jiro Horikoshi from The Wind Rises, and T is Taeko Sugimoto from Omohide Poro Poro.

Please try to find your name or the initials of your favorite.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
A traditional technique that has continued since the Meiji era!
"Garabo handkerchief"

A product named after Aichi Prefecture, which is one of Japan's leading producers of wool fibers, is a handkerchief made with the traditional yarn spinning "Garabo" that has continued since the Meiji period.

The more you use it, the more absorbent it becomes, so it's perfect for wet areas! Its small size also makes it easy to carry around.

Three types of "Porco Rosso" Porco Rosso, "Howl's Moving Castle" Calcifer, and "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" Ponyo!

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
A wide variety of "original pin badges"

"Original pin badges" are attractive with a rich lineup of famous scenes and characters from Ghibli works, monuments that appear in Ghibli Park, and more.

It is also recommended to attach them to your child's belongings, hats, pouches, etc., or collect them little by little for a collection.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
A must-see for those who love mustard! "Masking tape"

A must-see for those who like masking tapes is the "masking tape" that is inspired by the tiles of the cat bus and the central staircase in Ghibli Park.

It is a limited product that is only sold in the large warehouse.

Borrower Arrietty
"Nier's Matchbox Memo"

The matchbox-style memo with the cat "Nier" that appears in "The Borrower Arrietty" is also very cute! The retro packaging is also irresistible. There is no doubt that it will be a great gift for your friends.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
The image of the building in Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse
"original sticker"

Large warehouse buildings such as the goods shop "Adventurous Flying Squadron" and "Siberian" are now available as original stickers.

Please try to get it as a memory of Ghibli Park.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
Various types of notebooks are available!

Adventurous Flying Squadron has a lot of very cute notebooks.

A variety of products are available, such as Baron, Arrietty, wild bird notebooks embossed with building textiles, and B6 size notebooks with textile patterns.

[Limited to Ghibli Park] Yubaba's "Fuda Memo"

A memo pad with an obi that depicts Yubaba from "Spirited Away". A notepad with a big impact is also recommended as a gift.

[Limited to Ghibli Park] Postcard

Buildings such as the central staircase, the garden in the sky, and the elevator tower appear as "postcards with written text".

When you fold the notch along the pattern, a three-dimensional scene will appear. Furthermore, if you line up multiple postcards, you can also reproduce the streets of Ghibli Park.

[Limited to Ghibli Park]
"Can badge" that can be purchased only in each area in Ghibli Park

Don't forget to get the can badges that can only be purchased in each area of Ghibli Park!

They are also sold at "Dondoko no Mori" and "Hill of Youth", so it is recommended to collect them all and try to complete them.

A card that you can get at the cash register of Adventurous Flying Squadron. Perfect for adding a little word to your souvenir!

This time, we introduced recommended goods and souvenirs that you want to get when you go to Ghibli Park. Please use it as a reference when you go to "Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse".


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