The best place to buy plants in Aichi Prefecture! Recommended Green Shops around Nagoya

The best place to buy plants in Aichi Prefecture! Recommended Green Shops around Nagoya

This time, we will introduce some green shops around Nagoya.

Plants are an essential part of interior design. Just like furniture and interior design, why not find the plants of your choice at a store of your choice?

*Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store.

Recommended for green beginners!
A plant specialty store operated by a grower
"Green Room Nagoya"

To access Flarie, leave from Exit 4 of Yabacho Station and walk for about 5 minutes.


"Green Room Nagoya" opened in March 2021 at "Hisaya Odori Garden Flarie" in Osu, Nagoya. A plant specialty store operated by Green Room, which produces plants in Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture and Suwa District, Nagano Prefecture.

They have a wide selection of foliage plants, succulents, air plants, and potted flowers. There are also plants that are easy to grow, so it is also recommended for plant beginners!

The charm of Green Room Nagoya is the succulents produced by the company. The plants are very vibrant and reasonably priced! Dicchia and agave, which have been the focus of much attention recently, are also available.

You can also have "succulent group planting" with your favorite succulents and pots. (Product fee + planting fee ¥ 110 ~)

They also have a wide variety of hardy and easy-to-grow rubber trees such as umbellata and kashiwaba rubber tree! The quality and affordability of these products can be attributed to the fact that this is a plant specialty store operated by a grower.

Air plants are also easy to care for and are recommended for green beginners! Watering is done with a misting spray two to three times a week during the evening and nighttime hours. They can also be used to accentuate a room.

They also handle cacti from standard to rare varieties.

A wide variety of goods such as pots and vases are also available! If you purchase either plants OR vases, they can replant them for you! This is a great service because you don't have to buy extra soil for repotting.


It is only a five-minute walk from Exit 4 of Yaba-cho Station! Delivery is also available within Nagoya City, so feel free to stop by during your shopping or stroll.

The staff will kindly teach you about the characteristics of the plants and how to grow them. If you want to start living with plants, please visit!

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Purchases of plants over ¥2,000 (including tax) at Green Garden will receive an air plant as a free gift!

* Goods such as fresh flowers, potted flowers, pots and vases are excluded.

Customers' Voices

Satisfaction level:★★★★★ 5/5 (Female, 30s)

Green Room is located inside Flarie. They have everything from succulents to ornamental plants. The prices are also reasonable. If you get tired of shopping in Sakae, this is a great place to stop by for a break.

Satisfaction level:★★★★★ 5/5 (Female, 20s)

Green Room has a wide variety of products and the prices are reasonable. The staff are very nice. The customer service style is simple, so you can take your time and enjoy the experience without having to make too many calls. Also, if it's not crowded, you can also consult about pots. There is a charge, but they will repot the plant in a pot at a low cost.

Satisfaction level:★★★★★ 5/5 (Female, 30s)

There are lots of cute little potted plants. The store staff are friendly and helpful, and they even offer replanting services. I bought a total of 3 pots to take back to Tokyo. I'm very satisfied!


▼green room nagoya official website


◯green room nagoya
Address: 4-4-1 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0011 (Check Google Maps)
Phone number: 052-238-3907
Business hours: Mon-Sat|10:00-18:00, Sun|10:00-17:00
Regular holidays: None

Futamura Green's new business format opens.
Green shop where you can meet your favorite



Opened in October 2021, “YOKONI PLANTS”  is a new business format of the plant specialty store Futamura Green Service in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City.

Over 100 years since its establishment, the company's new store "YOKONI PLANTS", which has gained tremendous trust from experts such as architects and interior coordinators, is a store where general customers can easily enter.



The wide, horizontal storefront features a wide variety of plants, from small table-top plants to taller than 2 meters. Lively plants are lined up in a space filled with natural light.


There are also plenty of outdoor greens. Aussie plants native to Australia are popular because there are few producers. They purchase from producers all over the country through their own purchasing network, so there are rare plants that you don't often see.

It is also attractive that the pots and care items are substantial. Among them, there is a wide selection of products from the Belgian pot maker DOMANI. The unique texture and beautiful colors are eye-catching.


Address : 2-141-3 Yokoi, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Phone number : 052-411-1187

Garage NAGOYA offers a total solution for living with plants
garage NAGOYA


Next, we will introduce "garage NAGOYA", which opened in October 2017 on the 3rd and 4th floors of Global Gate in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya.

This shop is recommended for those who want to incorporate plants into their lives as interior decorations. Based on the theme of "living with plants," they offer a wide variety of seasonal plants, foliage plants, and succulents, and propose a total way of living with plants.


The feature of Garage is that it proposes not only plants but also interior and furniture that are compatible with plants in total.

For that reason, you can choose plants while imagining your room. It's a happy shop.

Various workshops are held to enjoy woodwork and plants, such as making shelves and making wreaths.

Next to the craft classroom, there is a gallery space called "gareco". Exhibits change about twice a month. In addition to art works, a wide range of genres such as leather accessories and brass accessories are exhibited.

At the back of the 3rd floor is a corner with a large bowl. Garage NAGOYA has a wide variety of large pot designs and sizes, despite its location, which is only about 3 minutes from Nagoya Station on the Aonami Line.

There are probably few stores in Nagoya that have such a large selection of large pots and vases. They also offer delivery for large items, so even those without a car don't need to worry.


[garage NAGOYA]
Address: Global Gate 301/401, 4-60-12 Hiraike, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-485-7241

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