10 recommended places to eat "Nagoya food" when you come to Nagoya! 

Posting date: 2023.02.28
10 recommended places to eat "Nagoya food" when you come to Nagoya! 

When it comes to sightseeing in Nagoya, one of the highlights is Nagoya food!

"Nagoya food" (Nagoya Meshi) is a dish that represents Nagoya's unique food culture. Hitsumabushi, Miso Katsu, Miso Nikomi Udon, Chicken Wings, Kishimen, Taiwan ramen, and many other gourmet dishes unique to Nagoya! In addition to gourmet cuisine that originated in Nagoya, there are also menus unique to the region that have been loved in Nagoya and its surrounding areas.

This time, we have picked up 10 recommended places to eat "Nagoya food ", such as Nagoya's specialties and local gourmet.

Restaurant specializing in eel dishes from Mikawa Isshiki
"Unagi no Kanemitsu"

The main restaurant and Higashi Okazaki restaurant use binchotan charcoal for careful grilling.

When you come to Nagoya, you must taste the luxury Nagoya food "Unagi" (eel) at least once.

If you want to eat eel, we recommend Unagi no Kanemitsu, an eel specialty restaurant. There are 3 restaurants in Aichi Prefecture: Isshiki Main restaurant, Higashi-Okazaki branch, and Nagoya Hisaya Odori branch.

Unagi No Kanemitsu Hisaya-odori

In 2022,  Hisaya Odori branch "Unagi no Kanemitsu," specializing in new-cub eel, will be opened in the commercial facility "Blossa" in Hisaya Odori! Group company Kanemitsu Suisan Co., Ltd. processes new-cub eels at their peak of season and offers thick, fatty eels throughout the year.

Kabayaki Hitsumabushi

At Hisaya-Odori branch, all menu items are served with a whole eel, including the head!

You order by the size of the eel, not the number of slices of eel. Available in 6 different sizes, from small to large. Please enjoy the luxury of a whole fish!

Eel Kanemitsu Main Restaurant (Isshiki)

The most popular menu item at the main and Higashi Okazaki branches is the "Una-kimo-don (bowl)". It is filled with six slices of eel and eight pieces of grilled eel liver!

Isshiki main restaurant and Higashi Okazaki branch "Authentic Charcoal Grill Unagi no Kanemitsu" feature high quality and reasonable price by direct management of wholesaler. The eel is carefully grilled by hand over charcoal. The eels used are fresh as they are processed and used every day!

Eels from Mikawa-Ishiki, Aichi Prefecture, are carefully grilled using Bincho charcoal. The entire eel is grilled slowly and evenly, so the skin is crispy and the inside is soft and fluffy. The smell of the homemade secret sauce will surely whet your appetite.

"Unagi no Kanemitsu" manages eel farms, wholesales live eels, and processes eels, so the freshness is outstanding!

It is also recommended to go a little further from Nagoya and enjoy the exquisite eel.

[Unagi no Kanemitsu main restaurant]
Address: 18-1 Isshiki Higashishimo Niwari, Isshiki-cho, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture (across from Kanemitsu Suisan)
Phone number: 0563-73-6688
Business hours: 11:00-14:30 (LO 14:00) | 17:00-20:00 (LO 19:30)
Closed: Every Tuesday (*Open if Tuesday is a holiday and closed the next day)
Parking lot: about 70 cars


[Unagi no Kanemitsu Higashi Okazaki]
Address: 2-14-1 OTO RIVERSIDE TERRACE N203, Kamimyodaiji-cho, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan
telephone number : 0564-26-1177
Business hours: 11:00-15:00 (LO 14:00) | 17:00-21:00 (LO 20:00)
Parking lot: 200 multi-level parking lots with OTO RIVERSIDE TERRACE
90 minutes free when using facilities



[Eel Kanemitsu Hisaya Odori]
Address: Blossa B1, 1-1-10, Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-950-7733
Business hours: 11:00-21:00 (LO 20:00)
Parking lot: 140 underground parking lots with Blossa (store use: free for up to 30 minutes)


Nagoya is known for its miso culture -
"Miso Katsu" at Yabaton

Yabacho Main Store

"Waraji Tonkatsu" (Straw sandal pork cutlet)

Nagoya food cutlet is the standard Nagoya meal. Tonkatsu topped with a sweet sauce based on Haccho miso or soybean miso.

If you want to eat miso katsu, “Yabaton” is recommended! It is a popular store that boasts overwhelming name recognition for miso katsu in Nagoya. There are many branches around Nagoya Station, the Sakae area, and Kinshachi Alley in Nagoya Castle, so it's easy to visit when you're sightseeing.

Superior Rib Teppan Tonkatsu

Hire Tonkatsu (Pork fillet cutlet)

Yabaton's sauce is smoother than it looks.

There is also a wide variety of menu items such as “Waraji Tonkatsu”, “Rib Teppan Tonkatsu”, and “Fillet Tonkatsu”. For those who want to eat a lot, the miso katsudon is also recommended!


Enjoy the taste of red miso!
Miso Nikomi Udon specialty store "Yamamotoya Honten"

Miso-nikomi udon

If you're looking for miso gourmet, you can't miss "miso-nikomi udon"!

For miso-nikomi udon, we recommend Yamamotoya Honten, which was established in 1907. It is a long-established restaurant that has been operating mainly in Nagoya City while maintaining the traditional handmade method and taste since its establishment.

One of the characteristics of Miso-nikomi udon is the unique firmness of the noodles. The secret to the deliciousness of Yamamotoya Honten's noodles is that the locally produced red and white miso used have been slowly brewed for three years. The miso is cooked slowly in a cauldron until it becomes glossy, resulting in the original aji-miso.

If you want to enjoy the flavor of miso, we also recommend the "tamagokake-gohan" (egg over rice)! Pour over the raw egg and the miso soup to enjoy. You can enjoy the taste of red miso until the end!

[Yamamotoya Honten]

Tebasaki (chicken wings) are one of Nagoya's best appetizers!
Furaibo, the original fried chicken wings

Original Tebasaki deep-fried chicken wings

Speaking of Nagoya's exquisite snacks, Tebasaki fried chicken wings! ! Speaking of chicken wings, “Yamachan” is famous nationwide, but another famous restaurant is “Furaibo”.

Furaibo's chicken wings are characterized by their thick, juicy meat and slightly sweet sauce. The sweet and spicy sauce made from soy sauce and garlic is addictive once you try it. The chicken wings are lighter than they look, so you will find that you can eat as many as you like.

Tebamoto fried chicken wings

This is fried chicken wings. It's more filling and juicy than chicken wings!

Each Furaibo restaurant is unique, with each restaurant having its own personality and a different side menu. In Nagoya City alone, there are nearly 30 Furaibo restaurants.


Addictive hotness!
Taiwan ramen "Misen"

Taiwan ramen

Nagoya's local gourmet "Taiwan ramen". Taiwan ramen is a noodle dish in which ground pork, Chinese chives, bean sprouts, and other ingredients are seasoned with hot peppers, fried, and served in a soy sauce-based soup. It also features plenty of garlic.

It is said that the main dish of the Chinese Taiwanese restaurant "Misen", which has its head office in Chikusa ward, Nagoya City, is the originator.
"Misen" is a Chinese restaurant that has been loved by Nagoya people since its establishment in 1960. They have eight stores in Nagoya City.

Taiwan bowl

If you want to eat a hearty bowl of rice, try the "Taiwan Bowl". It is the same "Taiwan" dish, but has a slightly different flavor from the ramen. The combination of raw egg and minced meat makes it sweet and spicy. Even those who do not like spicy food can enjoy it.

Stir-fried greeb vegetables

Excellent with alcohol drinks! Stir-fried green vegetable with plenty of garlic. It is such a hidden specialty that there is even a "Misen Stir-Fried  Green Vegetable Stock" on the market. It is also recommended to share with several people!


The slippery texture is irresistible!
Kishimen "Miya Kishimen"

Miya Kishimen Jingu East

Miya Kishimen

Kishimen is said to have been eaten since the Edo period. It is characterized by its smooth and flat noodles, and the broth is generally made with soda bonito or black horse mackerel based on tamari soy sauce.

If you want to taste kishimen, we recommend Miya Kishimen, which was founded in 1923! The noodles are smooth and go down smoothly, and the bonito flavor of the broth is irresistible. Plenty of bonito flakes also double the umami.


There is also “Kinshachi Kishimen” that is perfect for sightseeing in Nagoya. A deluxe dish with two pieces of shrimp tempura.

It is also located within the precincts of Atsuta Jingu , one of Japan's three major shrines, so you can visit it together with your worship.

[Miya Kishimen]

Characterized by thick and spicy sauce
Ankake Spa "Yokoi"

Yokoi KITTE Nagoya store


"Ankake Spaghetti" is characterized by its thickened and spicy pepper sauce.

Established in 1959, Yokoi is the originator of Ankake spaghetti. It is characterized by its original extra-thick pasta with a peppery, punchy sauce and chewy, satisfying texture. The vegetables and red wieners are a perfect match, and once you try it, you will become a fan of it.


The variety of toppings is also attractive! The No. 3 most popular dish, "Ebinaise", allows you to enjoy two of Nagoya Meshi, an an-spa (Ankake Spaghetti) and Ebi-Fry (fried prawns), all at once.

[Spaghetti House Yokoi]

The taste of a coffee shop in Nagoya
Teppan Neapolitan "Yaba Coffee"

Yaba Coffee Sakae (main store)

Teppanyaki Neapolitan (S size)

"Teppan Neapolitan" is a taste of Nagoya's coffee shops. It is a dish of spaghetti seasoned with a ketchup base, placed on a hot teppan plate, with a beaten egg poured from the edge.

Yaba Coffee's Teppan Neapolitan is characterized by its original rich ketchup and chewy thick noodles. The sweetness of the ketchup and the tenderness of the egg are the perfect match! You can also enjoy toppings such as cheese and fried chicken.

[Yaba Coffee]

Speaking of coffee shops in Nagoya! "Komeda's Coffee"

Ogura Toast

It's a classic, but when it comes to coffee shops in Nagoya, you can't miss "Komeda's Coffee". Komeda has a strong image of morning breakfast, but we also recommend times other than morning breakfast!

You can enjoy Ogura toast, sandwiches, hamburgers, spaghetti, Komeda gratin, and rice cakes at any time of the day.


"Shironoir" after the meal. Komeda's specialty dessert, with a fun difference in the temperature of the hot Hie Hie. Pour over the syrup and enjoy.

[Komeda's Coffee]

Eat-in freshly prepared food!
Tenmusu "Senju"

Tenmusu Senju Tenmusu Tea House

"Tenmusu" is a small rice ball with shrimp tempura and nori seaweed. They are smaller than regular onigiri and are delicious even when cold, so they are popular as souvenirs.

If you want to try Tenmusu, we recommend Tenmusu Senju! The head office is located in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, but you can enjoy freshly-made Tenmusu at “Tenmusu Senju Tenmusu Chaya” in the Matsuzakaya Nagoya store.

Carefully handmade one by one, this Tenmusu has a completely different taste from that of Ekiben. The rice is soft and fluffy, and the prawns are very plump.

[Tenmusu Senju]

This time, we have introduced 10 recommended places where you can eat "Nagoya food". Please use it as a reference when sightseeing in Nagoya!

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