“Tsubaki Ookami Yashiro” is the main shrine that enshrines Sarutahiko Okami, the god of guidance.

Suzuka City
Posting date: 2022.06.22
“Tsubaki Ookami Yashiro” is the main shrine that enshrines Sarutahiko Okami, the god of guidance.

"Tsubaki Ookami Yashiro" is the Ise Province Ichinomiya located in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.

This is the head shrine of more than 2,000 shrines nationwide that enshrine Sarutahiko no Okami, known as the god of guidance. The entire precinct is covered with greenery, and once you pass through the torii gate, you will feel as if you are in another world.

We will introduce what kind of gods are enshrined in the precincts, and various benefits such as guidance, good matchmaking, and financial luck.

History of Tsubaki Grand Shrine

Founded in 3 B.C., during the reign of Emperor Suinin, this shrine is the most prestigious shrine in Ise Province.

The main enshrined deity is Sarutahiko Okami. What kind of god is he?

According to the shrine's legend, Ninogi-no-Mikoto, the grandson of Amaterasu Omikami, is a Kunitsukami who lived on a mountain called Nyudogadake, which rises behind the main shrine. Nigi-no-mikoto) is said to be the god who led him to Takachiho in Kyushu when he descended from heaven.

*Ichinomiya: One of the formalities that indicate the status of a shrine.

Therefore, it is known as the god of guidance and the god of road opening. In addition, the divine virtue as "the god of exorcism" is also warm.

Unlike today, when he led the gods of the heavenly grandchildren, they traveled on a pathless road, so it seems necessary to exorcise various demons and unclean things.

For this reason, even now, when praying, they perform the purification at the Haraeden before praying at the Worship Hall. The feeling of refreshment just by passing through the torii and walking along the approach may be due to the power of exorcism.

And one more thing, it seems that he was also the first god to protect the land of Japan as a country god. Before the war, the guardian deity of the police was Sarutahiko Okami, and when I researched the main shrine, it was Tsubaki Grand Shrine, so it seems that I received the title of "Sarutahiko Daihongu".

By the way, the origin of the name "Tsubaki" is that Sarutahiko Okami used to be called "Chiwake", and the pronunciation of "Chiwake" was changed to "Tsubaki".

It is also said that Emperor Nintoku had a dream that ``Shiratama camellia, a sacred tree, bloomed overnight in the precincts.

Go to Tsubakishi Shrine for arts and prayers for a good match

If you walk east from the main shrine, you will find the separate shrine, Tsubaki Kishi Shrine, with its bright vermilion torii and impressive main shrine.

This shrine is dedicated to Ame no Uzume no Mikoto, the wife of Sarutahiko Okami.

When Amaterasu Omikami hid herself in the cave and the world became dark, Amano Utsume no Mikoto danced with all her heart while the gods were being consulted in front of the rock. He is known as a god who is strong in performing arts because he has done a great deal of work.

For this reason, many people related to the performing arts have a strong faith in it, and as the wife of Sarutahiko Okami, it is also popular with those who seek the benefits of a happy marriage and a good match.

If you want your wish to come true, visit Kanae Falls

And I want to make my wish come true! For those who say, please visit Kanae Falls!

It is said that by visiting the waterfall, where the miraculous new spring water from Nyudogatake on the back mountain flows, various wishes will come true...

It seems that there are benefits such as performing arts, good matches, and financial luck because it is next to the main building of Tsubakishi Shrine.

If you want to pray for better luck with money, go to Sanja Ryujin

``Kanoeryu Shrine'' of fortune and fortune

Next is "Fortune". Everyone has a common concern!

There are three shrines in the precincts that enshrine the dragon god, and it is said that visiting all of them will bring you luck with money.

The first place is "Koryu Shrine". The 400-year-old fir tree at the entrance of the shrine is a landmark. Koryujin is said to be the ``elder brother of gold,'' that is, ``golden spirit,'' and is said to ``make all things prosperous.'' It has been.

Almighty "Ryujajin Ryochi Shrine"

The dragon snake god enshrined here is derived from a semi-black snake that washed ashore on the beach of Inasa in Izumo, and is considered to be the guardian deity of the land, including protection against water and fire disasters. In addition, it is worshiped as a god of fortune, health, and disaster prevention, and is believed to have almighty benefits.

``Tsubaki Tachikumo Dragon Shrine''

The last is “Tsubaki Tachikumo Dragon Shrine”.

Originally, Ryujin is revered as the god of raising children and removing swellings, which is associated with ``Looking into the well of Takakura and sealing off insects'', but it is said that he has divine virtues for his success in life.

There are also amulets for each, so if you are interested, why not try wearing them?

Other Highlights of the Precincts

Mifune no Iwakura, an ancient ritual site

A rock seat surrounded by stones in the shape of a ship. now forbidden land

Legend has it that in ancient times, before the current main shrine was built, a boat from the Tenson clan arrived at this place. It is a site of a ritual where three stone rock seats remain for Takuhatachihime no Mikoto, who is the eldest princess. This place is said to be the birthplace of the original shrine.

Shinryo, where Sarutahiko Okami rests

From Mifune Iwakura, you can see Takayama Koshinryo on your left after going up the approach a little.

This is the mausoleum (grave) where Sarutahiko Okami rests. Please visit here too!

Tsubaki Enmei Jizoson

"Tsubaki Enmei Jizoson" stands quietly in a place slightly off the approach.

Three statues are enshrined here, but the Jizo statue in the middle is unusual in that it wears a crown.

Goshuin and popular charms?

Now, let's talk about Goshuin and Omamori.

Many of the goshuin books have illustrations of camellias on them, so cute! (There are 2 other types)

The light blue stamp book on the far left is called the “Ise Katagami Goshuincho” and is made with Ise Katagami, a traditional craft of Suzuka.

Popular charms are the strawberry-designed “Happy Marriage Amulet” and “Good Luck Camellia Amulet.” Both of them have designs that tickle the hearts of women, and it seems that wearing them will raise your tension.

There are many other things, so if there is something you are interested in, please wear it.

The omikuji are gorgeous and fun to draw!

Take a break at “Tea room Reishoan”

The last place I would like to introduce is “Tea room Reishoan”.

You may not notice it if you pass by it, and it may have an atmosphere that makes it difficult to enter, but it is a recommended place for general people to come in and take a break.

The tea room is said to have been donated by Konosuke Matsushita, who was known as the god of management and was on good terms with the former chief priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine.

Enter the entrance through the beautifully maintained garden and check in (800 yen per person / sweets and individual plates included).

As I sat and waited, Hanto (staff member) brought a set of matcha green tea and sweets and placed it in front of me. Today's sweets are "hydrangea". Matcha with just the right amount of bitterness and Japanese confectionery with an elegant sweetness permeate your body.

By the way, the sweets change in the first half and the second half of each month, and they are offered in two types: "Nerikiri" and "Kinton". It's nice to enjoy each season.

After you've finished eating, you can wrap the paper underneath and take it home with you! I am happy to commemorate it.

There are many other things to see in the precincts, and you can enjoy the comfort of walking in the forest and forest bathing, so you will definitely feel refreshed when you return!

Also, at the nearby Tsubaki Kaikan, the famous "chicken rice" is delicious and recommended, so please try it.

Spot Details

住所   :三重県鈴鹿市山本町1871番地
電話番号 :059-371-1515
参拝時間 :11月~4月  午前5時~午後6時
      5月~10月  午前5時~午後7時
アクセス :車:東名阪自動車道 鈴鹿インターより10分
駐車場  : 無料駐車場あり(500台)
web : https://tsubaki.or.jp/

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