[12 Selections] Available at Nagoya Station! Snacks Perfect as Souvenirs from Nagoya

Posting date: 2021.04.19
[12 Selections] Available at Nagoya Station! Snacks Perfect as Souvenirs from Nagoya

When choosing a souvenir, many people may say they want something not too sweet or something they can snack on.

So, this time, the sake-loving Editorial Team staff picked up "12 souvenirs that you can buy at Nagoya Station that are not sweet"

Please use it as a reference!

It goes well with any drink! “Yukari <Noukou Otsumami Snack>”

Yukari <Rich Snack Snack>

Yukari <Rich Snack Snack>

My recommendation is “Yukari <Noukou Otsumami Snack>”. When I ate it for the first time, I regretted, "Why didn't I know about it until now...?"

This snack is a collaboration between Sakakaku Sohonpai's "Yukari" shrimp crackers and Ezaki Glico's "Cheeza," and is sold at some JR Tokai and JR East kiosks and on the Shinkansen bullet train for a limited time.

The moment you open the bag, you can smell the rich aroma of shrimp. The dough is kneaded with the same high-quality shrimp that is used in the shrimp senbei “Yukari”. Of course, the crunchy texture of cheese!

Beer, sake, highball. The point is that it goes well with any kind of alcohol.

Local chips only available on the Tokaido Shinkansen
"Chip Star Kiwami"

Chip Star Kiwami"

Speaking of souvenirs that can be bought at Nagoya Station, "Chip Star Kiwami". Local chips that can only be purchased at the shops inside the JR Tokaido Shinkansen trains. (Shio flavor is also sold on the Sanyo Shinkansen)

"Chip Star Kiwami Ise Ebi Flavor" uses Ise Ebi powder from Ise Shima. You can enjoy the sweetness and aroma of spiny lobster, and it is irresistible for shrimp lovers! "Chip Star Kiwami Umi no Sei Yaki Shio Taste" is a simple salty flavor that makes you feel the umami.

The lid can be closed, so it's perfect for traveling.

Limited to the Tokai area! "Jagariko Chicken Wing Flavor"

Jagarico chicken wings

Speaking of Nagoya food, chicken wings!

Calbee's "Jagariko Chicken Wing Flavor" is a Tokai area limited product that is sold only in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka. Nagoya's glittering package is a landmark! There is also a box type with 8 bags.

Tangy and umami, spicy and addictive chicken wings flavor. The more you chew, the more the flavor of the chicken spreads. I recommend this for beer!

The more you chew, the spicier it gets!
"Tebasaki Squid Phantom Chicken Wing Flavor ~ Sekai no Yamachan ~"

Tebasaki Squid Phantom Chicken Wing Flavor ~Sekai no Yamachan~

Speaking of chicken wings, it is Sekai no Yama-chan.

Sekai no Yama-chan has released a variety of collaborative souvenirs such as tebasaki squid, moist rice crackers, and doteni. Among them, the most recommended one is “Tebasaki Squid Phantom Chicken Wing Flavor”. As the name suggests, it is a squid with chicken wing flavor. There is no reason why it is not delicious.

It's full of spices, so it's tangy and spicy! The more you chew, the more you will be hooked on the squid's flavor, and you won't be able to stop.

"Misokatsu" using Nagoya's famous red miso

miso cutlet

Speaking of Nagoya food, miso katsu (cutlet with miso sauce) is also indispensable!

You can enjoy the flavor of Miso Katsu in the nostalgic snack "Miso Katsu". Because it uses Nagoya's famous red miso, it has a soft scent of miso. Sweeter than regular sauce.

You can eat it with one hand without getting your hands dirty, so it's perfect for traveling. The affordable price of less than 200 yen for 4 pieces is also nice.

“Misotama” with a strong taste

miso egg

miso egg

If you like miso flavor, this is also recommended!

"Misotama" is an egg simmered overnight in a secret miso sauce. Miso is firmly soaked into the yolk. You can enjoy it as it is without warming it.

There are 2 pieces in each bag, so it's good to share. Not only as a snack, but also as an accompaniment to snacks and rice balls. It's also perfect with ramen.

Bite-sized and easy to eat! Yamasa's Bean Chikuwa

Bean Chikuwa

Yamasa's Chikuwa (fishcake) is a specialty of Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. This is a famous store that has been around since the Edo period.

You can casually enjoy the taste of such a famous restaurant, "Mame Chikuwa". Chikuwa made for snacks is perfect for a drink on the train. There are 2 bags in 1 box. It has a strong flavor, so you can enjoy it as is. The wasabi pickles on the side also change the taste!

The price is also reasonable. The product comes in a decorative box, making it a perfect little souvenir.

Speaking of snacks in Nagoya, this is it!
Furaibo "Fried Chicken Wings"

fried chicken wings

fried chicken wings

Speaking of Nagoya's exquisite snacks, chicken wings!

If you want to buy chicken wings for souvenirs, we recommend “Furaibo ESCA store”! You can take out as many as you like from 1 serving (5 pieces). There is a counter for takeout, so it is also attractive that you can buy it quickly. (*Photo is for 2 people)

Furaibo's chicken wings are characterized by their thick, juicy meat and slightly sweet sauce. The sweet and spicy sauce made from soy sauce and garlic is addictive once you try it. The chicken wings are lighter than they look, so you will find that you can eat as many as you like.

Speaking of Nagoya, this is it!
Senju "Tenmusu"

Senju "Tenmusu"

Senju "Tenmusu"

If you want Nagoya's famous Tenmusu, we recommend Senju! Also available at kiosks.

An elegant Tenmusu made with wild small shrimp and carefully selected Koshihikari rice. Each grain of rice is plump and falls apart the moment you eat it. Shrimp tempura is salty and delicious even when cold.

And the "charabuki (Japanese butterbur simmered in soy sauce" that comes with it is exquisite. The salty-sweet soy sauce flavor goes well with Tenmusu! Even charabuki alone can be a snack.

It's the perfect souvenir when you're feeling a little hungry.

Next, we will introduce products that are perfect for drinking at home.

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