[Ishikawa] 8 Recommended Foods in Kanazawa

Posting date: 2023.07.18
[Ishikawa] 8 Recommended Foods in Kanazawa

Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture has become much more accessible with the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. It is a popular tourist city full of attractions such as history, art, and gourmet food.

This time, we will introduce 8 recommended gourmet foods in Kanazawa.

Fresh Seafood Caught in Nearby Waters



white shrimp tempura

When you think of Kanazawa, you think of seafood!

In Kanazawa, you can enjoy seafood at various restaurants, from reasonably priced conveyor belt sushi restaurants to high-end Japanese restaurants. The fresh seafood caught in Noto Bay and Nanao Bay is especially delicious.

It is full of exquisite ingredients unique to Ishikawa Prefecture, such as "Nodoguro", "Gasu shrimp", and "Kobako crab". There are many things that you can't easily taste outside the prefecture, so please give it a try!

Attractive Local Ingredients! "Kanazawa Oden"

Kanazawa Oden

“Kanazawa Oden” is recommended during the cold season. According to the "Kanazawa Oden Long-established 50th Anniversary Association", there are two definitions of Kanazawa oden.

① Use local Kanazawa ingredients for oden
② Can be eaten all year round

It is attractive that you can taste local ingredients such as Kurumafu (yaki-fu cut in ring-shape), Akamaki (fish cake), and Baigai (Japanese babylon). There are also dishes using Kaga vegetables such as Kanazawa garland chrysanthemum and Gensuke radish.

Kobako crab

And in winter, you can enjoy “Kani-men”, which uses a whole bowl of Kobako crab. Roe, miso, and crab meat are stuffed in the shell. It is a winter treat that can only be eaten during the period when the fishing ban is lifted!

Kanazawa's Local Cuisine "Hunton Rice"

hunton rice

"Hunton rice" is Kanazawa's local dish.

A soft-boiled thin egg and fried white fish are placed on top of ketchup-flavored butter rice, and topped with ketchup and tartar sauce. Even if fried shrimp and pork cutlet are on it. There are various theories about the origin of the name, but it is said that it was taken “hun” from "Hungary" and the French word “ton,” which means tuna (thon).

The charm of Hanton Rice is that you can meet various types such as chicken rice and fried rice!

Nodoguro, a Luxury Fish in Kanazawa

Nodoguro hitsumabushi

Nodoguro is a white-fleshed fish that is also called Akamutsu. Characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth texture, it is sometimes called “white fatty tuna”. In Kanazawa, the best season is from late autumn to winter.

In Kanazawa, you can enjoy "nodoguro" in various styles, such as salt-grilled, kamameshi (a dish cooked and served in a small pot), shabu-shabu, and sushi.

Kanazawa Curry, a Representative of Kanazawa

Kanazawa Curry

Kanazawa Curry is a budget-friendly gourmet representative of Kanazawa.

The basic style is to put sauce-covered cutlet and shredded cabbage on a thick, thick roux, and eat it in a stainless steel bowl with a fork or a split spoon.

The appeal of Kanazawa curry is that there are various popular shops such as the original Kanazawa curry “Curry Champion”, the popular Kanazawa curry “Go Go Curry”, and the long-established store “Turban Curry” that continues to be loved by the locals.

White Gyoza from "The 7th Gyoza Shop"

White Gyoza from "The 7th Gyoza Shop"

Local gourmet that you want to eat even if you stand in line, white gyoza from "Dai 7 Gyoza no Mise". It is no exaggeration to say that every Kanazawa citizen knows about this famous restaurant.

The white gyoza dumplings, the signature menu item of the 7th Gyoza Shop, are characterized by their thick, crispy gyoza dumplings that are grilled in plenty of oil. Enjoy freshly baked hot with homemade chili oil. Since there is no garlic in it, it is more refreshing than it looks. You can also take home grilled gyoza!

Kanazawa is One of the 3 Major Japanese Confectionery Place

Japanese sweets

fresh sweets

Kanazawa has prospered as a castle town since ancient times. During the feudal period, the tea ceremony spread to the common people, and the confectionery culture was nurtured. It is said to be one of Japan's three major Japanese confectionery stores, and has long held the number one position in Japan in terms of annual consumption of Japanese sweets per household.

You can enjoy a variety of Japanese sweets, such as the long-established kintsuba and gorgeous yokan sweets made with gold leaf.

Let's buy Japanese Sweets as Souvenirs!

Ishikawaya Honpo, a Long-established Japanese Sweets Shop Founded in the Tenpo era

"Imo Ippon Dorayaki" "Kaga Stick Tea Dorayaki" "Kanazawa Yuzu Dorayaki"

Ishikawaya Honpo is a long-established Japanese confectionery shop founded in the Tenpo era of the Edo period. Japanese sweets made with traditional methods are not mass-produced, and continue to preserve the handmade taste. In addition to traditional Japanese sweets, Ishikawaya also incorporates new ideas.

For example, there are many variations of standard dorayaki such as “Imo Ippon Dorayaki”, “Kaga Bocha Dorayaki”, and “Kanazawa Yuzu Dorayaki”.

Editorial Team especially recommends the Kanazawa Yuzu Dorayaki. It contains Kanazawa yuzu sweet pickles, and the refreshing aroma spreads throughout your mouth.


“Kaichin”, amber sugar that looks beautiful and looks like flowers and animals, is also very popular! “Kaichin” means marble in the Kanazawa dialect. It's made by natural drying, so it's a soft and gentle taste. They also have seasonal items!

Walnut Matsukaze

Kanazawa's famous "Kurumi Shoufuu" is made by carefully kneading Koshihikari rice flour from Ishikawa Prefecture and Kaga miso paste, then grilling it to a chewy and fragrant texture. Accented with the texture of Hakusan walnuts! Inside the sweetness is slightly salty, and it has a warm flavor.

Kaga daimyo rice cake

"Kaga Daimyo Mochi" is a habutae mochi that is kneaded with soy milk and is moderately sweet. When you open the wrapping like wrapping cloth, there are two chewy habutae mochi.

The yuzu flavor is full of yuzu from Ishikawa Prefecture! The chewy texture and bittersweet yuzu flavor are the perfect match. It has an elegant flavor that goes well with Japanese tea.

Ishikawa Gate

Ishikawamon is made by kneading condensed milk into the dough. There is a lot of white bean paste inside. "Ishikawamon" is an important cultural property located to the east of the Kanazawa Castle Ruins. This Japanese sweet is perfect as a souvenir from Kanazawa.

Ishikawaya Honpo's Anto store is located in JR Kanazawa Station Kanazawa Hyakubangai, so be sure to stop by at the end of your trip!

[Ishikawa-ya Honpo]
◯Honten (main store)
Address : Nishi 22, Shimeno-machi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone number: +81-76-268-1120

◯ Anto store (JR Kanazawa Station Kanazawa 100th Avenue)
Address: 1-1 Kinoshinbocho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone number: 076-260-3768


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