You can enjoy it without a ticket! Ghibli Park Free Area Summary

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Updated: 2024.04.18
Posted on: 2023.07.05
You can enjoy it without a ticket! Ghibli Park Free Area Summary

The long-awaited Ghibli Park has opened in the grounds of Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Moricoro Park). However, Ghibli Park has a limited number of tickets available, and many people have been unable to obtain tickets due to the "fierce competition" and "30,000 people waiting in line".

Many of you must be itching to get to Ghibli Park as soon as possible, and we have good news for you! Ghibli Park has a free play area.

So, this time we will introduce you to the free areas of Ghibli Park that you can enjoy without a ticket.


What is Ghibli Park?

Ghibli Park MAP

Ghibli Park is a park that expresses the world of Studio Ghibli, which was created in consultation with the forest in "Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan Commemorative Park (Moricoro Park)".

Five areas representing the world of Studio Ghibli's masterpieces have been created in the park, and you can experience the world of the work as if you were the main character of the movie.

In November 2022, the "Hill of Youth," "Ghibli's Grand Warehouse" and "Dondoko Forest" will be completed, and in 2023, "Mononoke Village" and "Valley of Witches" will be completed.

Access to Ghibli Park

"Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park" station

Ghibli Park is located at the "Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park". It is just a short walk from "Ai-Chikyuhaku Kinen Koen" station after transferring to Linimo from Fujigaoka Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line.

Parking is available in the park, but access by public transportation is recommended, as the park is crowded on weekends.

Elevator Tower (Hill of Youth Area)

Elevator Tower

Elevator Tower

Elevator Tower

Elevator Tower

The first phase of the park's opening is divided into three areas: "Ghibli's Grand Warehouse," "Hill of Youth," and "Dondoko Forest". The Elevator Tower, one of the entrances to Ghibli Park, is a free admission spot.

The design is based on the imaginary scientific world of the late 19th century, which was the model for the world of "Laputa: Castle in the Sky".

Elevator Tower

In the evening, lights are turned on to create a fantastic space.

Outdoor lighting

The atmosphere of the outside lights is also very nice.

World Emporium(Hill of Youth)

World Emporium

The exterior of "World Emporium"

This is the "World Emporium" from "Whisper of the Heart". It is a realistic recreation of the place where the main character, Tsukishima Shizuku, is guided by a cat, Moon, and arrives by chance.  

The area outside the fence is a free area, so taking pictures from outside is allowed!

Rotary Square

Rotary Square

The rotary square in front of the "World Emporium" is also within sight. . The same atmosphere as in the movie makes our hearts dance.

Even the restrooms near the World Emporium is also somewhat full of Ghibli feel.

World Emporium

What we want to recommend here is that there is actually a cave directly below the World Emporium!

You will have to wait until you enter to find out what is inside!
Just strolling through the park and looking at the World Emporium will make you feel as if you have wandered into the world of Ghibli.

Ghibli's Grand Warehouse Area

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse

Entrance to "Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse"

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse

This is the "Ghibli's Grand Warehouse." Inside this huge facility, you will find a video exhibition room, three special exhibitions, a store, and a café, all of which are packed with "Ghibli".

You can catch a glimpse of the inside from the outside, and that alone is already quite exciting.

Ghibli Park Torou-mon Gate

Ina Tower Gate

Ina Tower Gate

The Tourou-mon Gate, reminding one of the oil house in "Spirited Away," is located in the area leading to the Dondoko Forest. Originally, the gate of the former Japanese-style restaurant Inamoto, which existed until 2018, was relocated (restored) to coincide with the opening of Ghibli Park.

Stone man sculpture

Stone man sculpture

As sculptures that match the scenery of the Tourou-mon gate, objects of stone figures from the movie "Spirited Away" have been installed and surrounded by used stone lanterns and water bowls to create a plaza with a movie-like atmosphere.

You can take photos here for free, too. Please check it out.

Let's Find the Bench Object in Ghibli Park!

Bench object at Ghibli Park

Lost and found items of Ghibli characters are placed in every corner of the park. There are a total of 15 locations. It is a lot of fun just to complete them all.

Here are some of them.

Here is Shizuku from "Whisper of the Heart" who forgot her straw hat and book.

Bench object at Ghibli Park

A student cap and bag from "From Up on Poppy Hill". Is it something that Shun Kazama forgot?

Bench object at Ghibli Park

Pazu from "Castle in the Sky" has forgotten his important goggles, hasn't he?  

Bench object at Ghibli Park

Oh my goodness! Porko from "Porco Rosso" has forgotten the bag of dollars he saved as a prize hunter. This is a very different level of lost and found, isn't it?

There are a total of 15 different bench objects in the park, so please try to take a picture of all of them to complete your visit.

Perfect place for a break! "Dondokodokoro"

The exterior of "Dondokodokoro"

The exterior of "Dondokodokoro"

In the Dondoko Forest area where Satsuki and Mei's house is located, there is a shop called Dondoko-dokoro. Ramune and other drinks are also on sale, and you can even purchase some souvenirs from Ghibli Park!
There are also restrooms and vending machines, so you can take a break during your walk.

They also sell umbrellas for rainy days.

Rotunda Kazegaoka (North Entrance of the Park) Cafeteria

Rotunda Kazegaoka

Rotunda Kazegaoka

Exterior of "Rotunda Kazegaoka"

If you are tired of walking, take a break at the Rotunda Kazugaoka cafeteria in the free area. Located at the north entrance of the park, Rotunda Kazegaoka has two stores, one for food and beverages and the other for souvenirs.

The location is on the way to the elevator tower after getting off at "Ai-Chikyuhaku Kinen Koen" station.

The interior of the store is stylish with a modern Japanese interior. You can enjoy 11 kinds of rice balls because it is a Japanese cafe that mainly serves rice balls.

You can also take it out, so we recommend eating it while having a picnic in the park.


rice ball

One of the most recommended is the "Neapolitan" (ketchup-seasoned pasta) rice ball, the favorite of director Goro Miyazaki, who directs the production of Ghibli Park. There is really Neapolitan inside.

Roasted green tea latte

You can also enjoy sweet treats such as anmitsu (sweet bean paste) and lattes made with Nishio City's matcha green tea to soothe your tired body after a long day of walking.

Ghibli Goods are Available! Rotunda Kazegaoka North Exit Shop

Rotunda Kazegaoka North Exit Shop

Rotunda Kazegaoka North Exit Shop

The shop next to the cafeteria offers a wide range of products, including park toys, original goods, candy from around the world, and Ghibli goods only available here.

Straw hat

Straw hat

Straw hats worn by characters appearing in Ghibli works are recommended goods only here!

There are hats from various works such as Ursula from "Kiki's Delivery Service", Shizuku Tsukishima from "Whisper of the Heart", Sophie from "Howl's Moving Castle",Mei-chan from "My Neighbor Totoro", so please check them out.

Laputa's Soap Bubbles

Porco Rosso Paper Airplane

Other attractive goods include the flying stone soap bubbles and Porco Rosso paper airplanes!
Check out the Ghibli goods on your way home!!

In this issue, we have introduced the part of Ghibli Park that you can enjoy free of charge!

For those with young children, or those who just want to enjoy the atmosphere or just want to buy souvenirs and goods, even the free area alone will be enjoyable enough .

Why don't you visit the park for a weekend outing?

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Spot Details

▼Official website

[Ghibli Park]
Address: 1533-1 Ibaraki-mawari, Nagakute City Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park
business hours:
Weekdays: 10:00-17:00 / Saturdays and Sundays: 9:00-17:00
Closed days:
Every Tuesday (or the following weekday if Tuesday is a public holiday)
Designated dates for year-end and New Year holidays, maintenance, etc.



Subway Higashiyama Line "Nagoya" Station Fujigaoka bound
↓(28 min)
Subway Higashiyama Line "Fujigaoka" Station
↓ Transfer to the Linimo (5 minute walk)
Linimo "Fujigaoka" Station
↓(13 minutes)
Immediately after getting off at the Linimo "Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park" station


Nagoya Station, Meitetsu Bus Center, 4th floor, bus stop 24 bound for "Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Ghibli Park)"
Central Japan International Airport Terminal 1 bound for "Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Ghibli Park)" via "Fujigaoka"
*For detailed timetables and fares, please check the Meitetsu Bus official website.

*There is no dedicated parking lot at Ghibli Park. Please use public transportation. If you have to come by car, please check the "Access and Parking" page on the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park website.



[Mononoke Village/ Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse]
*"Mononoke Village" is sold as a set with "Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse."
Weekdays: Adults 2,500 yen, Children (ages 4 to elementary school) 1,250 yen
Weekends closed: Adults 3,000 yen, Children (ages 4 to elementary school) 1,500 yen

[Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse]
Weekdays: Adults 2,000 yen, Children (ages 4 to elementary school) 1,000 yen
Weekends closed: Adults 2,500 yen, Children (ages 4 to elementary school) 1,250 yen


[Hill of Youth]
Adults: 1,000 yen Children (ages 4 to elementary school): 500 yen


[Dondoko Forest]
Adults: 1,000 yen Children (ages 4 to elementary school): 500 yen


*Sold at "Boo-Woo Tickets" and other outlets.
*The above prices include tax.
*Admission is free for children under 3 years old.
*The above admission time slots marked with * are only available on days when the venue opens at 9:00.
* Reservations are required for weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (only some facilities have designated entry times and no restrictions on exit times).
*In the event of bad weather, the hiking trail behind the temple may be closed.
*Only children aged 12 and under may use the playground equipment: the Cat Bathroom and Children's Town in Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, the Dondoko Hall in Dondoko Forest, and the Okkotonushi in Spirit Village.
*The "Otokoto no Omi" event at "Mononoke no Sato" will be cancelled in case of rain.
*Those who have a disability certificate designated by Ghibli Park ("Physical Disability Certificate", "Mental Disability Health and Welfare Certificate", "Rehabilitation Certificate", "Specific Medical Expense Recipient Certificate", "Atomic Bomb Victim Health Certificate", "War Wounded Certificate") and up to one accompanying person must purchase a "Disabled Adult" or "Disabled Child" ticket. This is half the price of regular tickets. Please present either the original or a copy of your certificate or your Mirairo ID upon admission.
*A separate system usage fee (110 yen per ticket) will be required when purchasing.
*There are no group or advance ticket discounts.



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