[Otobashi, Nagoya] Nagoya Champon Hototogisu, A Restaurant Specializing in Champon Noodles

Nagoya Nakagawa-ku
Posting date: 2022.02.01
[Otobashi, Nagoya] Nagoya Champon Hototogisu, A Restaurant Specializing in Champon Noodles

This time we visited "Nagoya Chanpon Tokidori", a restaurant specializing in chanpon noodles located at Otobashi in Nakagawa-ku. The restaurant is known for its excellent Nagoya chanpon noodles made with a variety of ingredients from Aichi Prefecture.

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The location is a 5-minute walk from JR Otobashi Station and a 12-minute walk from Kanayama Sogo Station.

There is one parking lot in front of the store. If it's full, use a nearby coin parking!

The restaurant was crowded with many customers on the day I visited, so I was not able to take pictures inside, but the atmosphere is bright and easy to enter, even for a single woman.

It is a style where you pay at the ticket vending machine first.

What is "Nagoya Champon"? ?

Nagasaki champon (image photo)

Now it's time to try it! Before we get started, let's take a look at Nagoya Champon.

Chanpon is often associated with Nagasaki, but there are many other "local chanpons" throughout Japan, including those originating in Nagasaki, Kurume, Tottori, Omi, and others. ”Nagoya chanpon" is one of them.

Champon means "to mix". "Nagoya Champon" uses various ingredients from Aichi Prefecture, including Nagoya.

Limited Quantity "Special Chanpon"

This time, I tried a luxurious limited amount of "special champon".

Both noodles and soup are homemade. The soup made with Aichi Prefecture's local chicken "Kinsoudori" is packed with the concentrated flavor of various ingredients, including Kakukyu Hatcho miso and Yamashin white soy sauce.

The use of 鷄足 (momiji: chicken legs) gives it a thick and smooth texture.

The center of the bowl is decorated with seared red prawns. The dish is filled with scallops, small shrimps, octopus, and other seafood! Kamaboko (fish cake) from Otani Kamaboko Shoten is also served on the side. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Nagoya Cochin's (Nagoya's brand chicken) coarsely ground mince is also accented with a crunchy texture.

Vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, and chives are also crispy! The appeal of chanpon is that you can enjoy a variety of tastes and textures.

The flat homemade noodles made from Aichi Prefecture wheat "Kinuakari" are chewy. It is the best match with soup full of umami.

"Nagoya Champon" was born as a new local champon.

An exquisite local gourmet dish using a variety of Aichi Prefecture ingredients for local production for local consumption. It is a bowl full of nutrients and vegetables that will please both your body and your soul.

Please come and visit "Hototogisu"!

Spot Details

[Nagoya Champon Hototogisu]
Address: Sunbear Mansion Kanayama 1F, 3-3-3 Ogashira Otobashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture



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