[Inabe, Mie] "Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" A Glamping & Camping Ground where You can Enjoy the Great Nature of Inabe

Inabe City
Posting date: 2023.06.14
[Inabe, Mie] "Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" A Glamping & Camping Ground where You can Enjoy the Great Nature of Inabe

In April 2023, "Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" opened in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture. This is Japan's first outdoor field, a collaboration between the Danish outdoor brand "Nordisk" and Inabe City.

In addition to cottages where you can experience the finest hygge, permanent tent private areas (glamping), and camping areas where you can enjoy the nature of Ugakei as it is, you can enjoy it according to your needs.

Editorial Team actually stayed at "Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" this time. We would like to fully report what kind of facility it is!

*Hygge: Originating from Denmark, one of the Nordic areas that ranks among the world's happiest nations, it is a word that expresses how to spend time, how to live, and how to hold one's heart.

An Outdoor Brand Loved for Over 100 years

Features a polar bear logo!

First of all, I would like to introduce a little bit about "Nordisk".

Nordisk is an outdoor lifestyle brand founded in Denmark in 1901.

The concept is "Nature is Luxury". Real luxury living is considered to be in the outdoor scene. Wake up in your tent, listen to the sounds outside, and look at the scenery. We propose a luxurious time "Hygge" where people can touch nature and feel happy.

"Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" is a facility that combines the "Hygge" lifestyle of Nordisk and the rich nature of Inabe City.

About 1 hour by Car from Nagoya
How to Access "Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI"

"Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" is located in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture. It takes about 1 hour by car from Nagoya. It takes about 2 hours by car from the Kansai area.

The parking lot is in front of the facility, so let's park and head! (In the case of camping use, there is a loading area in the facility)

*Located in the back of the Ryugatake parking lot

Reception and Multipurpose Space
"Hygge Culture Circles"

First, head to the circular center house "Hygge Culture CIRCLES", which has a reception and multi-purpose space.

An olive tree, a symbol tree, is planted in the center, and lounges and shops are built around the courtyard. We have to take off our shoes here, but the warmth of the wood was very comfortable.

The shop sells Nordisk gear and camping gear, as well as special products from Inabe City. I was able to meet a lot of local good things such as tea and honey produced in Inabe City, and local limited "Horinishi" Spice.

Guests are free to use the lounge. (Wi-Fi is also available)

"Hygge Culture CIRCLES" has a glamping area "Privte Circles" and a riverside camping area "Wild Circles".

This time I stayed at the cottage "Hygge cabin" in the glamping area "Privte Circles".

The glamping area "Private Circles" is located on a slightly higher ground, so the staff will send you by cart. It's safe even if you have big luggage.

Glamping Experience Report

Forest Cottage "Hygge Cabin"

This is the forest cottage "Hygge Cabin". The cute design that seems to appear in a fairy tale is exciting. There are 2 cottages that can accommodate up to 4 people.

The building was designed by THIRD NATURE, a global architectural firm based in Denmark. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship is also used for wooden architecture that harmonizes with nature. For example, the roof is made of cypress bark, a traditional technique that has been handed down since ancient times in Japan.

Enter the room while being excited to see what kind of space is spreading!

The moment I entered the room, I was enveloped in the scent of wood that made me take a deep breath. The large glass area gives the illusion of being in a forest rather than inside a building. It is a very comfortable space.

In the center of the living room is a dining table designed by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. It's a luxury to relax with longed-for Scandinavian furniture.

What I especially liked was this private room space in the back of the living room.

There is no TV in the room and no clock. Sip coffee while sitting on the sofa and look at the rich forest spreading in front of you. It was truly a “hygge” moment.

"Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" original coffee and Japanese tea

There is also a kitchen and a water server in the cottage, so it seems good to buy ingredients and enjoy cooking. You can also stay for a long time!

A bathroom like a luxury hotel. It's surprising that you can take a bath so comfortably in glamping. The toilet was also equipped with a washlet!

Amenities: face towels, bath towels, shampoo/conditioner, etc.
(*Please bring your own toothbrush set as it is not always available)

Let's climb the stairs and go to the 2nd floor!

From above, you can see the beauty of the wood on the floor. It's a fusion of Danish design and Japanese technology.

The second floor has a bedroom with natural light from the skylight (4 beds). The futons in the glamping area are originals from Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI. It had just the right amount of elasticity and was very comfortable to sleep on.

I enjoyed stargazing at night, and woke up to the sounds of birds and the rising sun in the morning.

A Large Tent Turned into a Restaurant! Enjoy a Full Course of Local Production for Local Consumption

One of the attractions of glamping at "Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI" is the food.

Nordisk's large tent "Jotunheim" is a restaurant that you can enjoy in the great outdoors. You can enjoy a local production for local consumption dinner course supervised by a Danish outdoor cooking expert!

A stone was set on the plate. I'm looking forward to what kind of dinner course it will be!

The staff will pair the drinks with the food, such as domestic natural wine, original label sake, and craft beer from Mie Prefecture.

The first drink is “UME WHITE” from Ise Kadoya Beer. A craft beer made from plums that were to be destroyed at Umebayashi Park in Inabe City. The scent of plum is very refreshing!

Grilled Vegetables from Happu Farm

Vegetables are a collaboration with "Happu Farm" in Inabe City. They use seasonal vegetables, so it's fun to see what kind of menu you can come up with at that time!

Smoked seasonal broad beans with salted caramel sauce. Broad bean and bittersweet caramel are the best match! It also goes very well with beer.

Marinated cherry salmon, cake sale, ahijo, etc. were brought on a plate! You can enjoy it with your eyes.

Mie pork "Sakura Pork", sweet potatoes and onions are grilled over charcoal. I felt like I was camping and had a BBQ.

The sweet potato was especially delicious! The sweetness spreads slowly in your mouth.

This is German bread from "Freibäcker SAYA" at the foot of Mt. Fujiwara in Inabe City. This is a bakery run by an owner who has a German baker's national qualification.

German bread has just the right amount of acidity and goes great with wine!

Wrap fresh sweetfish in thinly sliced potatoes. The fluffy sweetfish goes well with Hassaku jelly and tea sauce.

The main dish is domestic beef roast. After cooking at a low temperature of 50°C, it is flavored with charcoal. The purée of peas and the taste of beef are the best match. Red wine has progressed.

Dessert is a mousse made with “Icchan egg” with grilled mandarin oranges. Icchan egg is an egg that has been loved for a long time in Inabe city.

As a local production for local consumption dinner course, ingredients from Mie Prefecture and Inabe City were used abundantly. It's wonderful to learn about the charm of the land through its cuisine! I think it's a unique dinner that can only be enjoyed at "Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI".

Bonfire Time After Dinner!

Marguerite's Daytime Appearance

After the meal, have a bonfire time at "Marguerite" in the glamping area. Spending a relaxing time watching the fire is a luxurious time that can only be enjoyed outdoors.

I also experienced chopping firewood and roasting marshmallows.

This concludes the first day of the experience. I fell asleep a little early while gazing at the starry sky from the skylight.

Breakfast is the local Danish dish "Smorbrod"

In the morning, I woke up to the morning sun shining through the skylight and the singing of birds.

The area around the cottage is like a porch, so you can enjoy a leisurely forest bath until breakfast time.

Breakfast is served at the dining table in the cottage. (In the case of glamping, the deck of each site)

For breakfast, you can enjoy Danish local cuisine "Smorbrod" with local ingredients and pesticide-free vegetables. Sour German bread with plenty of anchovy butter, Sakura pork ham, Icchan egg boiled egg, potato salad, etc. as you like.

Ouchiyama milk, Amanatsu juice, coffee from Shrub coffee, roasted tea from Marushin Ryokkoen, chamomile x green tea from Okaseicha, and a wide variety of drinks!

The cooler bag that comes with the breakfast set can be taken as a souvenir. Perfect for taking home souvenirs and leftover drinks!

Spot Details

[Nordisk Hygge Circles UGAKEI]
Address: 2999-5 Ishigureminami, Daiancho, Inabe City, Mie Prefecture


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