Sanrio Puroland limited souvenirs [18 selections]

Sanrio Puroland limited souvenirs [18 selections]

In this issue, we picked up limited edition souvenirs in Sanrio Puroland!

Enjoy goods that are fun to wear, confections that are perfect as gifts, and classic souvenirs for yourself, all of which can only be purchased here.


▼How to enjoy Sanrio Puroland. A thorough report from attractions to gourmet food!

Fun to wear! Enjoy goods

Become your favorite character! "Headband"

Fluffy headband (cinnamoroll) ¥3,080
Hangyodon Headband ¥1,650

First of all, we will pick up items that are fun to wear at Puroland!

There are headbands featuring a variety of characters, including Hello Kitty, Hangyodon, and Bad Batsumaru. There are also “fluffy headbands” of Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin with fluffy ears!

"Stuffed toy purse" that you want to match with your headband

Stuffed toy purse (Cinnamoroll) ¥1,980
Stuffed toy purse (Hello Kitty) ¥1,980

What you want to wear with your headband is a stuffed animal purse. It also has a pocket, so it's convenient for storing small items such as lip balm and eye drops!

The Entrance Shop, the largest shop in Puroland, is lined with fun goods such as headbands and stuffed animal purses, so be sure to visit there first!

Perfect for photo shoots! "Heart Stick"

Heart cane (cinnamoroll) ¥880
Heart cane (Kuromi) ¥880

A cute heart-shaped stick made of plastic material. Enjoy taking photos even more by holding your favorite character's cane!

There are 10 types: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Pochacco, Hangyodon, Tuxedo Sam, Little Twin Stars, and Wish Me Mel.

Enjoy the show to the fullest! “Miracle ♡ Light (Miracle Heart Light)”

Miracle ♡ Light (Miracle Heart Light) ¥1,800

Excitement goods "Miracle ♡ Light (Miracle Heart Light)". The color automatically changes according to the scene of the show!

It can be used at shows and attractions held at Puroland, so if you want to enjoy the show to the fullest, please check it out!

Individually wrapped for tiny souvenirs! Sweets series

Perfect for souvenirs! "I went to Sanrio Puroland! Cookie"

I went to Sanrio Puroland! Cookies (18 pieces) ¥864

Next up, we'll pick up a selection of sweets that are perfect for souvenir!

Cookies are a classic souvenir. Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, and Cinnamoroll are printed on it. Individually wrapped, they are perfect for giving out!

"Happy Turn" with a soft cheese scent

Happy Turn (20 pieces) ¥972

We also found Happy Turn, which is exclusive to Puroland!

This is a dream collaboration between Happy Turn's character "Prince Turn'" and Sanrio characters. The taste is cheesy with a light cheese flavor. The great thing about it is that it's lightweight and contains 20 pieces!

KAWAII KABUKI becomes sweets! "Kabukiage"

Kabukiage (6 pieces) ¥918

"KAWAII KABUKI ~Momotaro of the Hello Kitty Troupe~" is being held at the "Märchen Theater." This is a musical show in which Sanrio characters "KAWAII'' and "Kabuki'' collaborate.

Kabukiage is inspired by such a popular show. It also includes a postcard!

"Kaki-no-tane" where you can enjoy two types: Regilar kaki-no-tane and cheese flavor.

kaki-no-tane (20 bags) ¥972

We also found Kaki-no-tane exclusive to Puroland!

Contains 20 bags total, 10 bags of kaki-no-tane and 10 bags of cheese flavor. The cheese flavor has a light cheese aroma and a milder taste than regular kaki-no-tane. Recommended as a souvenir for those who don't like sweets! Of course, it's also perfect to accompany alcohol.

The characters are cute! Candy with a stick "Lollipop candy"

Lolipop candy (10 pieces) ¥648

Lolipop candy with cute Sanrio characters! A large collection of characters including Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Tuxedo Sam, and Kuromi.

Another great thing about it is that it's reasonably priced at ¥648 for 10 pieces!

"Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe Series Canned Black Tea" which you can enjoy two types of black tea

Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe Series Canned Tea ¥1,620

“Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe Series” started in October 2023. This series has a soft and gentle light blue color that goes perfectly with Cinnamoroll.

"Canned black tea" is from such a series. Inside Cinnamoroll's cute can, there are two types of black tea: Earl Gray and Darjeeling. Each bag contains two tea bags, perfect for tea time!

Also for yourself! Standard souvenir series

You can only buy it there! "Puroland original stuffed toy"

Puroland original stuffed toy (Hangyodon) ¥2,200
Puroland original stuffed toy (Cinnamoroll) ¥2,200

From here, we'll pick up some classic series that are perfect as souvenirs for yourself!

First up is Puroland's original stuffed toys! We also recommend enjoying the land with your favorite character stuffed toy. There are beads in the bottom area, so it's easy to make them sit.

There are 15 types in total: Hello Kitty, Hello Mimmy, Dear Daniel, My Melody, Kuromi, My Sweet Piano, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Pochacco, Little Twin Stars Kiki, Little Twin Stars Lala, Kerokero Keroppi, Hangyodon, and CoroCoro Krillin.

"Sanrio Character Boat Ride Mascot" wearing the costume worn inside the attraction

Sanrio Character Boat Ride Mascot (Bad Badtz Maru) ¥2,420
Sanrio Character Boat Ride Mascot (Everyone's Taabo) ¥2,420

Sanrio Character Boat Ride is a very popular ride attraction where you ride on a boat. Character mascots will appear wearing the costumes worn in the attraction!

There are also characters that you've been familiar with since childhood, such as Bat Batsumaru, Minna no Taabo, and Ahiru Peckle!

“Puroland Original Hair Ties” with a wide variety of designs

Puroland original hair tie ¥880

Puroland Original Hair Ties are the perfect souvenir for your child.

There are a wide variety of products, including Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Pompompurin, and Kuromi. There are multiple designs for each character, so you'll be spoiled for choice!

Perfect for storing small items! Drawstring bags & pouches

Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe Series Drawstring Bag ¥1,320

Mesh pouch (Hello Kitty) ¥1,650

When it comes to standard souvenirs, storage accessories such as drawstring purses and pouches are also essential.

Especially recommended is the mesh pouch. It's easy to see what's inside, and it's mesh so it's very light! There are 23 types and a wide variety of designs, so be sure to find your favorite character.

Can be used daily! "Stripe heart design towel"

Striped heart design towel (marron cream) ¥880

Hand towels can also be used on a daily basis, making them perfect as souvenirs for yourself!

There are a wide variety of designs, including the "Stripe Heart Design," "Motif Design Towel," and the "Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe Series." There are also designs for limited-time events, so be sure to check them out!

Look forward to seeing what comes out! "Character name plate badge" "Ticket motif key chain"

“Character name plate badge” ¥770

The “Character Name Plate Badge” and “Ticket Motif Keychain” series are also very popular, and you can’t wait to see what will come out!

Let's make it with your favorite characters! "Colorful FanFan Series"

The “Colorful FanFan Series♡” where you can make your own “original fan key chain” and “custom stick” is also very popular!

If you make it with your name or the name of your favorite person, it will become a one-of-a-kind souvenir!

This time we have picked up souvenirs exclusive to Sanrio Puroland! Please use this as a reference when shopping there.

▼How to enjoy Sanrio Puroland. A thorough report from attractions to gourmet food!

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