[Nagoya City Kita-ku] Nostalgic and New. Enjoy a Siphon-brewed Coffee at "Rokushiki Coffee Shop"

Nagoya city Kita-ku
Posting date: 2023.07.21
[Nagoya City Kita-ku] Nostalgic and New. Enjoy a Siphon-brewed Coffee at "Rokushiki Coffee Shop"

Rokushiki Coffee Shop is located at the foot of a green slope just after getting off at Amagasaka Station on the Meitetsu Seto Line in Kita Ward, Nagoya City.

At the store, which opened in January 2021, you can enjoy fragrant specialty coffee brewed with a siphon.

Exterior of Rokushiki Coffee Shop

There is a park and a row of cherry blossom trees along the overpass in the immediate vicinity, and it is an area with abundant greenery that makes it hard to believe that it is close to the city center.

The brick and wood storefront blends in well with the townscape and makes you want to stop by.

The dignified signboard made of machined aluminum is said to have been ordered from the company where the owner used to work.

Inside the store where the soft sunlight shines. There are counter seats on the left and table seats on the right.

A Coffee Shop with a Special Attention to Detail,
Opening in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

Rokushiki Coffee Shop opened in January 2021.

The shop owner who retired from a metal processing manufacturer that he worked for many years and fulfilled his long-held dream. The opening was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it seems that people around him were worried, but he didn't see it too negatively, and rather, he created his own store in a relaxed time.

The store name "Rokushiki" is a Buddhist term that expresses human senses. It seems that it was named after the name of the owner.

What is the Appeal of Siphon-brewed Coffee?

When you step into the store, the first thing that catches your eye is the neatly arranged siphons. I'm excited about the appearance like a laboratory instrument.

While there are many shops that brew coffee by hand drip, the owner chose Siphon to create a shop with a unique concept. While young people who visit the store find it rare, older people say it's nostalgic.

All of the coffee used at Rokushiki Coffee Shop is specialty coffee. In addition to the "Rokushiki Blend", which was created after many discussions between the owner and the roaster, you can enjoy several types of single-origin coffee.

He also experimented with the amount of hot water, coffee beans, temperature, and other conditions to find out how best to brew the coffee, and created the flavor he wanted. This time, I was shown how to brew coffee with a siphon up close.

The siphon used at Rokushiki Coffee is HARIO's "TCA-2". Pour hot water into the bowl (flask) under the siphon and bring it to a boil. Gradually, kopokopo and air bubbles came out.

When the water boils, it rises to the top bowl (funnel) due to the power of steam pressure and mixes with the coffee grounds.

Mix coffee grounds and hot water here. I couldn't help but stare at the owner's hand mixing at a brisk tempo. By the way, the spatula used to mix the ingredients was carved out by himself.

And when the heat source is turned off, the coffee will flow down through the filter into the bowl below. It's kind of like an experiment and it's fun. Using a siphon allows the coffee to be brewed at a higher temperature, resulting in a richer aroma.

Rokushiki blend (HOT) 630 yen

Pour the finished coffee into the cup yourself. It was a really delicious coffee with a refreshing taste while feeling a solid body. I'm happy that you can have plenty of about 1.5 cups in a cup.

Iced coffee with plenty of ice

At Rokushiki Coffee Shop, there are siphon iced coffee and cold brew iced coffee, but I decided to try siphon iced coffee. Pour the thickly brewed coffee into a flavored glass with plenty of ice to cool it down.

Rokushiki blend (ICE) 780 yen

The sound of the ice melting little by little is so refreshing that you will want to stare at it forever. If you hold the stem of the glass and stir it a little, the ice melts moderately and the thickness is just right. I was able to enjoy the refreshing and gorgeous scent.

Homemade Sweets Served with Coffee

Homemade sweets are the perfect accompaniment to your coffee. The owner, who has always loved making sweets, prepares 4 to 5 types of sweets that are carefully made one by one every day.

Gateau Chocolat 350 yen Sweets that feel rich like raw chocolate go well with rich coffee. It seems to change to a fondant chocolate style in the cold season.

Baked cheese 380 yen Creamy and refreshing cheesecake. It's a good size and perfect for after lunch. The tableware used for coffee and sweets is from "Third Ceramics" in Tajimi.

Baked pudding 350 yen, cold brew iced coffee 630 yen A simple baked pudding made with only milk, eggs, and sugar is hard and has a gentle sweetness.

The Only Meal Menu is the "Dry Curry"

Dry curry 830 yen

Dry curry is the only meal menu at Rokushiki Coffee Shop. The dry curry made by the owner who loves curry is a popular dish with quail eggs. The dish is served with cream cheese and pickled ginger.

A Space that Blends into the Everyday Life of the Townspeople

A "third place" that is different from home and work, which is necessary in busy days. When the owner was also working for a company, he would stop by the cafe on his way home from work and cherish the time to do some work and refresh himself. That is why he wants Rokushiki Coffee Shop to become such a presence for the people of the city.

In addition to counter seats in front of the siphon and table seats, there are also counter seats by the window. It might be a good idea to write a little something here, read a book, or just stare outside alone and organize your thoughts.

Coffee Bean Sales and
To-go is Welcome!

In addition to "Rokushiki Blend", we sell various coffee beans such as single origin. There is also a drip bag, so it is also recommended as a small gift! Drinks other than iced coffee brewed with a siphon can also be prepared for to-go.

"Because I do everything by myself, from making coffee to serving desserts, I try to keep everything simple and pursue what I like," says the owner. The warmth, tranquility, and tranquil flow of time in its sophisticated atmosphere are so comfortable that you will want to visit again and again.

Spot Details

Rokushiki Coffee Shop
Address :1F J2 Building, 2-4-10 Yoshino, Kita-ku, Nagoya City
Phone number :070-8367-7491
Business hours : 11:30 - 20:00 (shortened hours due to the new Corona countermeasure)
Closed: Tuesdays and the third Wednesday of the month (please check SNS for temporary closures)
Parking :Not available ※Coin parking is available nearby

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