ART & WINE BAR NAGOYA: An Adult Painting Class where you can Enjoy "Paint + Sip"!

Nagoya city Atsuta-ku
Posting date: 2023.06.27
ART & WINE BAR NAGOYA: An Adult Painting Class where you can Enjoy "Paint + Sip"!

In March 2023, "ART & WINE BAR NAGOYA"opened in the Kanayama, Nagoya City. It is a notable spot for the first landing in the Tokai area, where you can experience brand new creative experiences.

The location is on the 3rd floor of "Maple Kanayama", which is about a 2-minute walk from the south exit of "Kanayama Station". It's close to the station, so you can easily visit even after work, and it's easy to access.

Here at ART & WINE BAR NAGOYA, you can enjoy painting and art creation lessons while drinking wine. It incorporates "Paint and sip", which is popular mainly in Europe and the United States.

As the name "Paint + Sip " suggests, the style of painting lessons is called "Paint and sip", where everyone enjoys drawing pictures after work or on holidays at a bar or restaurant with alcohol in one hand. The appeal is that the alcohol makes you feel more open and allows you to draw in a relaxed state.

From that Masterpiece to Famous Art Techniques! !
Create a One-of-a-kind Work

You can take group lessons with a maximum of about 10 people in the bright and beautiful shop.

All the necessary art materials and tools are provided, so participants can come empty-handed! The paints and brushes used are also beautifully set. A nice point is that you can rent aprons so that your clothes don't get dirty.

In the lesson, one work will be used as the theme, and each student will complete the picture together with everyone in the group. Careful guidance is provided by professional instructors, so there is no need to worry if you are a beginner or not confident in drawing!

There are many genres of paintings that can be used as subjects, and you can experience lessons using various art techniques such as fluid art and painting knife art, including famous works such as Edvard Munch's "The Scream" and Van Gogh's "Sunflowers".

Carefully Selected by the Sommelier!
Art Creation with a Wine that Matches the Theme

At ART&WINE BAR NAGOYA, you can enjoy wine that matches the theme of the painting.

A J.S.A. sommelier carefully selects wines that match the theme, color, and history of the work handled that day. You can enjoy the pairing of wine and works.


An elegant time to enjoy wine while painting is a grown-up time where you can enjoy an extraordinary experience. By becoming tipsy and open, you will be more motivated to create.

All-you-can-drink wine is also available, so you can drink as much as you like at any time, so it's a must-see for those who like wine. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available, so don't worry if you can't drink alcohol.

Experience an Actual Art Lesson.
I Tried Monet's "Water Lilies"!

This time, I actually experienced a lesson on the work "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet, a French painter who represents Impressionism!

This is the first time I've done a full-scale painting. We will deliver the state of the exciting lesson.

White wine "attitude" to match Monet's "water lilies"

The pairing wine for this theme, "Water Lilies," is a white wine called "Attitude."

Fruity flavors such as lemon, citrus, and grapefruit are elegant and go well with Monet's beautiful works. If you drink wine while imagining the work, the tip of the brush will progress more lightly and you will feel comfortable.

A model "water lily" drawn by the instructor in advance

Mr. Oka who was in charge of the lecturer of "Water Lilies" this time

Using the model as a reference, we will proceed step by step while listening to the instructor's explanation.

The lecturer this time was Mr. Oka, an artist who works on web design. We carefully proceed according to the pace of each customer.

At the same time, the lecturer also explained the points while drawing a picture. I could see the actual movement of the brush even for detailed parts and difficult drawings, so it was very easy to understand and I was able to proceed without anxiety even for beginners.

Take a short break with a glass of wine. When I get absorbed in paintings, I tend to forget the existence of wine (laughs).

The hardest was here, I'm struggling to draw the water lily leaves floating on the surface of the water!

Instead of just drawing round leaves, you have to change the size and shape of the leaves depending on the position. While receiving advice, we are finishing the water lily leaves one by one.

Each time you add a color, the picture will be close to finish, so your feelings will rise together!

Even after the final process is over, you can make fine adjustments later if you have any concerns or are unsatisfactory, so you can pursue your attention to detail.

This time, I have extra time, so I will paint the top, bottom, left, and right of the canvas. If you add color to this part, it will turn into a more authentic picture! It creates a sense of unity throughout the campus.

And finally it's done! At first, I was worried if I could do it well, but I managed to make an original "Water Lily".

Impressed by my own work, the only one in the world. I was able to finish the painting happily even though I had a chat from beginning to end. Thanks to the delicious wine, I feel like I was able to demonstrate my creative power even more!

I put it in the gorgeous frame of the shop!

When I put it in a picture frame, I was surprised at how good it looked, and I couldn't believe it was my own painting. The completed painting can be taken home on the same day. It's also nice to decorate your home as an interior!

Hot Topic on SNS!
"Fluid Art" to Enjoy the Flow of Colors

At ART&WINE BAR NAGOYA, you can not only get a copy of the painting I introduced earlier, but also have a popular lesson using various art techniques.

This time, I experienced "fluid art", which is becoming a hot topic on SNS.

Fluid art is a work of art created using the fluidity of paint. It is called "fluid art" in the sense of art drawn by the fluidity of liquid paint.

The chosen colors are accidentally mixed to create a pattern, and a piece of art is born. Anyone can easily create a work by simply mixing acrylic paint with a special liquid agent and pouring or dripping it on the canvas.

Choose 3-4 colors of your favorite paint from among many colors. This color selection is very important for fluid art! I choose carefully, repeatedly imagining in my head what would happen if I combined this color with this color.

This time, we chose 4 colors of yellow, turquoise green, red purple, and blue, and 4 colors of gray, pink, blue, and navy, for a total of 8 colors. We will create 2 types of Fluid Art, each with 4 colors.

Add the liquid to the paint and mix as directed. Mix carefully so that there are no air bubbles.

After mixing the paint and oil, pour the paint into the cup so that it overlaps. You can freely add the order and amount as you like. Let's add layers of paint while imagining the finish!

Here are the highlights of Fluid Art! The paint in the cup is poured onto the canvas. I can't stop being excited about the appearance of unexpectedly mixed colors.

Try making cells (bubbles)!

Add a few drops of oil to the paint mixed with the liquid, and lightly heat it with a gas burner to reveal the cells. The cels that pop up are interesting. I feel that this cell serves as an accent and adds depth to the art.

Tilt the canvas up, down, left and right to drip paint and stretch patterns. You can freely manipulate the paint on the canvas to finish the design. Once the paint is dripped all the way to the rim, you're done!

Fluid Art will be shipped at a later date, as it takes about a week for the paint to dry.

A design with pink and blue that is reminiscent of the earth! The movement of the cell is also exquisite.

A fascinating work that seems to be sucked into powerful psychedelic colors.

Here is the finished work! Both of them are finished in a wonderful work full of individuality. It's interesting just to look at the work, as it will be a completely different work depending on the taste of the person who makes it.

Fluid Art that you can't predict what kind of design it will be until the end. You will surely fall in love with the fresh, interesting and fashionable art experience.

"ART & WINE BAR NAGOYA" is a charming place where you can experience art while enjoying a drink. There is no doubt that the creative side that sleeps in you will be brought out. You can easily book a lesson online.

Create your own one-of-a-kind work in an extraordinary art space!

Spot Details

Address: 〒456-0002
Maple Kanayama 303F (Room 303), 1-11-2 Kanayamacho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Parking lot: None

Born in Nagoya, raised in Nagoya. At university, she majored in media production and studied design and advertising. Interested in food, art, and fashion, and her hobbies are drawing illustrations, making bouquets, and watching movies. She likes visiting coffee shops and cafes, and it is her daily routine to drink at least one cup of coffee every day.  She will disseminate the hidden charm of the Tokai region, focusing on gourmet food.

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