Taste rooted in the region for 30 years. Coffee roaster "Coffee Bean Store Common" in Fujigaoka.

Posting date: 2019.08.19
Taste rooted in the region for 30 years. Coffee roaster "Coffee Bean Store Common" in Fujigaoka.

It is about an 8-minute walk from Fujigaoka Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line. As you approach the store, you will see a stylish triangular-roofed building and be enveloped by the rich aroma of coffee. This time we will introduce you to Coffee Bean Store Common, a coffee roastery located in Meito-ku, Nagoya City, not far from Fujigaoka Station.

Home-roasted coffee beans are carefully roasted little by little every day to bring out the individuality of the beans. A coffee shop in the city that enriches your daily coffee life.

Coffee Bean Store CommonAbout 8 minutes on foot from Nagoya Municipal Subway "Fujigaoka" station. It features a triangular roof.
common sign
Look for the green signboard here.
parkingThere is also a parking lot for 6 cars, so it is easy to visit by car.
Inside of shopA natural store with plenty of wood. From the moment you open the door, the rich aroma of coffee spreads.
Home-roasted coffee beansHome-roasted coffee beans are lined up. You can also see the roasting room through the glass.

Inheriting the 30-year history of the coffee shop "Thursday"

Owner, Atsuro SakaguchiOwner, Atsuro Sakaguchi

First, we interviewed the owner, Atsuo Sakaguchi, about the birth of Common.

Mr. Sakaguchi: "It all started when my father and mother opened a coffee shop called 'Thursday' at this location about 30 years ago. That was around the time of the first movement of home-roasted coffee. People read books while drinking coffee and enjoying the space. It was such a place specialized in coffee.

About five years after Thursday's opening, my father left the coffee shop and opened a coffee bean shop in front of the station that specializes in selling coffee beans by weight. For about 30 years, my mother ran a coffee shop and my father sold beans. ”

Mr. Sakaguchi: "I had decided to take over the family business as soon as I graduated from high school, so I started working at "Thursday" at the age of 18. I had been working there for a long time, but about six years ago I decided to close the coffee shop. When I thought about the next 10 or 20 years, I felt that the store needed to change with the times. There was also the problem of the aging of the building as a hardware aspect.

After discussing what to do next with my family, we decided to take a break from the coffee shop and open a shop that specializes in beans. In the milestone year of 30 years since its opening, it was renewed as "Coffee Bean Store Common" in the same area. ”

As a store rooted in the community


There is a counter in one corner of the shop, and you can sample the coffee you are interested in.

common blend

We tasted the "Common Blend." It has a well-balanced taste that we would like to drink every morning.

Along with the renovation, a new store was built in the common. What kind of concept did you create?

Mr. Sakaguchi: "I envisioned a store that is not sharp, but one that is rooted in the community. I was conscious of something not too sophisticated, but a little dressed down.

What I'm doing hasn't changed in 30 years. Every day, we prepare coffee beans that are in a good state of freshness. The roasting machine is also small, so we can't roast a large amount, but I think that's one of our strengths.

Also, I think it's good to have a little warmth because I'm doing it with my family. There are many people who come to see us. Customers from the coffee shop days still come to me with nostalgia. In that way, I would like to be a shop where everyone in the area can casually visit. ”

Roasting every day.
Home-roasted beans boasting freshness.

FUJI ROYAL roasting machine

FUJI ROYAL's roasting machine, which has been in use since its founding

State of roasting

We were able to observe the state of roasting


Picking process to remove defective beans. This process prevents the coffee from smelling bad and tasting bad.

There are about 15 to 20 types of common coffee beans. Everything is carefully roasted in the roasting room in one corner of the shop. It seems that the roasting machine has been used since the founding.

Mr. Sakaguchi: "Common's strength is the freshness of the beans. We don't have a very large roasting machine, so we roast our beans frequently every day. I think this is one of the reasons why our customers choose us.
Coffee beans are not like living things, if you buy them today, you have to drink them today, but freshness is very important to enjoy. Many people think that swelling coffee beans means they are delicious, but that is not the case. Well swelling means good freshness. It is recommended that you buy as much as you can drink in a week or two! ”

The fluffy swelling is a proof that the beans are fresh.

Mr. Sakaguchi: “We change the roasting method depending on the brand. For example, if the coffee has a strong aroma and a slightly unique flavor, it should be lightly roasted so that you can easily feel the aroma. I am conscious of the taste that makes you want to drink it every day.”

Spot Details

[Coffee Bean Store Common]
Address: 69 Tomigaoka, Meito Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-774-3966
Business hours: 10:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesday
Parking lot: 6 cars


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