Fuji Speedway Hotel: Opens in the Holy Land of Motorsports, Shizuoka!

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Posting date: 2022.12.14
Fuji Speedway Hotel: Opens in the Holy Land of Motorsports, Shizuoka!

"Fuji Speedway Hotel" opened in Oyama-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture in October 2022.

The concept is "fusion of motorsports and hospitality”. The hotel is adjacent to Fuji Speedway, also known as the sacred land of motorsports, and the Fuji Motorsports Museum is co-located within the hotel. It is a one-of-a-kind hotel that combines the excitement of a race track with the luxury of a boutique hotel.

I attended the preview held before the opening. I would like to report on the event with plenty of photos. 


*Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store.

At the entrance of the hotel, you can see the symbol of the "Fuji Speedway Hotel", an artwork with auto parts and racing terms scattered all over the walls.

Tracing the History of Motor Sports for about 130 Years
"Fuji Motor Sports Museum"

The "Fuji Motorsports Museum" is co-located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel building.

This is a museum themed on motorsports, a rarity in the world. The museum traces the history of motorsports over 130 years with exhibits of numerous racing cars.

Of course, admission to the museum alone is also possible.

▼Fuji Motor Sports Museum

To the 3rd Floor where the Lobby Lounge is Located

Take the escalator to the 3rd floor where the hotel lobby is located.

By the way, the artwork displayed in the atrium expresses the differences in elevation of the Fuji Speedway course and the lateral G-force when a car runs.

In this way, the museum is filled with a variety of motorsports-related productions.

The globe monument in front of the front desk is a work of art that collects the shapes of circuit courses from around the world and expresses the shape of the earth.

The open-air lobby lounge serves breakfast and carefully selected coffee. From the lounge windows, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji!

The 3rd-floor store and café, "Fan Terrace", offers a spectacular panoramic view of Fuji Speedway.

Irresistible for Car Lovers!
Room with Circuit View

Room sign with the image of a manual shift lever

Let's go to the guest room!

A total of 120 rooms, including 21 suites and 5 villas with private garages. You can enjoy breathtaking and powerful views of the circuit, magnificent views of Mt. Fuji, and private terraces with abundant nature, all of which are unique and only available here.

With a 50% circuit view and 50% Mt. Fuji view, half of the rooms have a view of the circuit. All rooms have balconies, and when you open the windows, you can hear the sound of the engines well.

※The windows are double-paned, so if you close them, you won't hear anything but big competitions and cars with big engines!

On the walls, pictures of Fuji Speedway are painted separately for each guest room.

As Shizuoka Prefecture is known for its tea, Japanese tea is also available.

Amenity storage with the image of a plastic model. Attention to such details!

Rediscover the Charm of Shizuoka through Cuisine
Restaurant & Bar

The 4 restaurants and bars in the hotel use a wide variety of ingredients from Shizuoka Prefecture's abundant seafood and the clear waters of Mt. Fuji.

Italian Restaurant "TROFEO Italian"

"TROFEO" is an Italian restaurant with an open kitchen. You can enjoy Italian cuisine while viewing Mt. Fuji (100 seats inside, 12 seats on the terrace).

TROFEO also has three private rooms. Some private rooms can be used as small dinner parties!

Robata (fireside) Dining "Robata OYAMA"

Robata OYAMA serves Robata Yaki (fireside grill) using fresh fish from Numazu Port that came in that morning and other Shizuoka ingredients.

"BAR 4563" where You can Feel the Breath of Motorsports

A signboard with the image of a car meter

If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy a drink, we recommend "BAR 4563" where you can feel the commitment to motorsports!

Incidentally, the name is derived from the total length of the Fuji Speedway circuit (4,563 meters).

The interior, with its miniature cars and lights on the walls, creates an unique atmosphere.

You can enjoy drinks unique to the Fuji Speedway Hotel, such as the Ferrari sparkling wine and signature cocktails made with whisky from the Gaiaflow Shizuoka Distillery.

The private room, available for additional ¥15,000, is a wonderful space that resembles an adult retreat.


Spot Details

[Fuji Speedway Hotel]
Address: 645 Oomikami, Oyama-machi, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture


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