12 recommended gourmet foods to eat at LEGOLAND! [Nagoya]

Posting date: 2023.03.27
12 recommended gourmet foods to eat at LEGOLAND! [Nagoya]

Legoland Japan is a family-friendly outdoor theme park where you can enjoy the world of Lego blocks all day long.

This time, we would like to introduce recommended gourmet foods that you should try at Legoland by Editorial Team staff who are Legoland lovers who have annual passes.

Please use it as a reference for lunch time and breaks between attractions!

* Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of the facility when using it.

5 restaurants in Legoland

Night Table Restaurant

Legoland has 5 restaurants.

Night Table Restaurant
Brick House Burger
Factory Sandwich Burger
Chicken Diner
Coral Reef Pizza and Pasta Buffet

In addition, there are also stands and carts where you can enjoy light meals and drinks! It's often crowded during lunchtime on weekends, so be sure to check out the gourmet foods you're interested in in advance.

*Restaurants and food stands may not be open due to circumstances

▼Restaurant list

Burgers & Fries
Unique to LEGOLAND

Brick House Burger (Area: Lego City)

Our favorite restaurant is "Brick House Burger" in the "Lego City" area. Both indoors and on the terrace are spacious, so you can spend a relaxing time.

LEGOLAND's unique food menu are available here. The 100% beef patty has a rough ground beef texture and a strong meaty flavor.

The set also includes Legoland's specialty, Lego Fries! Not only does it look good, but it also tastes fluffy and delicious. The set also comes with a drink bar, which is a nice point!

[Brick House Burger]

Slush drink desserts
 for the hot season!

Factory Sandwich Company (Area: Factory)
Abominable Slash (Area: Bricktopia)

A slush drink is indispensable in the hot season.

You can put colorful drinks such as cola, melon, and orange in the bottle as you like! If you bring the souvenir you purchased, you can enjoy a refill for 400 yen.

[Factory Sandwich Company]

[Abominable Slash]

Popcorn is a must-have for theme parks

Big Brick Stand (Area: Bricktopia)
Ollie's Popcorn Stand (Area: Night Kingdom)

Speaking of theme parks, popcorn! It is sold at two locations: "Big Brick Stand" and "Ollie's Popcorn Stand."

In addition to the standard salt and caramel flavors, there are also limited-time flavors, so be sure to check them out!

[Big Brick Stand]

Sandwiches and seasonal bread unique to Legoland

Factory Sandwich Company (Area: Factory)

If you're feeling a bit hungry, we recommend the Factory Sandwich Company. They sell handmade sandwiches and seasonal bread.

"Factory Sandwich Company" also sells the slush drink introduced earlier, so please come along!

[Factory Sandwich Company]

Take a Break at "Costa Coffee" Born in London

Oasis Snack (Area: Adventure)

For a short break, we recommend the "Oasis Snack" in the adventure area! They offer "Costa Coffee", which was born in London in 1971.

By all means together with Legoland limited block churro. You can have authentic coffee in a theme park!

"Oasis Snack" also sells LEGO Fries.

[Oasis Snack]

A row of ninja-themed gourmet foods!
"Ninja Kitchen"

Ninja Kitchen (Area: Lego Ninjago World)

At "Ninja Kitchen" in "LEGO NINJAGO World", an area themed after LEGO NINJAGO, you can find gourmet food with ninja motifs!

There are plenty of hearty menu items such as "Power-up Shio Yakisoba Shrimp Mayo" and "Power Fried Rice BBQ Beef." Children will also love it because of its slightly sweet flavor!

"Ninja castella" is perfect for a snack.

[Ninja Kitchen]

Smoked chicken to match with draft beer! 

Marina Snack Shack (Area: Lego City)

The "smoked chicken" sold at "Marina Snack Shack" is a must-see for adults.

The meat is soft and tender. The smell of smoke is irresistible. Personally, this is the best smoked chicken sold at theme parks.

Draft beer is also available for purchase!

[Marina Snack Shack]

The crunchy texture is irresistible
"Chicken Diner"

Chicken Diner (Area: Bricktopia)

At the "Chicken Diner" located right next to the entrance, you can enjoy crispy chicken with an irresistible texture. For lunch, the “Lego Chicken Sandwich” and “Chicken Wrap” are also recommended!

Family-friendly "Family Basket" and "Kids Set" are also available.

The set comes with a drink bar.

[Chicken Diner]

Ramen recommended for the cold season

Factory Sandwich Company (Area: Factory)

Actually, you can eat ramen at Legoland!

"Factory Sandwich Company" near the entrance offers "Soy Sauce Ramen Set" and "Tantan Men Set". It's a must-try gourmet dish during the cold season!

There is also a kids ramen set.

[Factory Sandwich Company]

This is for the hot season!
"2X4 Brick Ice"

Oasis Snack (Area: Adventure)

The original block-shaped monaka ice cream “2X4 Brick Ice” is a must-try during the hot season.

Refreshing ice cream like gelato is sandwiched in the authentic monaka, which looks like a Japanese confectionery.

[Oasis Snack]

Popular apple fries at Legoland around the world!

Pirate's Apple Fries (Area: Pirate Shore)

At the food stand in the pirate-themed area "Pirate Shore", you can taste the popular fried apples in Legolands around the world!

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Excellent compatibility with cinnamon. It's like eating apple pie. There is also a set with ice cream.

These sweets are easy to eat and perfect for a quick break!

[Pirate's Apple Fries]

Enjoy "Nagoya food"!
Legoland's first Japanese restaurant "Irodori"

Irodori Japanese Restaurant (Area: Adventure)

Legoland's first Japanese restaurant, Irodori, has opened in the adventure area. This is a restaurant where you can enjoy "Nagoya food" using ingredients from the Tokai region, with a focus on local production for local consumption.

The Duplo block pool is set up for the first time in the resort. You can have a relaxing time with your family!

You can enjoy gourmet dishes unique to Nagoya such as "Mikawa Isshiki Eel Hitsumabushi", "Aichi Tahara Pork Miso Cutlet Set", and "Charcoal-grilled Nagoya Cochin Set"!

[Irodori Japanese Restaurant]

This time, we introduced recommended gourmet foods that you should try at Legoland. Please use it as a reference for lunch time and breaks between attractions!

Spot Details

[Legoland Japan]
Address: 2-7-1 Kinjo Futo, Minato Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Business hours: 10:00~ (*Closing time varies depending on the day)
Regular holiday: According to the park calendar
Parking lot: None (Please use "Kinjofuto parking lot")



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