[Nagoya] Try French Pastries at "Lyon Kashiten" by the famous "Cafe de Lyon"!

Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Posting date: 2022.10.24
[Nagoya] Try French Pastries at "Lyon Kashiten" by the famous "Cafe de Lyon"!

The "Lyon Kashiten (confectionary shop),"owned by "Café de Lyon," a famous café representing Nagoya, opened in Osu! The owner, Mr. Kishimoto, says, "I want the restaurant to remain the same even if I come back 10 or 20 years from now."
We will also introduce information on "Cafe de Lion Osu" and "parfait de ruelle", which opened two stores in a row in September!

* Information at the time of coverage in August 2022.
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"Café de Lyon" New store opens!

The famous cafe "Café de Lyon" will open "Lyon Kashiten (confectionary shop)" in Osu in July! In addition to parfaits, "Café de Lyon" also has a wide variety of baked goods such as chiffon cakes and pies.

Open the door with an antique atmosphere, and the world that spreads out before you take a step is just like "France". "Café de Lyon" is named after the French city of Lyon, but compared to other stores operated by "Café de Lyon", "Café de Lyon" has an overwhelmingly strong "French ambiance"! This time we interviewed the owner, Mr. Kishimoto.

Brought "France" as it is

The shop card is also cute!

―I get the impression that “French ambiance” is higher than other stores.

Mr. Kishimoto:“Every store is made with a passion, but at “Lyon Kashiten”, we put a lot of time and effort into making it, without thinking about the work balance of "Let's cut the corners here," and with the thought, "Let's do everything possible!"

―Why did you put so much energy into it?

Mr. Kishimoto:"Thanks to everyone's support, we have been able to open three "Café de Lyon" stores, including the main store. However, I had a slight feeling that I wanted to change the strong impression of 'Café de Lyon = parfait'. I had originally studied cafés in France, and I felt that my thoughts and feelings were in France every day. Therefore, I wanted to make my next restaurant not "French-style," but one that could say, 'This is France,' as if I had brought France directly to Japan."

The entrance of "Lyon Confectionery Shop"

―That shop is called “Lyon Kashiten”!

Mr. Kishimoto: "Yes! I want to do everything I can! With that in mind, I was particular about everything from the menu, property selection, wall color, tableware, etc. The theme of “Lion Confectionery” is “French antique shop”. I had an image of an "antique shop" for the property, so I contacted all the real estate agents I knew, explained the concept, and walked to see all the properties that were suggested. After looking at various places for about half a year, I was finally able to come across this property.”

The grayish blue walls are impressive!

-The main color in the store is also an unusual shade.

Mr. Kishimoto: "We use grayish blue as the main color. There are various shades of grayish blue, and it took us a long time to decide on this color (laughs)."

The tableware that displays the baked sweets is from Mr. Kishimoto's collection!

―The tableware and cutlery are also very cute!

Mr. Kishimoto: "When I went to France this spring, I went around the flea market and bought them. The plates used to display the baked sweets were also purchased at a flea market in France. Actually, it's all a collection that I've spent more than 10 years buying at flea markets."

Cutlery and tableware with beautiful delicate patterns are also attractive.

Aiming to be a place that will not change even after 10 or 20 years

All baked confectionaries and croissants are handmade!

―There are so many baked confectionaries!

Mr. Kishimoto:"All the items on display are handmade. We don't use any additives or preservatives, and they don't last long, so we bake and serve every day.

We also bake lemon cakes and orange cakes every morning, so if possible, we would be happy if you could eat them on the same day you purchased them. Croissants are also baked in this shop every morning.”

―I heard that there is a breakfast menu where you can have this croissant!

Paris breakfast set (858 yen)

Mr. Kishimoto: "It's a 'Breakfast set in Paris'! The menu reproduces the breakfast that French people actually eat, and you can enjoy croissants baked in the morning, fresh fruit yogurt, homemade jam, and salad. We are particular about the ham we use in our salads, and we use Daisen Ham, a brand ham from Tottori Prefecture.”

- 780 yen is quite affordable for this volume!

Mr. Kishimoto: "Since we named it 'Breakfast,' we can't exceed 1,000 yen. We want you to choose your favorite drink, so we set this price."

On this day, I had a "cafe latte" (715 yen) using special coffee!

They use "TWG" black tea, and from 200 types of tea leaves, 4 types that match the shop are selected. In order to be able to provide it, I went directly to the Japanese head office of "TWG" for negotiations (laughs)"

"Lemon cake" (320 yen) received during the interview

―That's amazing power! Why are you so particular about price and content?

Mr. Kishimoto: "I want this restaurant to remain unchanged even after 10 or 20 years from now. I don't want to offer a menu that is 'just for Instagrammable' in order to be popular. Above all, I think about menu items and prices based on how customers feel when they eat it. It's a time when you can't go abroad casually, so I want you to feel like you're in France at this restaurant and think that you can do your best today as well. To do that, I took a short break. I thought that it had to be a shop with a price range that I can enter when I'm in a hurry, so I'm doing my best to set the price (laughs)."

Full of commitment! "French Parfait"

"French Parfait" is a reproduction of the historical parfait in Ile Saint-Louis, Paris, in the style of Lyon. The attractive seasonal lineup includes “Peach and framboise”, “Shine Muscat and Figs”, and “Shine Muscat and Pears”!

French parfait (from 1,518 yen)

―Please tell us about the specialties of “French Parfait”!

Mr. Kishimoto: "It's a tribute to the parfait that I used to eat at the cafe when I went to Paris, France."Café de Lyon" uses fresh seasonal fruits. The ice cream is all homemade and served in 3 different flavors, depending on the contents of the parfait. Jelly made with TWG black tea is also a point.”

It is also recommended to eat while scooping ice cream or fresh cream with a tuile! I made about 100 prototypes in search of just the right thickness, hardness, and curve. We sell only this tuile as a "baked confectionery,'' and many customers end up buying it."

This is the "tuile" sold as a baked confectionery!

Sweets using luxury chocolate

"Profiterole au chocolat" is also excellent!

Profiterole au chocolat (1,480 yen)

A sweet that reproduces the dessert of a bistro on the left bank of Paris, profiteroles. Plenty of warm chocolate made with Valrhona chocolate is poured over a choux filled with homemade ice cream. There is also a topping that mixes fleur de sel and nuts!

Sprinkle your own chocolate and enjoy.

―This is the first time I’ve seen a sweet called “Profiterole au chocolat”!

Mr. Kishimoto: "I think it's a sweet that you don't see very often in Japan. When you go to a bistro in France, it's the last dessert on the menu, so I think it's rare to find a café that offers it as a menu item. In France, we don't use such high-quality chocolate, but since this store offers it, I wanted to use good chocolate, so I chose Valrhona chocolate.

Use tableware with the original logo of "Lyon Kashiten".

The choux is freshly baked and filled with homemade vanilla bean ice cream."

We are particular about placement of furniture!

In the back of the store, there is also a table seat for 4 people!

―Most of the furniture in the store is placed horizontally.

Mr. Kishimoto: “Most French cafes have seats that are sideways, with chairs facing the road. Japanese people sit vertically facing each other, but the sense of intimacy that comes from sitting sideways is part of French cafe culture.

A view of the side-by-side seats. Conversation will flow naturally.

Two new stores will open in September!

―I’m looking forward to the future of “Lyon Kashiten”!

Mr. Kishimoto: “The opening of this store was partly because we wanted to create a place of employment because it is a time like this. Now that we have been running Café de Lyon for about 14 years, we would like to work to pave the way for the younger generation. As a start, we will open two new Café de Lyon stores in Osu in September.”

―Two stores too?

Mr. Kishimoto:"Yes! The staffs who worked at "Café de Lyon" will be independent and manage both stores. If you don't mind, please take a look after this♪"

-Thank you!

Spot Details

[Lyon Kashiten]
Address :1F Ebisu Building, 2-14-3 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City
Telephone number :052-291-4554
Parking :No parking lot

[parfait de ruelle]
Address: 3-42-4 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Phone number: None
Parking lot: None
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruelle.2022/

[Cafe de Lyon Osu]
Address: 3-33-37 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Phone number: None
Parking lot: None
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cafedelyon_osu/

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