[Nishi-ku, Nagoya] Kissa Matsuba, a Coffee Shop in a Endoji Shopping Arcade

Nagoya City Nishi-ku
Posting date: 2021.12.27
[Nishi-ku, Nagoya] Kissa Matsuba, a Coffee Shop in a Endoji Shopping Arcade

Nagoya is dotted with long-established, historic coffee shops. Kissa Matsuba that we will be introducing this time was founded in Endoji shopping district in 1933, before the war. It is said to be the oldest coffee shop in Nagoya Nagoya food, inheriting the taste from the shop that originated Ogura Toast, one of the Nagoya dishes.

While preserving the tradition of more than 80 years, the third-generation owner, Kazutaka Funahashi, offers home-roasted coffee with a new sensibility, and is popular as a coffee shop in the city.

Kissa Matsuba

Kissa Matsuba is located in the Endoji shopping district. In 2018, the store was reopened after renovation.

Kissa Matsuba

The open terrace in front of the store is a landmark.

Kissa Matsuba

Kissa Matsuba

The interior of the restaurant, with its natural impression of wood grain and brick texture, has a spacious seating arrangement, providing a relaxing atmosphere. There are table seats and counter seats with power outlets.

Kissa Matsuba

When the store was renewed, all the interior items were renewed, but the paintings were displayed in the previous store.

Please take a look at it because it is familiar with the current interior.

Founded in 1933. A coffee shop in town that has been in business for three generations

Mr. Kazutaka Funahashi and Mr. Akemi, the third generation owner

First, we asked about the history of Kissa Matsuba.

Mr. Funabashi:"My grandfather worked at a store called Mitsuba in Sakae for about 10 years, and he opened a store here in 1933 as a kind of 'goodwill partner'. Since its establishment, we have been running a home-roasted coffee business. My father was the second owner of the store, but in 2018, upon the store's renovation, I took over the store as the third generation."

– Please tell us how Mr. Funahashi came to take over Kissa Matsuba as the third generation.

Mr. Funahashi:“My parents had been running a coffee shop since my grandfather’s generation, so I thought it was inevitable that I would take over the shop. I got a job at a coffee wholesale company to study abroad. Actually, I was planning to take over the store a little earlier, but I couldn't make a decision because Endoji shopping street was not as lively as it used to be."

From the evening paper "Nagoya Times" published in 1953

The Endoji shopping street is said to be the oldest shopping street in Nagoya. From the early Showa period to the postwar period, both sides of the street were lined with stores, and it was a busy shopping area. However, around the beginning of the Heisei era, due to the aging of the store owners and problems with their successors, the area came to be known as a "shuttered shopping street".

Ms. Funahashi: “At the time Endoji many large supermarkets were opening, and the shutters of the shops were steadily coming down. I have a family and I have various circumstances, so the timing didn't match."

It was about 10 years ago that a new wind began to blow in such a Endoji commercial district. It was triggered by the efforts of architect Mr. Ichihara, who connects people who want to start stores with owners of vacant stores in this good old place that is not far from Nagoya Station, but still retains a downtown atmosphere. Endoji New stores were gradually established in the area, and it seems to have become a vibrant shopping district where nostalgia and new culture coexist.

Ms. Funahashi: "It wasn't a sudden change, but the atmosphere has gradually changed over the past 10 years. I feel that the old people at Endoji were flexible enough to accept new things.

I was born and raised in Endoji shopping district here, so I know the old shopping district. I decided to take over the store because I wanted to liven up the shopping street not only by the hard work of people from outside, but also by myself. ”

Mr. Funahashi has worked for a coffee wholesaler for over 20 years and is now the third generation. At the same time, they renovated the store and made a new start in 2018.

With the renewal of the store, the taste of coffee is also new

Currently, there are about eight varieties of coffee beans in total. Mr. Funabashi, who has experience in roasting while working for a company and is certified as a coffee meister, has used the experience and knowledge he has cultivated over the years to renew the taste of coffee beans since the establishment of the company. Using the experience and knowledge he has cultivated over the years, he has renewed the taste of coffee beans from the selection to roasting, which has been the same since the establishment of the company.

– Please tell us about your coffee

Ms. Funahashi: "At long-established coffee shops in Nagoya and other areas of the Chubu region, bitter coffee is the mainstream, and most customers still don't like sourness. Originally, coffee wasn't bitter; Since the bitterness is generated from the heat, the more it is roasted, the more bitter the characteristic coffee becomes, and the difference in taste disappears.

Since I have studied coffee at the company, I pursued a taste that brings out the sourness, which is the original characteristic of coffee, rather than offering traditional coffee. ”

Mr. Funahashi:"Rather than specializing in specialty coffee or third wave coffee, our store originally came from the concept of being a 'coffee shop in town'. We roasted and blended our main 'Mild Blend' to make it easy to drink for everyone. However, we also created a slightly bitter 'Classic Bitter Blend' for our long-time customers. We also have a 'Light Blend' for those who don't like bitterness, and we offer three different blends."

They purchase high-quality beans and pay attention to freshness. Coffee beans are said to have a more pronounced flavor after about three days of roasting rather than immediately after roasting. Roasting is important to maximize the individuality of coffee beans.

There are 4 types of straight coffee. Mr. Funahashi has carefully selected unique coffee beans, considering the taste that he likes, the production area and the balance of taste.

December's monthly coffee

Also monthly coffee. In December, you can enjoy a fruity cup with sourness, smooth texture and sweetness.

After an order is placed, the coffee beans are ground and carefully brewed one cup at a time.

Mr. Funahashi was involved in a variety of business activities during his time as a company employee, including serving as the manager of a directly operated coffee shop and teaching coffee brewing techniques as support for opening a coffee shop. The coffee is hand-dripped with the skillful technique of over 20 years of experience.

Mild blend 450 yen (tax included)

The carefully brewed coffee is refreshing and free of any unpleasant taste, and the second cup is half price. They also have a variety of coffee arrangements such as espresso and café latte.

Food menu with traditional taste

Ogura toast 430 yen (tax included)

Most of the sandwiches and toasts on the food menu were improved when Mr. Funahashi took over the store, but the "Original Ogura Toast" has remained unchanged since the establishment of the shop. It is the traditional taste inherited from "Mitsuba," which is said to be the birthplace of Ogura Toast.

The bread is crispy, and the inside is characterized by fresh red bean paste. It has a simple taste, but the more you chew, the more gentle sweetness you can feel.

During morning breakfast (8:00-12:00), you can order the "morning breakfast Service" which comes with toast and boiled eggs for the price of the drink, or the "morning breakfast Set" with a drink + 280 yen.

Kissa Matsuba, which continues to watch over Endoji shopping district, is a shop that combines nostalgia and newness. Please come and try the special coffee that Mr. Funahashi pursues.

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[Kissa Matsuba]
Address : 1-35-14 Nagono, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan
Phone number : 052-551-0669
Business hours : 8:00-18:00
Closed :Wednesday


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