Enjoy an empty-handed BBQ at "River Port Park Minokamo" [about 1 hour from Nagoya]!

Minokamo City
Posting date: 2021.09.24
Enjoy an empty-handed BBQ at "River Port Park Minokamo" [about 1 hour from Nagoya]!

About 1 hour from Nagoya. "Riverport Park Minokamo" in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture.

Surrounded by the nature of the Kiso River, it is a popular spot where you can enjoy activities such as rafting and SUP, empty-handed BBQ, fitness and cafes. There is also a kids adventure activity that children from 3 years old can participate in, so the whole family can enjoy it.

This time, we actually experienced empty-handed BBQ!

We are closed until September 30th, when the state of emergency has been declared. We are planning to reopen from October 1st, but please be aware that depending on the extension of the declaration and the switch to preventing the spread of infection, there may be extensions of suspension and restrictions on some uses. For details, please visit the official website or contact us by phone.

What is River Port Park Minokamo?

Riverport Park Minokamo

First of all, we would like to introduce “River Port Park Minokamo”.

About 1 hour by car from Nagoya. “River Port Park Minokamo” is located along the Kiso River in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture. A park where you can enjoy the outdoors on the banks of the Kiso River, based on the concept of "outdoors in the city".

The spacious park is divided into the "BBQ area" where you can enjoy it empty-handed, the "lawn area" where you can run around to your heart's content, and the "forest area" where you can enjoy nature. At the Kiso River, you can try authentic river activities such as rafting and SUP.

There is also a cafe in the visitor house where you can enjoy exquisite pizza. It is a spot where you can spend the whole day relaxing.

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Open and comfortable BBQ site

This is the entrance to the BBQ area! It's kind of like a resort.

Center site (3 sites in total)

Deck site (15 sites in total)

There are two types of BBQ sites: "deck site" and "center site". Please select according to the number of people and usage scene. The distance between each site is more than 2m, so you can spend a relaxing time.

Deck site (15 sites in total)
Site usage fee: 2,200 yen / 1 site
Number of users per site: 2 to 6 people

Center site (3 sites in total)
Site usage fee: Free / 1 site
Number of people per site: 2 to 4 people (up to 12 people)

* During the corona countermeasure period, the number of users is limited to 6 people at the deck site and 4 people at the center site.

This time I decided to use the deck site.

It is a stylish site with a white tarp on the wooden deck. The tarp will protect you from the sun, so it's comfortable even in hot weather!

The kitchen is spacious and clean!

Empty-handed BBQ experience report

The BBQ at River Port Park Minokamo has all the necessary items and ingredients, so you can start BBQ immediately empty-handed. You are welcome to bring in additional ingredients and drinks!

For the menu, select your favorite from 6 types of menus such as "Australian BBQ", "Japanese BBQ", and "Gifu Brand BBQ". There is also a "Kids BBQ" for elementary school students.

The time is a full four hours.

This time, we chose the "Gifu brand BBQ" that sticks to local production for local consumption, such as Hida beef, Mizunami Bono Pork, and Okumino Kojidori, which are famous brand meats representing Gifu Prefecture.

All dishes and utensils are provided, so you can come empty-handed!

Additional ingredients and drinks can be ordered on-site.

If you order from a tablet, the staff will deliver it to the site.

First of all, let's choose fresh vegetables!

Vegetables are all-you-can-eat. First, you choose only the amount of fresh vegetables you want to eat, mainly from Gifu Prefecture. It is a great luxury to be able to eat as much as you like of vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, etc., which are directly sent from farmers.

Part of the fun is getting lost in the question, “Which one should I choose?”

If you select your favorite vegetables, the staff will put them in the basket. Everything looks delicious! !

Extensive drink menu

Drinks are not included in the BBQ menu, so feel free to order what you like. There is also an all-you-can-drink plan.

<All-you-can-drink plan (2 hours)>
Alcohol ¥2,000 per person (tax included)
Soft drink ¥1,000 per person (tax included)

When you say BBQ, it's definitely beer!

Beer alone is also very fulfilling with draft beer, Brooklyn Lager, Corona, Heineken, and Heartland.

You can also order the menu of CAFE & PIZZA "DELTA" in the facility!

This time, we tried lemonade / mango flavored protein smoothie / berry smoothie. It is surprising that you can have such a fashionable drink at BBQ.

Gifu-made BBQ sticking to local production for local consumption

BBQ is finally starting!

The staff will also prepare the charcoal, so you can start the BBQ from the moment you arrive at the site. Very easy!

First of all, the bone-in thigh meat of "Okumino Kojidori" was grilled!

Each serving is a generous portion. The chicken meat is grilled slowly over charcoal, and the umami flavor is spread out.

Next is Hida beef, a famous brand meat representing Gifu prefecture. Since it is grilled, excess fat is removed and the sweetness of the meat can be fully enjoyed. Having Hida beef on a BBQ is a luxury, isn't it?

Abundant option menu!

Ajillo set (octopus & potato)


The BBQ at River Port Park Minokamo is also attractive because it has a full menu of options. From seafood sets, steak meat, round sausages, to grilled rice balls and grilled marshmallows.

Another great point is that you can easily order from a tablet, asking yourself, "Which one should I eat next?"

You can also have the menu of CAFE & PIZZA "DELTA"!

This is a huge pizza "New York style pizza" with a diameter of 50 cm. You can order from 1 slice.

In addition, you can enjoy various cafe rice such as gapao rice, minced pork rice, and pepper rice.

Let's try activities!

At River Port Park Minokamo, there are various activities according to age and skill, such as "Kiso River Adventure" where you can go down the river on a rafting boat, "Sup Cruising", and "Kids Adventure" where you can try full-scale river activities and river rafting from 3 years old. You can experience various river activities!

There is also a great plan that includes BBQ and activities, so be sure to check it out.

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It was a midsummer day with temperatures above 30℃, but it was very comfortable under the tarp. The area around the facility is rich in nature, so I was able to spend a relaxing time.

Above all, you can enjoy such a full-fledged BBQ empty-handed! Drinks and optional menus are also substantial, so it is also attractive that you can enjoy it according to your taste.

Please enjoy authentic BBQ at Riverport Park Minokamo!

Spot Details

[Riverport Park Minokamo]
Address: 2-6-6 Mikado-cho, Minokamo City
Phone number: 0574-49-6717
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Parking lot: 180 spaces (free)



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