4 Recommended Places! Izakaya Hopping at "Hobo Sakae Station Exit No.1 Norengai" in Sakae, Nagoya! 

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Posting date: 2023.01.23
4 Recommended Places! Izakaya Hopping at "Hobo Sakae Station Exit No.1 Norengai" in Sakae, Nagoya! 

Did you know that there is a mysterious alley in the center of Nagoya with a slightly retro atmosphere where the neon glows lively? In July 2020," Hobo Sakae Station Exit No.1 Norengai "connecting Sakae and Nishiki was born.

As the name suggests, this Norengai (goodwill street) is located just outside Exit 1 of Sakae Subway Station, and there are 11 restaurants on the 70m long narrow path that connects Sakae and Nishiki.
This time, I would like to introduce 4 places in "Hobo Sakae Station Exit No.1 Norengai" based on my own subjective recommendation!

Sake and Asian Street Food Aloi Brothers

Appetizer chili snacks and Thai Singha beer, Yodare chicken Aloi style. The appetizer is chili pepper itself, but it's not spicy and delicious.

“Aloi Brothers” is a restaurant that mainly serves Asian street food. Aloi means "delicious" in Thai.

Each dish is small so that you can enjoy the food as casually as you would at an Asian food stall. But the taste is truly Asian! Why don't you make a toast to the slightly peculiar Asian cuisine?

The famous tom yum Motsuni.

I was surprised at the authentic and peculiar flavors of both the Motsuni (offal stew) and Yodare-dori chiken. They were delicious. Payment is by cash or PayPay only.

Beef Tongue Iroha

Salt Lemon Sour was born from the idea that beef tongue is served with salt and lemon.

Beef tongue Iroha is located across the street from Aloi Brothers. Beef tongue Iroha, which is located mainly in Tokyo, is an unusual bar where beef tongue is the main dish. You can enjoy a wide variety of beef tongue dishes.

A famous boiled tongue that is about the size of your palm. You can easily cut it with chopsticks.

This is also the famous marbled beef tongue. Thick but tender.

As beef tongue is the main ingredient of this restaurant, the tongue dishes are thick and tender. It goes perfectly with the popular Salt Lemon Sour.

Schmatz Beer Dining

Bavaria Helles and appetizers. Bavaria Helles is refreshing without bitterness and very easy to drink!

"Schmatz Beer Dining" for modern German cuisine and  German craft  beer.

Craft beer is brewed in Japan in order to serve it fresher while sticking to German ingredients with authentic German manufacturing methods!

Bavaria Helles was very easy to drink. The picture shows the small size. There was also medium size. I regretted that I chose the smaller size as I drank it! If you want a bit more bitterness, IPA is recommended.

Three kinds of sausages. From right to left: smoked, herb and smoked cheese.

The sausages are available in three- and five-flavor portions, and if you choose the five-flavor option, you can order your choice from seven different flavors.

Rocky Kanai

Rocky Sour. Roll one dice, and if you get a big/bad luck, you get a big jug for free!
You can choose from plain shochu high, oolong high, or green tea high.

"Rocky Kanai" has a lot of interesting menus. There are various meat dishes, appetizers, and a la carte dishes, including the famous "Horse Meat Carpet". There is also a "Self Dashi Rolled Egg" that you make yourself.

"Specialty horse meat red carpet" where you can enjoy yukketare and salt sauce half and half

As the name suggests, the meat spread on the plate looks like a red carpet. Horse meat can be enjoyed in two flavors: salt sauce and yukketare.

Popular on Instagram? ! Fresh pudding at the end of the meal.

For the fresh pudding at the end of the meal, break the yolk on top and mix it with the pudding. The firm pudding and rich yolk are entwined and delicious.

Walk down the street and choose a restaurant, and don't give up because the first floor is full! In fact, upstairs seating is also available.

Of course, the bustling first floor is fun, but the second floor is a little more relaxing.
Looking down from the second floor seats, you can see a slightly different and interesting view of the norengai. Why not try going up to a restaurant with second-floor seating when you dine there?

This time, I introduced the recommended places in Hobo Sakae Station Exit No.1 Norengai. Please come and visit there.

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