[Toyota] Spend a Blissful Time at "Sauna Base SHIFUKU", where you can Enjoy Outdoor Sauna

Toyota City
Posting date: 2023.11.02
[Toyota] Spend a Blissful Time at "Sauna Base SHIFUKU", where you can Enjoy Outdoor Sauna

Did you know that there is a facility in Toyota City where you can experience the best outdoor sauna?
This time we will introduce such a special facility.

This time, the Life Designs Editorial Team actually experienced an outdoor sauna! Along with this report, we will introduce its appeal.

What is an outdoor sauna?

Outdoor saunas are outdoor saunas that use portable tents and stoves. After bathing, instead of taking a water bath, you can jump into a river, lake, or ocean to cool down. Outdoor saunas allow you to become one with nature, giving you the ultimate sense of freedom.

The water feels great in the summer, and in the winter you can feel the difference in temperature with the outdoors, so you can enjoy it all year round.

Enjoy the ultimate sauna experience
"Sauna Base SHIFUKU"

Sauna Base SHIFUKU, an outdoor sauna facility in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, is reputed to offer the best outdoor sauna experience. Kagohayashi-cho, Toyota City. It is located about an hour's drive from Nagoya.

Another good point is that it is easily accessible for day trips. Parking is also available on site.

<By car>
20 minutes from Toyota Matsudaira IC

<By public transportation>
Take the bus from Toyotashi Station towards Asuke and get off at Taburi, then walk for 12 minutes.

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Located on the grounds of the Shirasagi Hot Springs, the facility is equipped with changing rooms and toilets. You can change your clothes in peace.

There are three types of sauna areas: a "Unexplored area" in an open area along the river, a "Bliss area" surrounded by bamboo groves, and a "Large tent sauna".

The "Large tent sauna" is spacious and can accommodate up to 20 people. You can even enjoy the BBQ!

Enjoying the sound of the river, the chirping of birds, and the gentle breeze in a sauna surrounded by nature is the most luxurious experience.

Even beginners of outdoor saunas can enjoy.

<Bliss area, Unexplored area>

Weekdays: 3,200-4,500 yen/person
Saturdays and Sundays : 3,500 yen/person - 5,500 yen/person
Usage time: 2 hours 15 minutes

<Large tent sauna>
Weekdays: 3,500 yen/person ~ 6,000 yen/person
Saturday and Sunday: 4,500 yen/person ~ 7,000 yen/person
Usage time: 3 hours 30 minutes

It varies depending on the number of users.

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A place where visitors can be happy

Sauna Base SHIFUKU, Representative Mr. Jun Funaya

Mr. Funaya is the representative of "Sauna Base SHIFUKU. He originally worked as an aircraft manufacturing engineer. Why did he leave his job and open a sauna facility?

What was the inspiration for creating ➖Sauna Base SHIFUKU?

Mr. Funaya: "I first became addicted to sauna when I was an office worker. I was invited by a colleague who told me that a sauna would relieve fatigue from work. Since then, I have been completely hooked on the appeal of saunas, and before I knew it, saunas had become a part of my life.

The reason I decided to create Sauna Base SHIFUKU was because of the COVID-19. The world has changed rapidly, and I have started to worry about the future and wonder if I really want to live my life the way it is.

That's when I discovered outdoor saunas. After taking a sauna, I dived into the river and bathed in the open air in the midst of nature, which gave me a more liberated feeling than usual. I was freed from the stress and anxiety that had accumulated during the period of self-restraint, and I was filled with the strength and strength to live. "

Mr. Funaya: "After discovering outdoor sauna and facing myself seriously, the answer I came up with was, 'I want to live without regrets! I want to make the people around me happy.' Something that makes people happy and enriches their lives." For me, sauna was the place where I could embody that.

The origin of the store's name also reflects our desire to have a blissful time. The coined word "Sauna Base" was coined to evoke the image of an outdoor sauna.

Just as I was healed by the power of nature in the outdoor sauna and was encouraged to change my life, I want to make this place a place where people can be happy."

➖Please tell us about the facilities.

Mr. Funaya: "In order to create the best sauna facility, we use a tent sauna manufacturer called Sotoburo, which is said to be the hottest tent sauna in the world. Even in the middle of winter at -10℃, the temperature inside the tent can be raised to 130℃.

In addition, to ensure safety, we regularly inspect and clean the stoves and make sure they are always in top condition. We employ a "stove guard" around the stove to prevent burns and ensure safe enjoyment."

Sauna Base SHIFUKU's commitment does not end there.

The sauna stones are a blend of three different types of stones. In addition, the Sotoburo Cube 4 (4-person tent sauna) is equipped with the Steam Generator Ouroboros, a tent sauna gear that produces the most comfortable heat and steam.

We create the most comfortable environment inside the tent sauna.

Mr. Funaya:"At Sauna Base SHIFUKU, we are particular about the scent. In the Tokai area, you can use sauna herbs called "Artemis Herb Shop" that are only available here for an additional 500 yen.

It feels even better inside the tent sauna where the food is steamed with herbs. You can choose from 3 types of herbs, so please try this as well. "

The more you hear about Sauna Base SHIFUKU's commitment, the more they offer services that will help you hit the hot spots in the sauna!

Report on the Sauna Base SHIFUKU

From here, we will actually introduce the attraction of "Sauna Base SHIFUKU" with a report on the experience.

Let's blow away the stress of everyday life in the outdoor sauna!

Once the tent is warm enough, let's get in!

This time I went to "Sotoburo" located in the "Blissful area" surrounded by bamboo groves.
The temperature inside the tent can be raised to 130℃, so it's already quite hot from the moment you enter! The humidity is also very nice.

You can also enjoy the experience of putting in firewood, as you can do it yourself.
The staff will help you with any questions you may have, so even sauna beginners don't have to worry.

Self-loyly is also possible. You can create a comfortable sauna room environment by adjusting the temperature and humidity yourself. The key to making loyly is to be thin and slow.

The heat inside the tent was slowly rising.

For this sauna herb, I chose "Kuromoji Blend". The elegant scent spreads throughout the tent, filling it with a pleasant scent.

The appeal of tent saunas is that you can also enjoy conversation. You can have fun while communicating, as your conversation becomes more lively than usual, and you lose track of time while talking and your body gets hot in no time.

It's great for couples and families too!

After about 10 minutes, I reached my limit. The time of bliss has finally arrived. (*The best time to use the sauna varies from person to person, so use your preferred timing)

Dive into the river!

After leaving the sauna, dive into the river in front of you! The water temperature on this day was about 17℃, but it felt a little lower due to the vibrational effect of the river flow. At first I was scared by the coldness of the river, but I got used to it after about a minute.

The moment I closed my eyes, I became one with nature and felt so good that I thought to myself, "I'm so glad to be alive!"

Get revitalized in nature

There are infinity chairs near the river. Bathing in the open air while listening to the murmuring of the river allows you to experience the "extreme bliss".

When I close my eyes and calm down, all my worries fly away and I even feel positive, thinking that things will be okay.

I did 3 sets in total and was very satisfied! The sauna and river bath in nature were the best.

After the sauna, have a blissful time with a drink!

"Sauna Base SHIFUKU" also has sauna drinks, including Oropo.

The owner's favorite is icebox soda, which is made by pouring carbonated water into an icebox.

It permeates through my hot body from the sauna.

Check out the exclusive goods too!

They also have original sauna hats made of towel cloth that can be used comfortably all year round. The logo is so cute! Please check it out at the store.

This time, we introduced "Sauna Base SHIFUKU" located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

The sauna experience, where you surrender your body to nature and enjoy it, is truly special. Another good thing about outdoor saunas is that, unlike hot bath facilities, both men and women can use them together, so they can be enjoyed by families and couples.

Please heal your body and mind with this extraordinary experience.

Spot Details

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Sauna Base SHIFUKU
Address : 18 Shiohira, Kagohayashi-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi, Japan
Business hours: 8:00-19:30
Closed: Unscheduled holidays (Please check the official website)




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