[Shin-Imamiya] Your Osaka trip will be more enjoyable! Stay report on "OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resort"

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Posting date: 2023.10.27
[Shin-Imamiya] Your Osaka trip will be more enjoyable! Stay report on "OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resort"

"OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resort" opened in Naniwa-ku, Osaka City in April 2022. "OMO" is an exciting "inside the city" hotel that Hoshino Resort is developing throughout Japan. It is a new type of hotel created by the staff who love the city and the local people.

The theme of OMO7 Osaka is "Naniwa Luxury". The OMO7 Osaka offers a stay that combines hospitality with the "laughter" and "nosiness" typical of Osaka, and a high-quality, luxurious experience, including guided tours by the OMO Rangers, neighborhood maps, and lectures on what it is about the city that makes it so enjoyable!

This time, we actually stayed at "OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resort". We would like to report with plenty of photos.

*Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store.

Right in front of "Shin-Imamiya Station" station!
How to access OMO7 Osaka

Osaka's popular tourist spot "Shinsekai" is also within walking distance!

Osaka's popular tourist spot "Shinsekai" is also within walking distance!
The first attraction of "OMO7 Osaka" is its convenient access as it is right in front of JR "Shin-Imamiya Station"!

It's about 15 minutes from Osaka Station, about 20 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station, and about 37 minutes from Kansai International Airport, making it a perfect base for your trip as it's easy to get to a variety of spots.

In addition to JR and Nankai Electric Railway, there are subway lines such as Midosuji Line, Sakaisuji Line, and Hankai Railway in the area, making it easy to access from Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, Wakayama, etc.

Go through the gate that looks like takoyaki and head inside! (If you look closely, you'll see a pick stuck in it.)

An open space with a total length of approximately 85m
Public space “OMO Base”

When you pass through the OMO gate, you will be greeted by OMO Base, a very open public space with a total length of approximately 85m. Time passes at a leisurely pace, which makes it hard to believe that you are in front of the station.

They also have original maps that are perfect for walking around town!

A large board (6m wide x 4m high) near the entrance of the OMO base shows a "neighborhood map" that introduces detailed information about the area including little-known but good places within walking distance, which the OMO7 Osaka staff has actually visited and found.

It's full of hidden spots that aren't even listed in guidebooks, so be sure to check them out! If you ask the staff, they will also give you recommendations.

Recommended books about Osaka were lined up.

The Library Lounge is located in a corner of the OMO Base. Read a book, take a break, or do some work. It is nice to have a space where you can spend your time freely in addition to your guest room!

We actually tried working on my PC and was able to concentrate very much.

At the Library Lounge, OMO7 Osaka original souvenirs are also on sale.

Vast garden area “Miyagurin”

When you step outside, you will find a vast garden area of approximately 7,600 square meters called "Miyagurin." The large lawn area is just like a park! I couldn't help but take a deep breath.

There are deck terraces and walking paths, and there are plenty of rest spots, so you can spend your time as you please.

Train lovers will love the pavilions scattered throughout the area where they can watch the trains come and go!

Choose OMO7 Osaka's original yukata and head to your room!

25 unique beckoning cats in the elevator hall

Room plates were designed with octopus, puffer fish, and other Osaka-related designs. These Osaka-nesses are scattered throughout the hotel, so be sure to look for them!

You can choose according to the situation.
Various guest rooms

"Corner Twin Room" overlooking the city of Osaka

There are 436 rooms in 8 types. All rooms are covered with Japanese paper tatami (*except for the dog room), so you can take off your shoes and relax just like at home.

This time, Editorial Team stayed in a "corner twin room" that features open windows.

The large panoramic photo-like windows offer a panoramic view of the Osaka cityscape, including Tsutenkaku Tower, the symbol of Shinsekai, and Kyocera Dome Osaka. The view at night was also spectacular. (You'll have to wait until you stay to see what kind of view it is!)

Recommended for families and groups! "Idobata Suite"

The "Idobata Suite" is recommended for families and group travelers.

In the living room space, there is an "OSAKA board" depicting typical tourist spots in Osaka, a large table, and a sofa. As the name "Idobata Suite" suggests, you can have a strategy meeting about your trip, like "Let's go here today" or "I'm curious about that place, too!"

Bed spaces are located in the four corners of the guest room, so you can have a good rest. Even in a group of close friends, there are times when you need time alone. (The sofa becomes a bed, so up to 6 people can stay)

On the table, we found OMO7 Osaka's original pineapple candies and Billiken-san! We were warmly greeted with the typical Osaka hospitality, "have some candies!"

Neighborhood activities
Take a walk in the new world!

In the evening, we participated in the "Hona-ikoka, Tsuuna Shinsekai Sanpo (free of charge and limited to hotel guests)," a walking tour with the neighborhood guide OMO Ranger.

Even if you have been to the Shinsekai area, there may be many people who have never taken the time to explore it. We asked Yaso-chan, who was born and raised in Osaka, to show us around the "Shinsekai," which is known as Osaka's downtown area!

Shinsekai is at the base of Tsutenkaku. We headed to "Jan-Jan Yokocho", which is said to have gotten its name from the "jan-jan”(strumming) sound of shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo) and taiko drums that used to be played when the women in the red-light district walked on the street.

The atmosphere of the Showa period (1926-1989) still remains strong in the area, with coffee shops, sushi restaurants, kushikatsu shops, Go salons, etc. You can also get recommendations on what to eat here, which is very helpful for beginners to Shinsekai! We actually toured some of the recommended restaurants the next day.

"I'll introduce you to a friend of mine," she said as she stopped by Dotechin, a stand-up bar. This kind of interaction with the people of the city is one of the charms of the neighborhood activities. We gradually became familiar with the Shinsekai area!

We enjoyed the one-hour tour by experiencing the leopard print, which is a typical Osaka design, and learning some trivia about Tsutenkaku Tower.

The Shinsekai area, which we felt was deep and seemed a little high-level to explore for beginners, started to feel warm and familiar by the end of the tour. Being able to experience the charm of this city is a big attraction of the neighborhood activities.

Other neighborhood activities include the "Meccha Kushikatsu Doppuri Tour," which takes you to two or three kushikatsu restaurants recommended by the OMO Rangers, and the "Ee-dashi Detemasuwa Tour," which takes you to a market a 15-minute walk from the hotel to learn about Osaka's dashi culture.

Participation is free, so please join the tour you are interested in! (*Participation in the "Meccha Kushikatsu Doppuri Tour" is charged.)

Relaxing bath time at “Yuya”

After returning to the hotel, it is time for a relaxing bath at the "Yuya" attached to Miyagurin. The exterior of the bathhouse features a "light and shadow" design that references the era when bathhouse culture was flourishing in Osaka.

"Yuya" can be used for 1,000 yen per person (*Limited to hotel guests)

The wooden key tag is shaped like Billiken's foot!

They also have towels and a water server, so you don't have to bring anything!

The ceiling has a skylight that leads outside, allowing one to feel the air outside even while in the bathroom. The sophisticated white space looks like a museum. We were able to enjoy the bath so leisurely that we forgot we were in the city of Osaka.

There is also such a nice service after taking a bath!

Popsicles from "551 Hourai," famous for its Osaka specialty pork buns, are available in the changing rooms. We were impressed because we had never had a chance to try it, although we were curious about it.

Spot Details

[OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resorts]
Address: 3-16-30 Ebisu Nishi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture



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