[OMO7 Osaka] Go out into the city and experience its charm! "Neighborhood Guide OMO Rangers"

Osaka Prefecture
Posting date: 2023.11.06
[OMO7 Osaka] Go out into the city and experience its charm! "Neighborhood Guide OMO Rangers"

“OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resorts” opened in Shin-Imamiya, Osaka in April 2022.

This time, we will focus on guided tours by OMO rangers, with the theme of "neighborhood activities", a service common to all OMOs. We actually participated in the "neighborhood activities" held at "OMO7 Osaka".

An exciting "inside the city" hotel

"OMO" is an exciting "inside the city" hotel that Hoshino Resort is developing throughout Japan. It is a new type of hotel created by staff who love the city and the local people.

You will encounter unexpected charms, and even the city will become your favorite without even knowing it. To date, 15 facilities have been opened, with "OMO3 Asakusa" opening in July 2023.

What is the “neighborhood activity”?

OMO holds events and guided tours every day called "neighborhood activities" that make not only the hotel but also the city more enjoyable.

The entire town centering on the hotel is considered a resort, and guests are encouraged to go out and about in the town, rather than staying at the hotel.

Experience “Naniwa Luxury”
"OMO7 Osaka"

This time, Editorial Team visited OMO7 Osaka, which opened in Shin-Imamiya, Osaka in April 2022.

With the slogan "Naniwa Luxury", this is the latest city hotel where you can experience a high-quality, luxurious stay unique to Hoshino Resorts, with hospitality that incorporates "laughter" and "meddling".

▼Click here for the OMO7 Osaka accommodation report

Get out of the Hotel!
Participate in "neighborhood activities."

“Hona-ikoka, a fun walk in the new world” edition

During our stay, we took part in three tours: "Hona-ikoka, a fun walk in a new world'', "Meccha Kushikatsu Tour'", and "Ee-dashi Detemasuwa Tour''.

We will report on the actual situation!

Our guide will be Yasoda-san, also known as OMO Ranger Yaso-chan.

When I went to the "neighborhood map" near the hotel entrance at the meeting time, participants of the guided tour "Hona-ikoka, a fun walk in a new world" had gathered.

The capacity of 10 people is said to be full every day.

Osaka's downtown "Shinsekai'' (new world)  is famous for Tsutenkaku and Janjan Yokocho. This tour takes you on a walk with an OMO ranger to see the highlights of the area, which has a retro atmosphere that makes you feel like you've traveled back in time.

Yaso-chan: "First, let's go in front of Billiken-san at the entrance on the first floor. It is said that if you stroke the soles of Billiken-san's feet, your wishes will come true. The right foot is good for money luck, and the left foot is for other things. It is said that it will connect you with the connections you want to make.

Please stroke the soles of his feet and receive blessings. ”

We jumped out of the hotel and came to "Spa World".

It is a hot spring facility where you can enjoy 17 types of baths from 12 countries around the world, and it is said to be a favorite place for Osaka residents.

Yaso-chan: "We'll be back here one last time and I'll introduce some special photo spots, so please look forward to it!"

We passed by Spa World and came to "Janjan Yokocho".

Yaso-chan: ”This place used to be a red-light district. Shortly after the war, people used to strum (jan-jan) the shamisen to attract customers heading to the red-light district, so it was called 'Jan-Jan Town'' and it is still called 'Jan-jan Yokocho'. ”

If you look closely at the signboard, you can see Tsutenkaku playing the shamisen. One of the attractions of neighborhood activities is that you can learn these unknown trivia.

It is very enjoyable to walk around town while listening to Yaso-chan's explanations about such places as Senariya Coffee, the originator of mixed juice in Jan-jan Yokocho, Daiko Sushi, which serves fresh sushi items from 150 yen for three pieces, a recommended kushikatsu shop, and a well-established Shogi Club full of Showa-era atmosphere!

Yaso-chan: "Shinsekai is also famous as a sacred place for shogi. In the past, there were four or five shogi clubs in this area alone, but the only one left now is the Sankei Club. You can play for 1,000 yen even if you stay for all day. "

All of the information is tutu.

As we were walking, we found a sign that said "Nishinari morning breakfast"!

380 yen with alcohol, egg, and one side dish! ? Moreover, it is a bar district where highballs cost 180 yen after the fourth drink.

As you pass through "Jan-jan Yokocho", you will see "Kiteyakote-ya'', a shop with a strong taste. Speaking of Osaka! This is a store that sells animal prints and unique T-shirts and clothing.

It's cheaper than Uniqlo, so be brave and check it out!
It is also recommended as a souvenir.

Finally, Tsutenkaku came into view.

In September 2023, the renewal work on the outdoor signboard was completed and the lighting was switched to LED lighting. We can see the letters more clearly than before.

Yaso-chan: "Everyone, please look up."

Go to the bottom of Tsutenkaku and look up to see the ceiling painting! It was originally a ceiling painting that was advertised by Club Cosmetics (formerly Nakayama Taiyodo) at the first Tsutenkaku Tower, which was completed in 1902, and has been revived for modern times after 100 years.

Yaso-chan: "The location where OMO7 Osaka is located was actually the site of the Club Cosmetics (formerly Nakayama Taiyodo) factory during the Taisho era.

The company's Wacoco brand lotions and emulsions are available in the guest rooms, so be sure to check them out later."

It turns out that OMO7 Osaka and Tsutenkaku have a special relationship.

Shinsekai is full of retro Showa era playgrounds, such as shooting ranges with retro storefronts, smart balls, and fortune telling machines.

When you come to Shinsekai, you can experience a festival atmosphere 365 days a year.

Yaso-chan: "Next we'll go even deeper..."

Following Yaso-chan, we arrived at the "Shinsekai Market'', a deep area that is not listed on tourist maps.

We came to Naniwa Komachi, a leopard print specialty store loved by Osaka's aunties.
Cheap, fun, and easy to wear, this is a store that will captivate leopard print lovers.

"Let's take this opportunity to become an Osaka aunty!'' So we enjoyed "Naniwa Luxury'' to the fullest.

I feel like I have nothing to fear when I wear leopard print.

The owner gave me an Ame-chan (candy) gift and said, "Please come again." As expected, even the candy is in leopard print.

The last place we headed to was Spa World, which we visited earlier. We will head to a photo spot recommended by Yaso-chan.

You can clearly see Tsutenkaku! !
It does not mean that.

There is a special view that can only be seen from here. Please take part in the "neighborhoodaActivities" to see what the scenery is like.

After about an hour of walking, I was able to learn about a fascinating new world that I would never have known about on my own.

[Hona-ikoka, a fun walk in the new world]
Period: All year round
Event time: 4:00PM
Time required: 1 hour
Target age: No age limit
Capacity: Minimum number of participants: 1, maximum number of participants: 10
Meeting place: In front of the neighborhood map on the 2nd floor
Language: Japanese, English
Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until 3:45 PM on the day of application.

*This tour is limited to hotel guests.
*Customers are responsible for paying the shopping fee themselves. (Some stores only accept cash)
*Please refrain from using buggies as some roads are narrow.
*As this is a walking course of approximately 1 hour, please take precautions and take precautions against heatstroke.


Kushikatsu Zanmai at Tsutenkaku! “Meccha Kushikatsu Tour” edition

We were feeling pretty hungry, so we decided to join the Meccha Kushikatsu Tour.
This is a guided tour where an OMO ranger will teach you about local rules and etiquette of eating Kushikatsu, such as how to eat and order.

They will accompany you, so you can go to hidden restaurants with ease.

The first restaurant we visited was Kushikatsu Osho Club, located in Jan-jan Yokocho. Originally a shogi club with a history of over 70 years, it has now been revived and reopened as a kushikatsu restaurant.

At Kushikatsu Osho Club, you can enjoy carefully selected deep-fried skewers and over 40 types of local sake.

The restaurants you go to on the Meccha Kushikatsu Tour have original menus created with OMO Rangers. This is a great value set for "OMO7 Osaka".

This time we ordered OMO set C. The price is 2,000 yen and comes with a drink, mini doteyaki, salmon parent and child skewer, special beef skewer cutlet, angel shrimp, Baumkuchen skewer or Osho Monaka.

Cheers with OMO Ranger!

Cabbage was served in Masu instead of appetizers.

"Doteyaki mini" made with domestic beef tendon. A popular dish flavored with Omi's famous red konnyaku and white miso.

The taste of doteyaki differs depending on the store, so try comparing the flavors while restaurant hopping (hashigo).

This kushikatsu is made to have the lightest possible texture, so the coating is thin and the texture is crispy.

The highlight is dessert.

The original Osho special monaka ice cream looks and tastes great!
The Baumkuchen skewers were made with Club Harrier's Baumkuchen and were also delicious.

The second restaurant is Kushikatsu Taisho, which is located almost directly below Tsutenkaku Tower. Even from the exterior, which is marked by red lanterns, it smells deep!

The counter-only interior has a homely atmosphere.
We were welcomed by the playful store staff. The OMO rangers are very reassuring because they manage the situation so that we can communicate well.

We also received the OMO set at Kushikatsu Taisho.
The set includes doteni, 4 recommended kushikatsu, and 1 drink for 1,000 yen!

Isn't it too good of a deal? !

In addition to the standard kushikatsu, the fried eel skewers are also great.
One of the fun things about restaurant hopping is that you can find different varieties at each store.

The rangers who will guide you on the Meccha Kushikatsu Tour are all people who love going out drinking, so be sure to ask them some questions and get their recommendations.

We would like to go to the third place, but we're full, so this tour ends here.

If you want to eat more, please go to the third restaurant and enjoy!

[Mecca Kushikatsu tour]
Event time: 5:00PM
Time required: 2 hours
Target age: No limit
Price: Guide fee: 1,000 yen/person
Capacity: Minimum number of participants: 1 person, maximum number of participants: 3 people
Meeting place: In front of the neighborhood map on the 2nd floor
Language: Japanese, English
Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until 4:45 PM on the day of application.

*This tour is limited to hotel guests.
*Preschool children aged 6 and under are free.
*Customers must pay for their own meals. (Some stores only accept cash)

Let's get up early! A gourmet trip where you can experience the culture of dashi: “Eedashi Detemasuwa Tour” edition

The last tour we would like to introduce is the "Ee Dashi Detemasuwa Tours", a gourmet trip to experience the dashi culture. What is dashi in Osaka? What are the ingredients? You will tour the deepest markets in Osaka while listening to stories about dashi.

We visited the Osaka Kizu Wholesale Market, which is most aptly named after the city of foodies, and is a 15-minute walk from OMO7 Osaka.

Kizu Market, which boasts a history of about 300 years, is packed with rare fish, fresh meat, and seasonal Naniwa vegetables and fruits.

The market holds a morning market twice a month. During the auction experience, you can also buy fresh seafood at a low price.

This time, we will be going on a tour to experience Osaka's dashi culture, so we will visit seven stores: kelp, bonito flakes, oil lees, Naniwa vegetables, dried beans, and a commercial supermarket to learn about Osaka's dashi culture!

Of course we are ready to buy.

First, let's go to Mino Shoten, which sells kelp.
Here, we got the recommended "Oboro konbu" and "Rishiri konbu."

Next, we went to Hiramatsu Katsuobushi Store.
Here, the owner allowed us to sample some freshly shaved dried bonito shavings. The aroma of freshly shaved hana-katsuo was incomparably richer than that of packaged dried bonito flakes.

Tuna, bonito, Urume, with and without blood, thin shavings, thick shavings, powder, and various other forms.

You can purchase freshly shaved flakes at the store.
Of course! I made sure to get some!

The third store I visited was Wajima Butcher Shop. Do you know what the photo above is?

The correct answer is "aburakasu" (deep-fried beef offal) in kasu udon. It is said that when used in udon noodles and stir-fried dishes, it enhances the deliciousness and gives it a special flavor.

It is indeed Osaka, where aburakasu is sold in butcher stores!

"Tanki Tani Shoten" sells traditional Naniwa vegetables. You can learn about the appeal of Naniwa's traditional vegetables while looking at a table created by the owner himself.

On the day we visited, there were almost no vegetables for sale as they were changing crops, so we would like to try again next time.

We also visited other attractive stores such as "bean specialty stores" and "dry food stores" that sell beans in wooden boxes, and got a glimpse of the essence of Osaka dashi culture.

Above all, we felt that the real pleasure of the market was being able to shop while enjoying conversations with the shop owners.

Finally, we headed to the commercial supermarket "Food Center ODA".
Inside the store, there are about 80 types of sauces, ponzu, and mentsuyu, all of which are representative of Osaka.

There are so many different kinds! It is fun just to look at them.

Here are the items purchased at the market! We got a variety of dashi, mainly shaved bonito flakes~!
Since returning home, I have been enjoying the dashi lifestyle on a daily basis.

Eedashi Detemasuwa tour
Period : All year round *Except Wednesdays and Sundays
Time :7:30AM
Duration :90 minutes
Ages :No age limit
Capacity :Minimum 1 person, Maximum 10 people
Meeting place :2nd floor in front of the Neighborhood Map
Language :Japanese, English
Application Deadline :Applications will be accepted until 7:00 AM on the day of the tour.

*This tour is limited to hotel guests.
*Customers are responsible for paying the shopping fee themselves. (Some stores only accept cash)
*Please refrain from using buggies as some roads are narrow.
*The course takes about 15 minutes to walk from OMO7 Osaka to Kizu Market each way, so please take precautions and take precautions against heat stroke.

We experienced three "neighborhood activities" this time. we have always loved Osaka, but this stay made us love it even more.

OMO7 Osaka also holds attractive guides and events every day.

Please participate in the "neighborhood activities" that interest you and experience the deep charm of not only the hotel but the surrounding area.

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OMO7 Osaka has a public space called "OMO Base" that is full of deep tricks, a "neighborhood map" that gathers in-depth information within walking distance, "OMO Cafe & Bar" that you can easily use, and "OMO Dining" where you can enjoy Osaka's food culture, and "Miyagurin", a garden area that connects guests with the city.

Everyone will be surprised by the service that will make you say, "This is Osaka! We hope you will enjoy your special stay at "OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resort".

Spot Details

[OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resorts]
Address: 3-16-30 Ebisu Nishi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture



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