Enjoy "Shima Spain Village"! Parque Espana is Full of Shows, Rides, and Gourmet Foods!

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Posting date: 2023.07.07
Enjoy "Shima Spain Village"! Parque Espana is Full of Shows, Rides, and Gourmet Foods!

" Shima Spain Village" is a complex resort located in Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture. After passing through the gate, a bright and colorful space like Spain spreads out, and you can enjoy the experience of traveling in Spain, such as Spanish cuisine and a flamenco show performed by authentic Spanish dancers.

This time, we will focus on theme parks!

The Popular Spot "Shima Spain Village"
Review the Features and Access!

Shima Spain Village is a complex resort located in Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture, which consists of three facilities: the theme park Parque España, Hotel Shima Spain Village, and Ise-Shima Onsen Himawari no Yu.

This time, we will focus on the theme park "Parque Espana" where you can enjoy gourmet food, shows, and attractions.

If you're traveling by train, we recommend using the Kintetsu Limited Express + Direct Bus! After getting off at Ugata Station from Kintetsu Nagoya Station, you can arrive at "Shima Spain Village" in about 13 minutes from Ugata Station by using the "Shima Spain Village" direct bus that departs from Ugata Station.

★ Click here for detailed transportation access!

Authentic Spanish Dancers Dance Brilliantly!
A Must-see Flamenco Show

First, we headed to "Carmen Hall" where the new flamenco show "Regado", which was renewed in February this year, is being performed.

Performance time is about 25 minutes. The show, which features authentic Spanish dancers, is very popular every day, and even though the stage is performed two or three times a day, it was completely full when we visited!

A stage with the theme of flamenco as a "LEGADO (heritage)" that has been mixed with various cultures, transformed and evolved.

The sight of the dancers wearing colorful costumes and dancing with passionate and splendid steps is a masterpiece! I was so absorbed in the world of LEGADO that I took steps in my mind to match the rhythm.

Photos of the dancers line up at the exit! Some people immerse themselves in the afterglow of the stage while looking at the photos. "LEGADO" will be screened until November 30, 2023 (Thursday). The viewing fee is 500 yen, which is quite reasonable!

Seafood from Ise-Shima
Enjoy Authentic Spanish Paella!

After experiencing Spanish culture at a passionate flamenco show, have lunch at the restaurant "Alhambra" where you can taste authentic Spanish cuisine.

The space with bricks and stained glass has a unique atmosphere reminiscent of Islamic architecture. I ordered the “Ise-Shima Ise-ebi Paella Set” (4,600 yen), which uses plenty of seafood from Ise-Shima.

You can enjoy paella using high-quality spiny lobster caught in the rich sea of Ise-Shima, 4 kinds of Spanish tapas, and cold soup gazpacho.

Paella can be ordered from 2 people! Divide into small plates and serve.

Paella soaked in the flavor of spiny lobster (Ise-ebi). The moment you eat it, the sweetness of spiny lobster and the scent of saffron fills your mouth, and you will be impressed from the first bite! The rice is cooked to perfection, with a typical Spanish cooking style. There are plenty of alcoholic beverages such as sangria, so it might be a good idea to enjoy lunch in a cheerful Spanish style.

The Square Turns into a Stage!
Don't Miss the Street Musical

In the park where you can experience various entertainment, even the plaza turns into a stage when entertainers appear!
Among them, we recommend the street musical "Tesoro de Oro ~Find the Truth of Treasure!~", which is held in "Plaza Cibeles" just a short walk down España Street from the entrance.

This is also a street musical that was just renewed in February this year and is held twice a day! A Diabolo performance by entertainers dressed in treasure hunter costumes signals the opening of the musical.

A musical depicting the adventures of treasure hunters who travel in search of treasures in a legendary city. Hunters riding "Steam Mogulin" appear to the cheerful music!

They haven't been able to find the treasure for a while, but they are excited, saying, "I have a feeling that something good will happen today. It's going to be a lucky day!" Express your excitement through song and dance. Rhythmic clapping of the audience envelops the plaza, and everyone from kids to adults smiles!

While deciphering clues, the hunters go around various places such as seaside caves, forests, and rocky mountain tops. Together with our guests, we will find out, “What is the real treasure?”
Will they be able to get the treasure!? What is the "true treasure"!? Please check out the musical to see how it ends.

Plenty of Attractions!
Challenge the Maximum Speed of 100 km/h!

There are various attractions that can be enjoyed by children and adults, such as merry-go-rounds, roller coasters, and shooting games! This time, experience the popular attraction "Pyrenees"!

An inverted coaster with a total length of 1,234m and a maximum speed of 100km/h, inspired by the Pyrenees Mountains that runs along the border between Spain and France. It's a hanging ride that doesn't stick to your feet, and it's very popular because you can enjoy all kinds of thrills from the start to the finish line. Leave your accessories and bags at the boarding gate, and begin your journey through the Pyrenees, which will take about 3 minutes and 15 seconds. A few seconds to reach the top feels incredibly long...

At a tremendous speed, sharp turns and sudden descents! ! Part of the Pyrenees "Spiral Interlock Loop" runs in a circle around a "Vertical Loop" that plunges toward the ground!
The amazing mechanism that was adopted for the first time in the world is enough to lose the sense of direction up, down, left and right. I kept screaming at the thrills that came one after another, but after getting on the train, I was filled with a tremendous sense of accomplishment! If you want to scream with all your might, please do.

Also pay attention to gourmet food that you want to enjoy while walking around the park!

This time, I got churros at the small bar "Perito" in the attraction area. The crunchy and fluffy texture and gentle sweetness permeate the mind and body after playing with all one's might.

Experience Spain's Merry Fiesta!
Let's Dance in the Parade!

After enjoying the attractions, go to the parade "Espana Carnival 'Adelante'" that goes around the "Fiesta Square" from the "Plaza Cibeles" where the street musical was held earlier!

On the first float, the parade master who leads the parade appears and the parade starts! The Spanish sun, the statue of Don Quixote Sancho Panza, and other floats collage images of Spain will appear, inviting visitors to the world of Spanish festivals.

The theme of the second float is the Andalusian Horse Festival, the Sherry Festival, and the Sevillanas! The horse on which Alejandro rides is the image of a horse festival parade.

Next up was a float that was a collaboration between bullfighting and the bull-running festival! Matadors and sanfermins (man at the bullfighting festival) with muletas in their hands drive bullfighting carts in a gallant parade. Try calling out "Ole!"

Next, flamenco dancers dressed in gorgeous costumes will appear! A float full of Spanish characteristics where you can enjoy "real sounds" such as fans, castanets, and tambourines.

At the end, characters from Parque Espana, Dal and Chocky, will appear on a float inspired by Spanish art, giving a gorgeous finale. It was a parade unique to España, where the glittering floats and the performances of the entertainers were exciting.

There are so many Scenery you want to Take Pictures of!
Visiting “Best Spots”

The park, which reproduces the beautiful streets of Spain, is full of “best spots” where you want to take pictures! The first is Plaza Guell, which is beautifully decorated with colorful tiles.

The square is based on the motif of Plaza Guell, which was designed by Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, and the fantastic scenery that reflects Gaudi's designs and colors is attractive.

No matter where you see it, it is beautiful, and you can enjoy the pattern all the way to your feet.

The second is "Santa Cruz Street". Spanish-like cobblestones and white-walled buildings stand side by side.

Near the entrance of the street, you can also see the Javier Castle Museum nestled in the greenery.

Just looking at the building, which displays colorful flowers and plates with exotic patterns, is exciting.

Among them, there is also a spot where you can take such a paella-style trick photo! Why don't you leave not only cute but also unique photos.

The third is the "Javier Castle Museum" where you can experience the entire 12,000-year history of Spain. The building, which was built by piling up heavy stones, is a reproduction of the birthplace of missionary Francisco Xavier, who is known for being the first to spread Christianity to Japan.

Inside the museum, about 12,000 years of Spanish history and culture are exhibited through valuable materials and images.

"Valencia's Kitchen" is a replica of the 18th-century Valencian aristocratic kitchen. The 1,604 Manises tiles on the walls depict scenes from everyday life at the time.

A full-scale replica of the mural paintings of the Paleolithic cave "Altamira Cave" is also on display! Even the bleeding of the water is realistically reproduced, and it is said that there are only 3 full-scale replicas in the world!

Hard to Find in Japan!
Full of Souvenirs Unique to Spain

One of the charms of Parque Espana is that you can get souvenirs that are hard to find in Japan, such as Shima Spain Village exclusive goods, imported sweets, and imported miscellaneous goods!

This time, we will introduce souvenirs that are full of exoticism, such as Spain.

First, go to "Fariboto" where you can find exotic gourmet food, mainly from Spain. The store always has more than 350 sweets and foods, as well as Spanish miscellaneous goods.

We recommend canned foods packed with the bounties of the sea, such as sardines, squid, and mussels, that go well with pasta dishes!

Spanish potato chips! Popular sweets made with carefully selected raw materials.

In addition, there are products procured from authentic Spain such as boiled chickpeas and olives.

At the pottery studio "Cantaro", you can buy tableware and pottery from Spain and Portugal. We have a wide variety of tableware that will brighten up your dining table and cute pottery that can be displayed just by decorating it.

The traditional Spanish craft "Seville ware" that has been passed down since the 8th century is also available. Enchanted by the delicate design and vivid colors.

The park also has a lost child room, baby room, and coin lockers. The road is wide and there are few steps, so it was impressive to create an environment where people of all ages can enjoy themselves.

"Shima Spain Village" where you can enjoy the charm of Spain, a country of passion, from various angles such as gourmet, shows, and scenery. Enjoy a leisurely “trip to Spain” along with seafood caught in Ise-Shima, which is rich in nature.

Spot Details

[Shima Spain Village]
Address :Sakazaki, Isobe-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Telephone number :0599-57-3333
Parking lot : Approx. 4,200 cars (1,300 yen per day)
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shima.spain.village

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