[Report] Travel Gear Brand TO & FRO's New Series "Tou ~ Ando Furo" Makes Bath and Aauna Life Comfortable!

Posting date: 2022.10.31
[Experience report] Travel gear brand TO & FRO's new series "Tou ~ Andofuro" makes bath and sauna life comfortable!

This time, we would like to introduce the new series "Tou~Ando Furo" from the travel gear brand TO&FRO, which we would like bath and sauna lovers to know about.

TO&FRO is an ultra-lightweight travel gear brand produced by a textile manufacturer in Ishikawa Prefecture, which has been in business for 87 years. TO&FRO was created based on the concept of "playing around in the bathtub" by taking advantage of the thin, lightweight, and durable characteristics of travel gear.

Editorial Team staff, who love saunas, came across "Tou~Ando Furo" at an exhibition and would definitely like to introduce it! And this experience report has come true. We will deliver an experience report in the actual sauna room.

A new brand for “Enjoying the bath”
"Tou~Ando Furo"

Travel gear brand "TO&FRO" operated by "Kaji Group", a textile manufacturer in Ishikawa Prefecture that has been in business for 87 years.

The advantages of high-performance fibers, such as water absorption, quick-drying, water repellency, deodorant, lightweight, and antibacterial, make them ideal for use in baths, public baths, and saunas. The brand "Tou~Ando Furo" was born with the idea of "Enjoying baths to the fullest".

A bath bag made of fabric that is completely waterproof on the outside and antibacterial/odor-resistant on the inside. Sauna hat made of thin and light high-performance insulation material and fabric with excellent antibacterial/odor-resistant and water-absorbing/quick-drying properties. The lineup includes a bath towel with an antibacterial deodorant function that dries quickly even after getting wet and does not smell fresh, all designed by a textile manufacturer to make bathing comfortable and enjoyable.

We will pick up the items and introduce them.

Highly functional item perfect for going to public baths

TO&FRO bath bag waterproof 9,790 yen (tax included) for each color

If you like public baths, we recommend the “Ofuro Bag Waterproof”.

The outer fabric is water repellent, waterproof, and moisture permeable, and the mesh lining has an antibacterial and deodorant function. The zipper on the main body can be opened all the way around to separate it into upper and lower sections, making it perfect for storing tubs!

Bath towel 1,540 yen (tax included) for each color

A tenugui is indispensable in a sento (Japanese public bath)!

A special hand-dyed hand towel with the Tou~Ando Furo logo. We use the highest quality tenugui cloth "Tokuoka" with soft texture and smooth characteristics. Each piece is hand-dyed by craftsmen, so it has a soft atmosphere that is not found in printed logos, and the more you use it, the softer it becomes.

Enjoy the best with ultra-high-performance sauna goods

Bath hat 9,570 yen (tax included) for each color

A must-see item for sauna lovers!

First of all, the ultra-high-performance sauna hat "Ofuro Hat". It has various specifications such as heat insulation, antibacterial deodorization, water absorption and quick drying, and light weight. A beautiful silhouette based on a tulip hat is also a point!

There are also clothes that are perfect for visiting hot springs and saunas!

Bath dress 8,965 yen (tax included)

There are also a wide range of clothing that are perfect for visiting hot springs and saunas!

The "Ofuro Dress" is recommended for hot spring girls & sauna girls. It is made of antibacterial, deodorant, quick-drying stretch material. It has a loose silhouette that can be worn smoothly after a bath.

It also has a pocket to hold coins, keys, etc! The thinness of the dress makes it perfect for traveling!

Bath tops -3/4 sleeves- 6,490 yen (tax included) for each color
Bath bottoms 7,480 yen (tax included) for each color

Tops and bottoms for relaxing after a bath. Absorbs water, dries quickly, and has antibacterial and deodorant functions. The simple design makes it suitable for men and women of all ages. Perfect for room wear while traveling!

Ofuro Sandals -Sento- 8,965 yen (tax included)

Easy to put on and easy to take off. "Ofuro Sandals -Sento-" are perfect for visiting baths. This is a special order color for the SNT type To-Andofuro developed by the HEP brand.

It also has excellent cushioning, so you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time.

I tried the "Tou~Ando Furo"
 in an actual sauna!

This time, the staff of Editorial Team actually tried "Tou~Ando Furo" in the sauna room.

"NAGONO WORKBAR & SAUNA" in Endoji Honmachi shopping street cooperated in the shooting. It is a Finnish-style sauna that can also be used for self loyly.

・Bath bag waterproof
・Bath hat double face
・Bath mat Japanese paper
・Bath towel compact

This time, I tried these 4 items!

This is all you need to bring! "Bath Bag Waterproof"

First of all, the completely waterproof bath bag "Ofuro Bag Waterproof".

Completely waterproof nylon fabric is used on the outside, and silver ion antibacterial and deodorant mesh material is used on the inside. Even heavy rain won't let water through, so you can rest assured even on rainy days!

It happens that your towel and change of clothes are wet in a public bath or sauna on a rainy day, doesn't it? You don't have to worry about that.

The zipper on the body can be opened all the way around to separate the upper and lower sections. The tub fits perfectly!

The author also has a style of holding the tub in a tote bag for changing clothes for public baths, but I always had trouble except in the neighborhood or by car. With this, I can easily carry the tub by train or on short trips.

It's made with waterproof fabric, so you can even take it with you to the bathroom!

Easy to open and close with a cord stopper that can be opened with one hand!

The stopper can be removed, and you can customize it to your favorite string! It looks good in combination with colorful paracord ◎

With a carabiner, it can be hooked on either the first or second loop. The length of the strap can be adjusted to hang it on the shoulder or carry it diagonally, and it can be used in any way.

It has a large capacity of about 19L in total, so you can fit a towel, a change of clothes, a sauna hat, a sauna mat, a tub containing shampoo, and a plastic bottle!

It's very easy to fit all the items you need for a public bath in one bath bag! There is no doubt that it will become a reassuring partner for going to public baths and saunas.

Bath Bag Waterproofhttps://toandfro.shop/collections/toandfro/products/ofuro-bag-waterproof

Ultra high-performance sauna hat "ofuro hat double face"

Ofuro Hat Double Face is the one I would especially recommend. A super high-performance sauna hat with various specifications such as heat insulation, antibacterial deodorization, water absorption and quick drying, and light weight.

The smooth surface on the back side is smooth and feels good on the skin, making it extremely comfortable to wear!

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it also has excellent heat insulation! High-performance insulation "Thinsulate TM HI-LOFT" firmly protects the head. A great sense of security.

Comfortable even in the high temperature and humidity of self loyly!

The silhouette based on the tulip hat is also a point. The depth is designed to allow a narrower field of view in the sauna. You want to immerse yourself in your own world in the sauna.

It's deep, so it's comfortable to protect your ears and eyes from heat! Stretch material is used, so it fits well even if you wear it deeply. It's as comfortable as being wrapped in a futon.

There is a wire in the edge of the hat, so you can adjust the angle as you like. (Since the wire is a non-metallic material, it is safe even in the sauna!)

Drying is as easy as hooking the loop on the top! The material has a water-absorbing and quick-drying function, so it dries about twice as fast as 100% cotton. If you are going to enjoy another sauna after sauna, this is perfect!

The front and back of the top are not sewn together, so drying it like this will speed up the drying process even more!

Bath hat double face

Ultra-lightweight & compact "Furo Towel Compact"

An ultra-lightweight and compact "bath towel" made from original fabrics unique to the fabric manufacturer.

When unfolded, it measures 90cm x 50cm and is large enough to wipe thoroughly, but the thin and lightweight fabric makes it as small as a hand towel when folded. If you keep one in your bag, you can use it at any sudden chance to take a bath or sauna! It is also very useful when traveling.

The quick-drying fabric dries quickly when wet and has an antibacterial/odor-resistant function that prevents odors!

Not only can it be used in baths and saunas, but it can also be used as a towel for sports and sea bathing.

The package is also nice, so it's perfect for a small gift!

Bath towel compact

Smooth and comfortable! "Bath Mat Washi"

This is also a must-see for sauna lovers "bath mat Japanese paper".

As the name suggests, this super absorbent bath mat uses a hybrid material that combines Japanese paper thread and synthetic thread. Smooth with the power of Japanese paper! It is very comfortable because it absorbs moisture well even in the sauna.

There is a band in the center, so you can roll it up or fold it up for compact portability.

The band is also useful when drying!

If you hang it with a sauna hat during a cold bath or break time, you don't have to worry about where to put it.

Comfortable with gentle cushioning ◎

It is also recommended to use mat on mat by laying it on a urethane sauna mat! To be honest, I was surprised that the place to sit was so smooth and comfortable. If you like sauna, I would like you to try it once.

This time, we have delivered an experience report on the new series "Tou~Ando Furo" from the travel gear brand TO&FRO.

The fabrics and materials are all excellent, as the lineup is seriously made by a textile manufacturer! They are also lightweight & compact which is perfect as a travel gear.

Enjoy a comfortable bath and sauna life at "Tou~Ando Furo"!

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