KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS: A Fusion of Art Storage and Hotel in Asakusa, Tokyo!

KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS: A Fusion of Art Storage and Hotel in Asakusa, Tokyo!

KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS (“KAIKA”), a fusion of art storage and a hotel, opened in Asakusa, Tokyo in 2020.

In the space converted from a former warehouse building, nine art storage areas for art galleries and works collected and exhibited through the “KAIKA TOKYO AWARD,” an open call for entries from the public, are housed. It offers a new viewing experience to guests from Japan and abroad in a place that resembles the backstage of the art scene.

I have actually stayed at KAIKA and would like to report on my stay.

<Three Recommendations by the Editorial Team>
・Enjoy artwork by up-and-coming artists
・Walking distance to Asakusa and Kuramae
・Spacious interior space than imagined!


KAIKA is conveniently located about an 8-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, about a 9-minute walk from Honjo Azumabashi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, and about a 9-minute walk from Kuramae Station on the Toei Oedo Line.

Both Asakusa and Kuramae area are within walking distance.

When you open the door, which looks like a warehouse, you are greeted by artwork of bears. As soon as you enter, art works are lined up in storage. Art lovers will not be disappointed.

Enjoy the Artwork!

At KAIKA, art works are on display from B1F to B6F, including limited time exhibits!
Among them, the common space on the first basement floor is open only to guests. Guests can freely enjoy the artwork for free between 7:00 and 23:00.

This is the common space lounge on the basement level. Here, six art storage areas are open to the public for guests only.

The tables in the lounge are equipped with power outlets, making it a perfect workspace! Tea is also available free of charge. There is also an electronic kettle, microwave, toaster, plates, and cutlery so you can cook your own meals.

It is somewhat exciting as if you have snuck into a secret base. You can’t wait to see what kind of works of art you will encounter when you stay at the hotel.

The first floor is open to non-guests and features two art storage areas. Since the exhibits are mainly special exhibitions, you will be able to see new works of art every time you visit.

Artwork is also displayed on each floor and in the elevators.
Please visit all floors and enjoy the art appreciation.

A Cafe where You can Spend Time while Enjoying Art.

The first floor houses “safn°,” a coffee and food pairing café. The word “safn°” means “museum” in Icelandic. While it is a café where you can enjoy art in a slow-flowing time, it is also filled with an air of academic intelligence.

Artwork is also displayed throughout the building, so please take your time to view the artwork while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Simple and Cozy Rooms

Rooms feature a simple design.
The room is decorated in a basic color scheme, creating a sense of calm.

While many hotels in Tokyo have rooms that are too cramped for carry-on luggage, KAIKA’s rooms are spacious. All rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Original tea bags were also provided in the guestrooms. There are two types: “green tea” and “ginger & lemongrass black tea.”

Water was not provided, so it is recommended to purchase it in advance.

I was very pleased personally about the bathroom. Except for the “BUNK6” rooms, the bathroom and toilet are also separate.

Simple things like taking a relaxing bath makes a big difference when you are on a trip.

Choices of 2 Types of Breakfast!

Breakfast sets are available in two types: “Tartine” with fresh seasonal vegetables, meat and fish, and “Buddha Bowl,” a rice-bowl style dish made with VEGAN ingredients.

Both are served with warm seasonal soup.
I had imagined a simple breakfast and was impressed by the quality of the food, which was much higher than I had imagined.

This time we introduced “KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS” where you can enjoy art. Not only art, but also a bar and a goods store that can be used from daytime to nighttime. It is a hotel with art storage that is exciting just to visit.



Address: 2-16-5 Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number: 03-3625-2165

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