"Anjo Industrial Culture Park Denpark" with flowers and events for all four seasons! 

Anjo City
Posting date: 2021.07.29
"Anjo Industrial Culture Park Denpark" with flowers and events for all four seasons! 

Anjo Industrial Culture Park Denpark (hereafter referred to as Denpark) is a flower and green theme park located in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture. In addition to enjoying 300,000 seasonal flowers of about 3,300 species throughout the year, you can also enjoy various ways such as "events", "experiences", "gourmet", and "shopping".

This time, we will introduce the highlights of Denpark!

What kind of place is Denpark?



Denpark is a park located in Anjo City, which is roughly in the center of Aichi Prefecture. The origin of the name comes from the history of Anjo City, which was once called "Denmark Japan". Anjo City is a town that has become a model for agricultural management nationwide. Based on that history, Denpark proposes a lifestyle with flowers, in harmony with nature.

In addition to flowers that can be enjoyed all year round, there are also a 19-meter-tall Danish windmill, a large flower greenhouse called "Floral Place" where the flower show is changed five times a year, goods of the popular Danish character "Rasmus Klump", and goods from Denmark. It is full of highlights, such as shopping for miscellaneous goods full of Scandinavian taste!

Gourmet food using local ingredients, restaurants serving local cuisine, sausages and gelato that can be eaten in the park are also popular.

Admission fee & access


Access to Denpark is approximately 60 minutes by car from the Nagoya area. By train, it is recommended to take a bus or cab from "JR Anjo Station", "Meitetsu Shin Anjo Station", or "Meitetsu Sakurai Station/Minami Sakurai Station".

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<Entrance fee>
・Adult 700 yen
・Elementary and junior high school students 300 yen
・Free for children under elementary school age
・65 years old and over 560 yen

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The cityscape of Denmark was reproduced
"Flower Greenhouse Floral Place"


The first place we visited was the “Flower Greenhouse Floral Place”, which was just reopened on March 14, 2020. Inside the greenhouse decorated with beautiful flowers, you will find a colorful streetscape inspired by Denmark. Each of them is a symbol tower as a sacred place for lovers, a general store, a cafe, and an experience workshop.

When you enter, you will be greeted by colorful and cute buildings.

At the large flower greenhouse Floral Place, a seasonally themed flower show is held. There are also exhibits of rare plants, including flowers that can only be seen in Denpark.

In the center, there was also a statue of "The Little Mermaid" by the fairy tale writer Andersen, which seems to be Danish.


This is a new symbolic tower "Tower of Happiness lykke" as a holy place for lovers. The observation deck offers a panoramic view of the flower show and the Danish cityscape.

Also, if you throw a coin into the “Fountain of Happiness” on the first floor of the tower, your wish may come true! ?

Krone coins are sold at the experience workshop GodDag.

denparkExperience Workshop GodDag

Based on the concept of "providing a happy time to make treasures", there are plenty of handmade experiences for adult women, such as wreaths, botanical gel candles, and jewel soaps that look like jewels.

In addition, at "General Store Smuk", you can purchase cute Scandinavian-related stuffed animals, stationery, imported sweets and tableware, fashion items, and more.

Please check it out.

A different garden style for each area!

At Den Park, the flowers are replanted five times a year in April, June, September, November, and March, so you can enjoy colorful flower beds all year round.

More than 20 different gardens are scattered around. There are English gardens, border gardens, and collection gardens, each with a different style.

Colorful flower bed "Fantasy Garden"

"Fantasy Garden" is based on the world of Andersen's fairy tales, centering on antique-style flower clocks.

The flower clocks are placed on a slope so that they can be seen from anywhere in the garden. The atmosphere changes dramatically depending on the season.

English Garden "Secret Garden"

"Secret Garden".
One of the English gardens with the theme of color. Built in the style of an outdoor room, it is divided into five small rooms by antique bricks and hedges imported from England.

"Mysterious Forest" that makes use of the thicket of Anjogahara as it is

"Mysterious Forest". It is a forest that makes use of the thickets of Anjogahara.
The hydrangeas were in full bloom on the day we visited. About 7,500 stocks are said to bloom.

"Aquatic plant pond" where you can see aquatic plants

"Aquatic Plant Pond".

Here you can also see aquatic plants, waterfowl and fish. During the best time to see the lotuses in July, the "Early Morning Lotus Festival" is held, which opens at 6:00 a.m. to coincide with the lotus flowers that start blooming early in the morning.

Be sure to visit during the cooler times of the year.

Spot Details

[Anjo Industrial and Cultural Park Denpark]
Address: Kaji 1, Akamatsu-cho, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (*Please check the official website for the latest information)
Closed: Every Tuesday (if Tuesday is a public holiday, then the next weekday), New Year holidays (December 31, 2021, January 1, 2022), maintenance closed (Tuesday, January 18, 2022 to January 25, 2022) (fire))

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