ibis Styles Nagoya: Enjoy the Dining Restaurant Anytime for Café to Dinner!

ibis Styles Nagoya: Enjoy the Dining Restaurant Anytime for Café to Dinner!

"ibis Styles Nagoya"opened in Meieki (Nagoya station), Nagoya on Monday, November 16, 2020. Based in Paris, France, this is the 18th hotel in Japan of the Accor group, which operates more than 5,100 hotels and residences in 110 countries around the world.

This time, we enjoyed" ibis Styles Nagoya "prior to its opening!

* Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store when using.


ibis Styles Nagoya

I came to ibis Styles Nagoya.

Located across from Yanagibashi Central Market and an 8-minute walk from JR Nagoya Station, it is easily accessible for both sightseeing and business. The green design is the landmark!

The theme is "Market"
Hotel Design Tailored to Each Location

ibis Styles Nagoya

The Accor group has more than 5,100 hotels and residences, but no two ibis Styles brand hotels have the same design. ibis Styles Nagoya was designed around the theme of "market" due to its location across from the Yanagibashi Central Market.

ibis Styles Nagoya

ibis Styles Nagoya

Is this a foreign country? The inside of the museum is so stylish that it gives the illusion that you are in a foreign country. The World Clock section is lined with Paris, Sydney, Hanoi, and other countries that attract many travelers to Nagoya!


Lines indicating social distance in the elevator are also part of the design.

Now, let's go to the guest rooms you are interested in!

Spacious Rooms with a Compact Design

ibis Styles Nagoya

ibis Styles Nagoya has 13 floors above ground and 1 below, with a total of 284 rooms, including 18 square meter double rooms and 20 square meter twin rooms on the 2nd to 13th floors dedicated to guest rooms.

Twin room

Twin room

Twin room

Rooms are compact in design, yet bright and spacious. The secret is the soundproofed floor-to-ceiling full-length windows. From the higher floors, you can see a beautiful night view of the Nagoya Expressway.

Double room

Double room

Some of the walls are designed with "market" inspired pictures. The ibis Styles Suite Bed, an exclusive bed for ibis Styles, was extremely comfortable!


The bathroom has a convenient shower stall without a bathtub. The bathroom is also equipped with a rain shower that emits water from the ceiling! You can enjoy the feeling of being abroad.

Connecting room

ibis Styles Nagoya is composed of only twin and double rooms, but we have also arranged "connecting rooms" to make family and group stays even more enjoyable. 2 rooms are connected by an inner door, so you can come and go without going out into the corridor.

universal design

There was also a universal design room.

All Day Dining Restaurant
Tea Time at "MARKET ST."



After the check-in, we recommend tea time at the all-day dining restaurant "MARKET ST." on the first floor! Non-guests are also welcome to use the restaurant.

illy coffee

The point is that you can taste "illy coffee", a long-established Italian espresso brand. Coffee lovers will be happy to know that there are very few places in Nagoya where you can find illy coffee.



The best of all is "COLD CREMA COFFEE" using illy coffee, the first of its kind in the Tokai area. It is a new type of iced coffee with fluffy creamy foam on top of mellow, sweet, watered-down coffee. It goes down your throat smoothly and has a slight sweetness without adding sugar or milk.

Each table is equipped with a power strip and USB connector, making it perfect for remote work! I was actually able to work on my PC and was able to concentrate very well.

multipurpose space

There is also a multipurpose space that can accommodate about 20 people. For café use, it is free of charge without reservation. It can be used for online meetings as well as face-to-face meetings.

Dinner Time at "MARKET ST."



Dinner time is also available at the all-day dining restaurant MARKET ST. The cuisine is a collaboration of local ingredients with French and other international cuisines.

Ingredients of your Choice! Seafood Pot

seafood pot

A Must-try at MARKET ST. is the Seafood Pot!

After ordering, a cart with a variety of delicious-looking seafood arrived. What a surprise! You can choose the seafood of your choice and have it made into a pot dish.

seafood pot

seafood pot

Shrimp, migratory crab, and giant scallion are the main choices. We are looking forward to seeing how they will taste!

Seafood pot M size (with risotto) ¥ 1,800

A little while later, the pot was ready. With the addition of tomatoes, broccoli, and other vegetables, it was very colorful. The result is a gentle soup with a strong seafood umami flavor. You can enjoy a different flavor every time you visit.

After you finish eating the seafood, you can make it into a risotto. This is also excellent.

The Meat Dishes to be Paired with Wine are also Excellent!

Beef Tagliata ¥1,400

Grilled chicken with herb bread crumbs Smoked tartar ¥1,100

The meat dishes to be paired with alcohol are also excellent! The beef tagliata, in particular, is so packed with flavor that it doesn't need sauce. It tastes best when served with salt and garlic.

MARKET ST. has a wide variety of wines, so please try it with your favorite wine.

Large Selection of A La Carte Dishes

Assorted charcuterie ¥1,100

Edamame peperoncino ¥350

Oyster ajillo ¥680

Pizza quattro formaggio ¥980

The a la carte menu includes everything from snacks such as edamame (green soybeans) and pickles to pizzas with plenty of cheese. This is a restaurant that can meet a wide range of needs, from dinner time when you want to eat well to drinking time when you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

There is a corner of MARKET ST. that sells craft beer and snacks. Since there are no vending machines in the hotel, soft drinks are also available here.

Since we are here, we decided to enjoy a room drink. Nagoya red miso lager enhances the travel mood. It is also a good souvenir of the trip.

Chef's Special Morning Buffet


One of the pleasures of staying at a hotel is morning breakfast the next morning! This is also at MARKET ST. on the 1st floor.

The table in the center of the restaurant is filled with a variety of delicious-looking dishes, from Nagoya's famous fried shrimp to ratatouille filled with vegetables. The food is served buffet style.

Rebake domestic wheat bread.

freshly squeezed smoothie

The chef's freshly squeezed smoothies are also available, and I tried the banana juice from the three choices, which was very rich.


There is also a corner where you can make chazuke (rice with soup) with your favorite toppings.

morning breakfast buffet

A morning breakfast buffet where you can eat as much as you like from Japanese to Western dishes. I was able to recharge my energy.

They will continue to add to their menu using fresh ingredients purchased from the Yanagibashi Central Market. We are looking forward to it!

ibis Styles Nagoya

Despite its convenient location, just an 8-minute walk from Nagoya Station, we had a very relaxing stay. As a base for sightseeing, business, or micro-tourism to enjoy the nearby area. This hotel allows you to enjoy the feeling as if you have been abroad.

The all-day dining restaurant "MARKET ST." is open from cafe time to dinner, so be sure to stop by.


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[ibis ibis Styles Nagoya]
Address: 4-22-24 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-571-0571


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