Experience Ethnic Costumes from 8 Different Countries at the Little World!

Inuyama city
Posting date: 2022.01.31
Experience Ethnic Costumes from 8 Different Countries at the Little World!

The “The Little World Museum of Man” in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture is a theme park with buildings from 23 countries and regions around the world. Ethnic cultures such as clothing, food, and housing from around the world are introduced.

When you think of Little World, you have to experience traditional costumes!

You can experience wearing 12 different national costumes from China, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, India, and more. All of them are full-fledged things that you can not experience at other facilities. The rental fee starts from 400 yen, so you can enjoy it casually. Depending on the costume, there are kids sizes, so family photos are also recommended.

This time, Editorial Team actually experienced the national costumes of eight countries. The following is a report on the experience, along with points of interest, such as how to experience, fees, and keys to be photographed.  


* Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store when using.

The land area of Little World is 1.23 million square meters. One circuit is about 2.5 km, and it takes about 2 hours at the shortest to walk around. If you want to fully enjoy the ethnic costume experience, we recommend going in the morning with plenty of time to spare!

▼ List of folk costumes you can experience (https://www.littleworld.jp/clothes/)

・Okinawa (House in Ishigaki Island)
・China (Taiwan farmer)
・Peru (House of a large plantation lord)
・Indonesia (Bali nobility's house)
・Germany (Village in Bavaria)
・France (House in Alsace)
・Italy (House in Alberobello)
・South Africa (African Plaza)
・Türkiye (The city of Istanbul)
・India (Village in Kerala)
・Thailand (Ratchaphruek)
・Korea (Landlord's house)

Advance reservations are not required for the traditional costume experience. Once you have decided on the costume you want to experience, head to the rental place.

Here are Costumes from Eight Different Countries!

Gorgeous Traditional Costume | China

First of all, let's experience the Chinese national costume!

You can try on traditional Han Chinese two-piece and Manchu one-piece traditional costumes. You can also try on the emperor costume that appears in the movie "The Last Emperor". In addition, you can experience Chinese cheongsam and Vietnamese ao dai.

This time, we will challenge the Last Emperor (left) and Yang Guifei (right)!

Last Emperor (90cm~) ¥500
Yang Guifei (155 cm ~) ¥ 500

We thought it would be hard to get dressed, but we simply put them on over our clothes and the transformation was complete!

Since the building is full-scale, you can take realistic photos as if they were taken on site! The costume rental time is about 5 minutes, so if you think about the shooting points in advance, you can shoot smoothly.

Beautiful colorful embroidery! |Peru & Mexico

Next, we will go to the Peru area in Latin America.

Here, visitors can experience the traditional costumes of the indigenous Indians. There were also Mexican dance costumes and Spanish flamenco dresses.

This time, we tried on Mexican dance costumes (left) and Peruvian folk costumes (right). Cheese with alpaca!

Mexican dance costume (women's costume 100 cm ~) ¥ 500
Peruvian national costume (women's costume 90 cm ~) ¥ 500

Even with the same costume, there are various patterns and colors, so it's hard to decide which one to choose.

Peruvian national costume is the traditional costume of the indigenous Indians. Kids' sizes from 90cm are also available for family photo shoots!

Something happened here...! !

Since the ethnic costumes are worn over the clothes originally worn, the bottoms were visible. It would be better to wear knee-length bottoms and a light inner wear when experiencing the ethnic costume.

Like a Fairy Tale Character|Germany & Italy

We have come to the European area.

Here, you can try on the national costumes of Germany, France, and Italy. There was also a fairy tale costume where you can enjoy the feeling of the main character of a fairy tale.

We tried on a traditional German costume (left) and an Italian carnival costume (right) this time!

German traditional costume (women's costume 100 cm ~) ¥ 500
Carnival costume (women's costume 80 cm ~) ¥ 500

This traditional German costume is cute and fairy-tale-like. It comes in a variety of colors, so it's cute to wear different colors with your friends!

This is an Italian carnival costume. They are costumes from around the 18th century, when aristocratic society flourished and court salons were glamorous.

The European area has many photo shooting locations.

Colorful Costumes of the Ndebele People|South Africa

Next, to the South African area!

You can experience the costumes of the Ndebele tribe, who live in the interior of the Republic of South Africa, at an altitude of 900 to 1,500 meters above sea level. You can also experience Senegalese folk costumes and Kanga.

Ndebele folk costume (Unisex costume 80cm ~) ¥ 400

This is the Ndebele folk costume.

Ndebele women wear plastic beaded ornaments and colorful acrylic blankets. It is said that men also wear this costume during their coming-of-age ceremony.

Since the costumes are unisex, it is also recommended that a large number of people match their costumes!

*Please note that photography is not allowed near Ndebele's house. (Photography is only allowed in designated areas of the African Plaza.)

Mood is Aladdin and Jasmine | India

Next is India!

Here you can experience Indian folk costumes like Aladdin and Jasmine.

After choosing a sari of your choice, the staff made it into a beautiful traditional costume. We also decided to try the men's kurta (right).

Sari (women's costume 80 cm ~) ¥ 500
Kurta (men's costume 90 cm ~) ¥ 500

A sari is a typical Indian woman's dress that wraps a piece of cloth around her body. The drape that flows from the stomach to the ankles is said to be described as "a morning glory blooming" because of the beauty of its shape!

The recommended shooting spot is under the roof of the building. You can take a picture full of exoticism.

Graceful and elegant palace costume | Türkiye

Next, to the area of Türkiye! You can experience exotic and gorgeous costumes such as palace costumes, Charquez costumes, and Ankara regional costumes. There was also a great selection of children's clothing.

You can also take pictures inside the building, so it is also recommended for days with bad weather.

Here, try "Turkish palace costume (left)" and "Ankara costume (right)"!

Turkish palace costume (women's costume 140 cm ~) ¥ 500
Ankara costume (women's costume 80 cm ~) ¥ 500

The Turkish palace costume was worn by the Sultan (King) and his wife who lived in the palace. It features wide cuffs that seem to hide your hands.

The Ankara costume is the costume of the Ankara region, which is also beautifully embroidered.

If you shoot in the courtyard, you will be able to create a photo that will make you feel as if you were abroad!

Feel like a Korean heroine in a royal court costume! |Korea

The last stop is the Korean area.

Here, visitors can try on the Chima-chogori, the traditional costume of Korean women, and the Pachi-chogori, the men's costume for formal wear. Visitors can also try on the court costumes that were popularized in the movie "Dae Jang Geum, the Courtesan".

By the way, it is standard for Korean women to tie their hair up when wearing national costumes. Tie up your hair and look refreshed!

Court costume (women's costume 90 cm ~) ¥ 500

You can also take pictures in the corridor. Feel like a Korean heroine!

This concludes our report on the Little World's costume experiences. We were able to experience costumes from eight different countries in one day. This time, we mainly visited the Little World with a focus on costumes, but if you want to enjoy the buildings and food, two or three different types of costumes might be just right.

Points of the ethnic costume experience

Finally, We would like to introduce some points that we felt after the actual experience.

・If you decide on the costume you experienced in advance, it will be smoother

・Rental time is about 5 minutes, so think about the shooting spot in advance

・"Is it a little flashy?" A dress like that would look better in a photo

・It is good to wear simple clothes so that they can be worn under the clothes.
Cut and sewn with a wide neck and knee-length bottoms are best.
It is better to avoid voluminous clothes such as hoodies and thick knits.

・Some costumes have height restrictions, so be careful when traveling with children.

You can get a card if you experience wearing a national costume!

This time, we introduced the folk costume experience of the "Little World".

The charm of the Little World is the high quality of the building. Each building has been faithfully recreated by transporting pillars and stone walls from the site and relocating them, as well as using local materials and on-site interviews.

Therefore, you can take realistic photos as if they were taken on site! Please enjoy the feeling of traveling around the world at Little World.

Spot Details

[The Little World Museum of Man]
Address: 90-48 Imai Narusawa, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 0568-62-5611

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