[Inabe city, Mie] Natural Restaurant "NoKi" with Beautiful Garden

Inabe City
Posting date: 2022.07.08
[Inabe city, Mie] Natural Restaurant "NoKi" with Beautiful Garden

Inabe City in Mie Prefecture, rich in nature, is easily accessible from Nagoya and is a recommended area for short trips. The newly opened restaurant in Inabe City is the restaurant "NoKi" with a beautiful garden.

Surrounded by a garden, "NoKi" is a restaurant where you can enjoy nature with all five senses, from the plants you can see and the dishes made with seasonal local ingredients.

So this time, I will introduce the charm of "NoKi".

"NoKi" is located in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture. It takes about an hour by car from Nagoya. It is operated by GARDENART Co., Ltd., which has been developing a local landscaping business for many years.

The restaurant has a garden because NoKi wants you to feel the four seasons unique to Japan.

The store is located on the premises of GARDENART, and once you step inside, you will find a beautiful garden that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

When you enter the store, you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons from the large windows.
It is designed so that you can see the flowers and trees wherever you sit.

Supervised by Chef Kenta Nakatsuji
Taste the season with ingredients from Inabe

The restaurant offers a menu that uses local ingredients, with the hope that customers will enjoy the food of Inabe City. The restaurant places importance on ingredients and seasonality, so they visit the local market every morning to purchase the fruits and vegetables harvested that day.

In addition, the cuisine is supervised by Chef Kenta Nakatsuji, a culinary researcher who trained at a 2-star restaurant in Italy.

*Kenta Nakatsuji
Studied authentic Italian cuisine in Piedmont, Italy, and trained at a two-star restaurant in Sicily. After returning to Japan, he taught at a cooking school in Aoyama, Tokyo, and then held cooking classes in Nagoya and Tokyo. She is also active in the media and magazines. Currently, she is active as a chef at "IL FIOR FIORE", an Italian cooking school in Nagoya, as well as in the media in the Tokai area.

Creating a sustainable restaurant

NoKi further takes into consideration the times in creating a sustainable restaurant. In addition to contributing to local production for local consumption by using local ingredients, NoKi is also environmentally conscious, with aprons dyed from discarded ingredients, business cards made from banana paper, and tableware made from bamboo fiber that is safe for children to use.

They also use environmentally friendly containers for to-go!

Recommended menu

From here, we will introduce NoKi's recommended menu that you can enjoy for lunch or tea time.

Grilled Cabbage Rolls with Sakura Pork

First of all, NoKi's signboard menu "Grilled cabbage rolls with Sakura pork". Sakura pork and beef are ground together, and the surface of the cabbage is grilled and lightly sprinkled with black pepper.

For lunch, there is a side menu that includes a rice and soup set (+200 yen), a mini salad set (+200 yen), and a drink set (+200 yen), and the side menu is detailed so that you can order according to how hungry you are.

We also recommend the cheese topping with plenty of Italian parmigiano cheese.

The fragrantly grilled cabbage rolls, the meat juices that ooze out from the inside, and the rich cheese will whet your appetite.

"Bolognese" with plenty of Sakura pork

Bolognese made with carefully simmered Sakura pork, beef, and vegetables. Bolognese with plenty of umami is irresistible.

Popular "Crab cream croquette"

Another very popular item is the crab cream croquette. The crab cream croquette made with domestic snow crab has a smooth texture and is loved by children and adults alike.

List of Sweets

"Forest millefeuille"
Crispy pie crust is luxuriously finished with seasonal fruits and two kinds of cream.

An dolce that uses plenty of mascarpone, perfect after a meal. The rich aroma of coffee and mascarpone match well. The balance of bitterness and sweetness is exquisite.

"Ryokkoen Tea Parfait"
It is a parfait using Kabuse tea from the tea shop Ryokkoen in Inabe city. A carefully baked tuile is placed on top of the glass and decorated with ice cream, cream, and macaroons.

This time it was an introduction to the restaurant, NoKi.

Inabe City is a perfect area for outings, so please visit other places as well!

Spot Details

Address: 2443-5, Ishigurehigashi, Daian-cho, Inabe City, Mie Prefecture (on the premises of GARDENART Co.)
Phone number: 0594-37-6812
Business hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Wednesday, 1st.3rd Thursday


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