[Nagoya/Nishi Ward] Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei

Nagoya City Nishi-ku
Posting date: 2023.01.23
[Nagoya/Nishi Ward] Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei

The Josai area is located in Nishi Ward, Nagoya City. It is characterized by a calm townscape that combines the liveliness of being close to the city center with the aspect of a quiet residential area in the downtown area.

Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei is located about a 10-minute walk from Sengencho Station and Joshin Station. This is a shop where you can relax and enjoy a book and delicious coffee.

This time, we would like to introduce you to the charm of Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei and the thoughts behind the shop.

*Information as of January 2023.

What is “Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei”?

The interior has a modern taste. You can pick up your favorite book in your favorite seat and enjoy it comfortably. Warm indirect lighting creates a calm space. Another unique feature of second-hand book cafes is the use of different lights for books and for space lighting.

Making use of the owner's specialty of calligraphy, it is impressive that the information such as the POP in the store is written with a good handwriting. All menu items are handwritten.

I just read all the way through.

"You can Enjoy Delicious Coffee while Reading a Book Freely."
The Idea of the Shop

All the books that I wanted to pick up were lined up.

Ms. Showrei is the owner of "Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei''. There was a large cafe in the university library, and the sight of students freely picking up books and reading while enjoying coffee was truly impressive.

Ms. Showrei:"In Japan, one example is Tsutaya Bookstore, but I wanted to create a space where people can freely pick up a book and enjoy coffee while reading it, and provide that space to as many people as possible.'' . About three years ago, I came to Nagoya due to some luck, and I was completely fascinated by the culture and people of Nagoya.
"Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei'' was born out of a desire to create a fun and stimulating space that is easy for everyone to come to, and which has taken root in our beloved Nagoya. ”

The store name “ShowRei” also has a special feeling

There are many cute decorations and caricatures in the store.

The name "ShowRei" in "Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei" is based on his own name, but by writing it in Roman letters, it has the meaning of "Show.''

Show = to show, express, reveal.

Ms. Showrei: "The name of the store contains the idea that 'people who visit the store will sympathize with each other and become friends' and 'become a space where they can show their values'. Now, just like that thought, it has become a space where local residents and multinational people can visit and deepen exchanges. ”

A Lot of Books that you want to Pick Up in the Store

When I actually spent time in the store, I felt, "Oh, there are books in such a place!"

Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei has a wide selection of books on business, history/geography, art, foreign books, and more. Since there are many people with children, there are also picture books for children and books on child-rearing.

Books are everywhere in the store to create an opportunity for as many customers as possible to pick up a book.

At Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei, you can find books that you don't usually pick up, books that are educational, and books that provide new values!

Introducing the Book Recommended by the Owner!

We asked the owner, Ms. Showrei, to select a recommended book.

Recommended book 1: The Life of Trees, the Heart of Trees (Tsuneichi Nishioka)

This is a work written by a craftsman of a shrine carpenter. Trees, like people, have hearts and are different. The memory of hands that cannot be expressed in words is written in a narrative tone about how to live and nurture trees by snuggling up to them. It seems that it is a work that changed the sense of values in Ms. Showrei's life.

Recommended book ② "Nagoya Rules" Urban Life Research Project (Nagoya Team)

The unspoken rules that are unique to Nagoya are introduced in comics in a funny way. There are plenty of essences that will make you know Nagoya and love Nagoya more, such as "Nagoya Station = Meieki" and "CD = Chunichi Dragons (local baseball team). This is one of Ms. Showrei's favorite books.

In the store, there were many books that touched on the history and culture of Nagoya. I can feel Ms. Showrei's love for Nagoya.

With delicious Coffee
Try the Authentic Taiwanese sweets

Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei is also particular about its coffee. Based on the image that "when you think of a coffee shop, you think of coffee,'' we have incorporated the original charm of a coffee shop and incorporated black coffee as the main menu item.

You can choose and order your favorite coffee beans at that time.

There are several types of coffee, including specialty coffee made with local beans and blended coffee such as Bourbon. After meeting the master of "Coffee House Urara," also located in Nishi-ku, and sharing the same feelings, some of the coffee beans are from "Coffee House Urara".

The scent of freshly brewed delicious coffee spreads in the store.

You can choose your favorite coffee beans according to your mood of the day. "I want to provide a combination of good coffee and good books." With this in mind, it is attractive to be able to select your own favorite book and favorite coffee.

We recommend the special "ShowRei's Premium Coffee'' recommended Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei. A blend of beans from Yemen, Kenya, and India, it has a fragrant aroma and an easy-to-drink taste.

You can enjoy special coffee at home.

Ms. ShowRei's Premium Coffee is also for sale. Perfect for gifts!

Enjoy Authentic Taiwanese Sweets

I was deeply moved by the deliciousness... It was the most delicious pineapple cake I've ever eaten.

How about a set of authentic Taiwanese sweets along with coffee?

The sweets lined up in the shop are handmade by Taiwanese in Japan. I had a pineapple cake, and it had just the right balance of sourness and sweetness and melted in my mouth. It is very delicious and goes well with coffee.

There are many other Taiwanese handmade sweets, so please check them out!

It's okay if you're not familiar with Taiwanese sweets! There are easy-to-understand explanations in the menu book. At Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei you may be able to discover traditional Taiwanese sweets that you have never encountered before.

There is also morning breakfast and lunch menu, so be sure to check it out!

There is also a Pesticide-free Vegetable Sales Office in the Shop!

It's amazing to be able to buy delicious pesticide-free vegetables in a city like here.

What impressed me was the 24-hour pesticide-free vegetable market in front of the store. When I first saw it in front of the shop, my impression was "Huh?! In such a place?!"

Ms. ShowRei, who was exposed to the charm of agriculture while living in Cheongju, sells pesticide-free vegetables grown by local part-time farmers at Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei.

The types of vegetables that are sold at that time are also different.

The impetus was that vegetables left over in COVID-19 pandemic began to be placed at Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei. At first, they sold vegetables lined up on the counter, but they were so popular with customers that they now have refrigerators both inside and outside the store, so you can always buy pesticide-free vegetables.

It's nice to be able to buy vegetables that are locally produced for local consumption. In order to eliminate food waste, cafe have also started lunch menus such as curry using vegetables.

"Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei'' is a Place where you can Enjoy Books and Delicious Coffee
A Place to Meet New Friends

Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei is a wonderful book cafe where you can enjoy delicious coffee and books in a calm space.

Not only that, but it was a space where conversations with visitors were naturally lively, and I couldn't help but have a lively conversation with a customer who was visiting during the interview.
The owner, Ms. Showrei, was very friendly and warm, and she had a lot of stories to tell.

At the store, they also hold events such as kids cafe events and fortune-telling events, in addition to events that are mainly about books, that give you the opportunity to meet people.

Check out Instagram for more details.

Spot Details

[Secondhand Book cafe ShowRei]
Address: 3-10-5 Josai, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Parking lot: None (coin parking available on both sides, 1H/¥200)
web: https://showrei0401.wixsite.com/mysite
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/furuhonkissa_showrei/

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