4 Selections of Delicious Tenmusu Place to Try Out in Nagoya!

Posting date: 2023.08.09
4 Selections of Delicious Tenmusu Place to Try Out in Nagoya!

“Tenmusu” is a bite-sized rice ball made by gently squeezing white rice into a plump shrimp tempura.

"Nagoya food (Nagoya-meshi)" offers a variety of gourmet dishes such as miso katsu (pork cutlet with miso sauce), hitsumabushi (rice topped with grilled eel), tebasaki (chicken wing), Miso Nikomi Udon (udon with miso broth). Among them, “Tenmusu” is one of the popular gourmet foods that has been loved for a long time mainly in the Tokai region for its convenience and deliciousness.

Nowadays, you can see Tenmusu being sold in various places, such as shops in Nagoya Station and food sections in department stores.

Tenmusu, which is delicious even when it is cooled, is easy for to-go. It's just the right amount to accompany lunch or dinner, and many people buy it as a souvenir from Nagoya. In addition, there are many famous tenmusu restaurants in Nagoya that have been around since the Showa period, and you can enjoy the unique tenmusu that varies from restaurant to restaurant.

Nagoya Specialty ! "4 Famous Tenmusu Restaurants"

From here, we will introduce four famous Tenmusu restaurants that you can eat in Nagoya City.

Each store has its own unique taste, shape, and size. We will actually compare the tastes and tell you the differences and recommended points! From long-established shops that have been in business for many years to the latest fashionable shops that have recently opened, there will be a variety of Tenmusu specialty shops.

You can't Miss Them ! "Top 3 Tenmusu Place"

The first place I would like to introduce is here! It is the long-established Tenmusu specialty store, which is highly regarded.

Ganso Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju

“Ganso (original) Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju” has its main store in Daimon, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. Established around 1955, this is a long-established restaurant specializing in Tenmusu.

In fact, Senju is the birthplace of Tenmusu. Many people may think it originated in Nagoya because it is a Nagoya specialty, but the first Tenmusu was created in Mie Prefecture, a neighbor of Nagoya.

The first generation, Yone Mizutani, wanted to feed her busy husband with nutritious food, so it was created as a "meal". Senju's Tenmusu, which is filled with love, is famous for its deliciousness that has not changed in the past and has many repeat customers.

Tenmusu of "Ganso Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju" is small, but has a strong presence, and is a perfect match with Koshihikari rice from Mie Prefecture, which has a moderately salty taste. The size is small, so it's easy to eat.

The garnish is kyarabuki (butterbur boiled like tsukudani), which has a strong taste and is a little firm. Eating it in between is a good accent, and the umami of Tenmusu increases.

Shrimp tempura is tightly wrapped in rice, and the batter has a moist and elegant taste. The tempura fried in corn oil is slightly peppery and doesn't feel oily at all. I can't help but eat one or two.

Tenmusu from Ganso Tenmusu Senju can be found inside Kintetsu Nagoya Station and ESCA underground malls in Nagoya City. It is also recommended as a souvenir or to accompany your trip. Please enjoy the original taste of Tenmusu!

[Meifutsu Tenmusu no Senju (original Tenmusu no Senju) head office]
Address: 9-7 Daimon, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture 514-0027
Phone: 059-228-6798
Parking lot: Yes


Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju

The next restaurant on the list is Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju, which has its main store in Osu, Nagoya. This is a restaurant that has been separated from the "Ganso Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju" introduced earlier. Tenmusu became popular in Nagoya as a local gourmet dish at Senju in Osu.

The first thing to notice about the difference from the original is the packing paper. Although they have similar designs, Ganso Senju uses yellow-green wrapping paper, while Osu no Senju uses brown wrapping paper.

Their appearance is almost same! The size is slightly larger than the original Senju. Shrimp tempura overflowing from fluffy cooked rice will whet your appetite.

Tenmusu of "Meiftsu Tenmusu Senju" is full of commitment to each ingredient. Glossy Hokuriku Koshihikari rice, nori seaweed, and above all, plump shrimp are delicious! One bite of the soft Tenmusu will fill your mouth with happiness.

The mitsuba in the batter creates a refreshing aftertaste. The kyarabuki served as a garnish is simmered softly with a salty flavor, making Tenmusu stand out even more.

Main store in Osu

In addition to the main store in Osu, Matsuzakaya Nagoya also has a branch of "Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju." Both stores have an eat-in space, so you can enjoy freshly made Tenmusu that you can only eat here!

Freshly-made Tenmusu is exquisite. By all means, why don't you try the delicious Tenmusu at Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju between lunch and shopping?

[Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju Main Store]
Address: 4-10-82 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone: 052-262-0466
Parking lot: None


The last Tenmusu Gosanke is Jiraiya, which has its main store in Tokugawa, Nagoya. Since opening in Sakaechika-gai (Sakae underground shopping arcade) in 1988, Tenmusu specialty store has expanded its sales in many locations, including Nagoya, Tokyo, and Kansai.

Jiraiya's Tenmusu is characterized by its large prawn tempura. The whole Tenmusu is packed with the flavor of natural shrimp.

Shrimp tempura seasoned with a sweet soy sauce sauce has a lot of batter and a rich flavor. Even though they are small, they are very satisfying to eat. If Senju's Tenmusu is light and refreshing, isn't Jiraiya's Tenmusu more rich?

The kyarabuki served as a side dish is well seasoned and crunchy! The overall flavor is solid, and it is Tenmusu that feels like Nagoya.

Black Rice Tenmusu

At Jiraiya, in addition to white rice Tenmusu, there are three types of Tenmusu: black rice and mustard greens. Among them, Black Rice Tenmusu has a refined taste where you can enjoy the chewy texture of black rice and the deep flavor.

In the summer, they also sell unusual seasonal Tenmusu such as "curry Tenmusu". You can enjoy seasonal Tenmusu that changes from time to time.

At the main store in Tokugawa, you can take out freshly-made Tenmusu for each order. You can also purchase at JR Nagoya Takashimaya and Nagoya Mitsukoshi.

There are many stores in highway service areas, so it is also recommended for going out and driving!

Address: 1-739 Tokugawa, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 461-0025
Phone: 052-934-1064
Parking lot: Yes
web: http://www.jiraiya.net/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jiraiya_tenmusu/

New Style Tenmusu

Tenmusu "Oniten"

The last place we would like to introduce is "Tenmusu Oniten" located in Osu Kannon Shopping Street in Osu, Nagoya. A rising star in the Tenmusu world that just opened in July 2022, it is a Tenmusu specialty store with more than 10 types using various ingredients, including shrimp Tenmusu.

This time, we had the "Big 4" set where you can enjoy 4 popular Tenmusu from among many!

Shrimp Tenmusu

First of all, from the standard "Ebi (shrimp) Tenmusu". The shrimp's tail, wrapped in a crispy batter, pops out like a shachihoko. It has just the right amount of salt and plums, and has a gentle taste that tells you that it is carefully made.

The carefully selected original blended rice has a distinct graininess and a fluffy texture.

Chicken Tenmusu

"Tori (chicken) Tenmusu" is a hearty dish with large pieces of chicken tempura.

Whitebait and Perilla Tenmusu

The perfect combination of “Shirasu and Ooba (whitebait and perilla) Tenmusu” has the best balance between the saltiness of the shirasu and the fragrant flavor of the Ooba!

Umeboshi (pickled plum) Tenmusu

"Umeboshi no Tenmusu" is an unique one. The refreshing acidity of the pickled plum hidden in the batter is very delicious. It's a refreshing and elegant Tenmusu is perfect for finishing.

The garnish is lightly pickled burdock.

Tenmusu Kiten is a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of Tenmusu. The moment when you choose your favorite ingredients from many kinds is a special time. The size is also small, so it's great for eating while walking.

There will also be "magic ochazuke dashi broth" and other items for sale, allowing you to taste Tenmusu in a new form. Please visit Osu to enjoy the brand new Oniten's Tenmusu.

[Tenmusu Kiten]
Address: 2-18-21 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone: 090-1874-0802
Parking lot: None
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tenmusu_oniten/

This time, we introduced 4 famous Tenmusu place in Nagoya. Were there Tenmusu that caught your attention?

I was surprised that each store has a completely different taste and commitment, even if it is a lump sum of Tenmusu. Tenmusu anyone can easily eat, regardless of age or gender. By all means, why not compare the delicious Tenmusu that each restaurant is proud of and find your favorite one?


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