[10 selections ] Kaldi 's Super Delicious Foods that are Perfect for Drinking at Home

Update date: 2024.01.23
Posting date: 2021.12.14
[10 selections ] Kaldi 's Super Delicious Foods that are Perfect for Drinking at Home

Due to the implementation of remote work and self-restraint due to the COVID-19, it seems that more and more people are enjoying drinking at home, such as "home izakaya" and "online drinking parties".

So this time, our alcohol-loving Editorial Team staff would like to introduce you to `` Kaldi 's super delicious snacks that will go well with alcohol!'' Almost no cooking required. We have focused on items that go well with a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and sake.

By the way, Kaldi also has an extensive online shop, so you can get delicious snacks without having to go out! (Alcohol is also abundant ◎)

*Prices are as of the time of the interview. (All prices include tax)

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Speaking of Kaldi, this is it!
Eat it as it is or arrange it
"Cured ham"


Jumbo Foods “Cured ham” ¥338

First of all, speaking of Kaldi, this is it! It's a classic "cured ham".

120g is 338 yen, which is quite a bargain. The shape is different because it is cut off, but there is no problem at all to eat at home.

Of course, you can eat it as it is, but you can arrange it with cheese, vegetables, or put it on crackers.

Yukhoe-style ham

The writer's favorite is the "cured ham yukhoe style".

Mix soy sauce, sesame oil, and lemon juice with shredded uncured ham, and finish with cucumber and egg yolk! If you add a little yuzu pepper, it goes even better with sake! Goes well with beer, highball and lemon sour ◎

The best marriage of cheese and kazunoko


Ihara Suisan “Kazuchi” ¥475


Another snack that is perfect for cheese and wine lovers. (especially with white wine)

"Kazuchi" where you can enjoy the best collaboration of smoked Kazunoko (herring roe) and cheese. A snack made by Kazunokoya in Hokkaido.

Smoked Kazunoko is kneaded into the cheese, but the texture of Kazunoko is irresistible! By the way, if you lightly broil it, the deliciousness will be doubled. Please do try that out.

Excellent compatibility with beer!
“Grilled edamame” with a crunchy texture

Kaldi original "grilled edamame"

Kaldi Original "Grilled Edamame" ¥128

Kaldi original "grilled edamame"

When it comes to beer, it's edamame.

Kaldi 's original "Grilled edamame"is a snack made with domestic Dadacha beans and salt from Miyakojima. The texture is as light as you'd expect. The slight sweetness of the edamame and the amount of salt are outstanding, and you won't be able to stop drinking beer. A bag of licks in no time. I love it so much that I want to buy a box.

It's just the right amount of salt, so it's also recommended as a snack for children!

Akita specialty turns into okaki
"Iburigakko okaki"

Kaldi original "Iburigakko Okaki"

Kaldi Original “Iburigakko Okaki” ¥140

Smoked okaki

This is also Kaldi original snack "Iburigakko Okaki".

As the name suggests, this is an okaki flavored with Akita's famous smoked radish pickles "Iburigakko". The more you chew, the more you can enjoy the scent of smoke. This is definitely beer. No, it seems to go well with Japanese sake.

Please try it with cream cheese. You can recreate the taste of an izakaya at home!

The bitterness of ginkgo nuts is perfect for sake
"Fried Ginnan"

fried ginkgo

Fried Ginnan salted ¥289

fried ginkgo

This is also irresistible for sake lovers, “Fried Ginnan Salted”.

The bitterness of the ginkgo nuts and the crunchy texture are perfect for sake. The unique bitterness of ginkgo nuts goes well with dry Japanese sake and dark beer.

A sure-fire combination of oysters and smoked meat!

"Smoked oysters pickled in oil"

Kaldi Original "Smoked Oysters Pickled in Oil"

Kaldi Original "Smoked Oysters in Oil" ¥318

Kaldi sells a variety of canned foods, but the one that goes by far with alcohol is smoked oysters in oil. Canned food can be stored for a long time and can be eaten as is by simply opening the lid. There are about 10 slices in one can.

A can filled with the soft texture of young oysters and the umami of smoked oysters. Dipping French bread in the remaining oil is also irresistible. (Please forgive me for a bad manner...!)

Tsubu-Tsubu Tarako and Burnt Butter Harmony
"Tarako Spread"

Tarako Spread

Marine "Tarako spread" ¥ 358

The Tarako spread is also indispensable when pairing with the baguette.

The margarine is kneaded with cod roe, and it's soft like a dip, so it's easy to spread on baguettes and crackers!

It's richer than it looks, and even if it's a small amount, you can still enjoy the tsubu-tsubu (lumpy) texture of the cod roe. (This time I was too enthusiastic and applied a little too much. A little less is OK)

Mix it with mayonnaise to make a dip, mix it with potato salad, or make it into pasta.

It's reasonably priced at ¥358, so you'll want to keep in your fridge all the time.

The scent of perilla and the umami of Aizu sweet miso
"Perilla (Oba) miso"

Aizu Tianpo "Perilla (Oba) Miso"

Aizu Tenpo "Perilla (Oba) miso" ¥ 237

Lastly, we would like to introduce Aizu Tenpo's Oba Miso. Aizu sweet miso with the aroma of perilla leaves and spicy chili peppers. Perilla from Aichi Prefecture is used. Spicy goes well with alcohol, isn't it ~.

One push is the vegetable stick dip! It's delicious as it is, but adding a little mayonnaise makes it milder and easier to eat.

The "grilled rice ball'' made with this perilla miso is also excellent, so it is also recommended as a finishing touch. It is also great to use as it is for ochazuke (rice in soup).

If you like wine, please try it!
"Golden Camembert"

golden camembert

camembert campagne de france

"Camembert Campagne de France" ¥ 820

What we would like you to pair with our dry-cured ham is Camembert Campagne de France, commonly known as “Golden Camembert”, which is directly imported from France.

The price is a little high, but the unique aroma and flavor will definitely get you hooked once you try it. Especially if you are a wine lover, be careful! The characteristic of gold camembert is that it can be aged even while it is stored in the refrigerator, so you can enjoy the change in taste and flavor. It is recommended to leave it at room temperature for a while and let it melt!

I can't stop eating the freshness of lemon
"Mackerel Rillette Setouchi Lemon Flavor"

Kaldi Original "Mackerel Rillette Setouchi Lemon Flavor" ¥248

I will also introduce my favorite canned food that I'm repeating many times.

That is "Mackerel Rillette Setouchi Lemon Flavor". This is a canned rillettes of mackerel with Setouchi lemon flavor. Rillette is a traditional French dish that has a pâté-like texture.

Just spread it on crackers or baguettes, and it's the perfect snack to accompany white wine. Leftover rillettes are delicious served with warm vegetables or mixed with thin pasta.

This time we introduced some delicious snacks that you can buy at Kaldi.

All of them require almost no cooking, so they are perfect for home drinking! Try them for your home drinking this weekend. Enjoy your time at home with a drink in your hand!

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