Complete Guide of Misen: Various Taiwan Ramen, Store Specials and Recommended Menus!

Posting date: 2023.03.29
Complete Guide of Misen: Various Taiwan Ramen, Store Specials and Recommended Menus!

"Taiwan ramen" is a staple of Nagoya dishes.

Taiwan ramen refers to ramen noodles in a soy sauce-based broth with ingredients such as minced pork, chives, bean sprouts, and plenty of garlic and chili peppers.

It is said that such Taiwan ramen was born at Misen, a Taiwanese restaurant from Nagoya. Why "Taiwan" ramen and why it is a Nagoya food? The reason, you may ask, is that it is a gourmet dish that originated here in Nagoya.

Each "Misen" by 5 Brothers
The Unknown History of Misen

Misen, with its main restaurant in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, is a very popular Taiwanese restaurant with more than 10 branches in Aichi Prefecture, including directly managed and affiliated restaurants. Its popularity is not limited to Aichi, but has also expanded to Tokyo and Osaka.

Did you know that each of these nationally famous Misen restaurants actually has a different flavor? Even within the same Misen restaurant, there are differences in taste, restaurant atmosphere, price, and many other aspects, and each has its own individual charm.

So why does it vary from store to store?

This is because five brothers opened Misen in different locations. The founder, Meiyu Kaku, the eldest son, opened the first Misen restaurant in Imaike in 1962. The five brothers went on to open their own Misen restaurants in Yagoto, Yaba Misen, Fujigaoka, and Nisshin Takenoyama.

Therefore, even if the menu has the same name, each restaurant has a different taste.

Misen's Classic Menu, Taiwan Ramen
Let's Eat and Compare!

This time, we compared Taiwan ramen, a classic menu item originated by Misen, at the five restaurants opened by each of the five Kaku brothers.

We will tell you about the different attractions of each based on spiciness, thickness, amount of ingredients, etc. We also introduce limited menus that are only available at each restaurant, as well as recommended popular menus!

【Chikusa Ward】Misen, Imaike Main Shop

The first restaurant we will introduce is Misen Imaike Honten (main shop) in Chikusa ward, Nagoya City.

To get to know Misen, you can't miss this place! This is the original Misen, opened by the eldest son of the Kaku brothers, Minyu. Many businessmen come here for a quick drink after work, and many customers, both on weekdays and holidays, visit the Imaike main store in search of the original Misen flavor.

Taiwan ramen 750¥ (tax included)

The Taiwan ramen at the Imaike Main Store is not only spicy, but also has a deep flavor! One bite of this spicy ramen will gradually heat you up from the inside out.  

The large cut red hot pepper and the chunks of minced meat give this dish a punch.

Larojan noodle 1,000¥(tax included)

The limited menu available at the Imaike main store, "Larojanmen (hot sauce noodles)," is a starchy sauce mazesoba (soupless noodle) dish filled with spicy minced meat, bean sprouts and potherb mustard, using Misen's special hot sauce.

It is like Taiwan ramen without soup. The bean paste is thick and goes well with the noodles. Like the Taiwan ramen, the spiciness of this dish is also very strong! Although I was heaving, it was so delicious that I couldn't stop eating it.

Stir-fried scallion 900¥ (tax included)

The "Stir-Fried Scallion" is a must-try menu item when you visit Misen. It is as popular as Taiwan ramen and is a great accompaniment to beer! The scalliom is plump and juicy. And the broth and chili peppers are a perfect match for the umami spiciness of the dish.

[Misen Imaike Main Shop]
Address: 1-12-10 Imaike, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-0850
Parking lot: Available


Yaba Misen is located about a 5-minute walk from Yaba-cho Station on the Nagoya City Subway. It is a popular restaurant with long lines of customers at lunch time as well as dinner.

It boasts an overwhelming number of seats, with a total capacity of 320 people on the first to third floors. With excellent access from Sakae, the center of Nagoya, and Osu, it is a popular tourist spot, the restaurant is always crowded with a wide variety of customers.

Taiwan ramen 820¥(tax)

Yaba Misen is characterized by its spicy and rich flavor. Nagoya foods is famous for its strong flavor, and it is no exaggeration to say that Yaba Misen represents it. The strong flavor goes well with beer or chu-hi!

The Taiwanese ramen is hot and delicious all at once the moment you put it in your mouth. As you can see, the noodles are covered with a generous amount of hot chili peppers, so it is very spicy. But it is such an addictive taste that you can't help but drink the soup.

Hormone ramen 970¥(tax included)

For those who do not like spicy food, "Hormone (offal) ramen" is recommended! In fact, this is a hidden popular menu item available only at Yaba Misen for those in the know.

The soup is packed with the umami of the hormone and is delicious and filling. It has the richness of tail soup. The oily taste of the hormone is covered by the spicy pepper. It is also good for a post-drinking dinner.

Address: 3-6-3 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi 460-0011
Parking: None (Underground Wakamiya Parking [Parking service available] Please contact the store for details.)
Brand site:

【Tenpaku-ku】Misen Yagoto branch

Misen Yagoto branch is located about a 10-minute walk from Yagoto Station on the Nagoya City Subway. The restaurant is popular among students as there is a university nearby.

The restaurant features a more intimate and homey atmosphere than other Misen restaurants, like a machi-chuka (local Chinese restaurant). Another attraction of the Yagoto branch is its slightly lower price range, perhaps because it caters to students.

Taiwan ramen 700¥(tax included)

The Taiwan ramen at Yagoto branch is less spicy than other Misen restaurants. It is very easy to eat and the refreshing soup has a delicate flavor. The minced meat is a gorgous taste. Each ingredient is delicious, and the quality of each ingredient stands out one by one!

Green vegetable ramen 850¥(tax included)

This is the manager's recommendation for the "green vegetable ramen". It is a collaboration of stir-fried Chinese cabbage and soy sauce ramen, a staple of Chinese cuisine. The light soy sauce broth, the flavor of the stir-fried greens, and the garlic add depth to the taste.

If you want to eat both stir-fried greens and ramen! This is the perfect menu!

A vending machine for frozen items is located in front of the Yagoto branch! The lineup includes Taiwan ramen, garlic fried rice, chicken wings, and other popular dishes. As long as you buy these items, you can enjoy the taste of Misen at home anytime.

[Misen Yagoto Branch]
Address: 434 Yagotoyama, Tenpaku Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi 468-0077
Parking lot: Available

【Meito-ku】Misen Fujigaoka Branch  

Misen Fujigaoka Branch is located about a 10-minute walk from Fujigaoka Station on the Nagoya City Subway.

The parking lot is always full on weekdays as well as holidays, and the restaurant is so popular that there is a "Misen traffic jam" in front of the restaurant. Many people are fans of the Fujigaoka branch, and the restaurant is always crowded with customers. The atmosphere is like that of a local restaurant.

Taiwan ramen 715 (tax included)

The Taiwanese ramen at the Fujigaoka branch is sooooo spicy! But it is delicious! It has a punch that makes you want to shout, "It's spicy, but it's delicious"! It is so spicy that it burns the inside of your mouth right from the first bite, but the flavor is even stronger than that, and even though you are sweating, you cannot stop eating. It is such an addictive taste.

 Taiwan rice bowl 715¥(tax included)  

This is "Taiwan rice bowl" with Taiwan ramen ingredients on a bed of white rice. Even with the same ingredients, there is a different quality to eating it with noodles and eating it with rice. The direct flavor, spiciness, and sweetness of the rice collaborate to create an addictive taste. When you finish about half of the rice, we recommend cracking an egg yolk to change the flavor to a milder one!

Special meat shumai 715¥ (tax included)

There is one more dish that we recommend that you must order when you visit the Fujigaoka branch. This is the "Special Meat Shumai (steamed dumplings) ," a popular menu item available only at the Fujigaoka branch. The shumai is more than twice the size of a regular shumai, and it is filled with plenty of meat and is soft and fluffy.

Many people go to the Fujigaoka branch for this menu. Once you try it, you will surely be captivated by the special meat shumai!

[Misen Fujigaoka Branch]
Address: 38-2 Fujisatocho, Meito Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi  465-0036
Parking lot: Available

【Nisshin City】Misen Nisshin Takenoyama Branch

The last restaurant we will introduce is Misen Nisshin Takenoyama in Nisshin City, which was recently renovated in February 2023 and is always filled with many customers. Lines of people waiting to enter the restaurant are a daily occurrence.

The restaurant is popular among families with children, and in addition to locals, many people visit the Nisshin Takenoyama branch for its flavor.

Taiwan ramen 748¥(tax included)

The Nissin Takenoyama branch's Taiwan ramen has an addictive taste with a delicate, umami-rich broth made by simmering slightly thin minced meat with two kinds of chili peppers, large and small, together. The soup is not only spicy but also delicately rich, making it easy to drink too much of it.

Shio Taiwan ramen 748¥(tax included)

The menu exclusive to this Nissin Takenoyama branch is "Shio (salt) Taiwan Ramen". As the name suggests, it is a salt-flavored Taiwan ramen that is also excellent. Since it is lighter than regular Taiwanese ramen, it is also a good choice for a "shime" (dish to eat at the end of the meal). Perhaps because of its salty flavor, the spiciness is a little subdued. It is an attractive dish that offers a different taste of Taiwanese ramen.

Water dumpling (5pcs.) 605¥(tax included)

We recommend ordering one more light dish, the "Water dumpling". The large dumpling flows smoothly into your mouth, and the umami of the meat spreads out! The garlic-flavored umadare (umami sauce) adds a delicious accent to the dumpling.

[Misen Nisshin Takenoyama Branch]
Address: 4-105 Takenoyama, Nisshin City, Aichi 470-0136
Parking lot: Available

Misen offers a variety of Taiwan dishes including Taiwan ramen.

Why don't you try tasting the different flavors at each restaurant and find your own favorite one?

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