12 recommended souvenirs you definitely want to buy when you go to Nagoya

Posting date: 2023.02.17
12 recommended souvenirs you definitely want to buy when you go to Nagoya

In this issue, we introduce 12 recommended souvenirs from Nagoya. We have selected a wide range of souvenirs, from classic Nagoya souvenirs such as "nagoyan" and "uiro" to souvenirs that you can give as gifts!

"Ganso Shachi Monaka," which is Inspired by the Golden Shachihoko of Nagoya Castle's Main Keep.

Ganso (original) Shachi Monaka is based on the motif of the golden Shachihoko on the main keep of Nagoya Castle. Ganso Shachi Monaka was created in 1921 by "Ganso Shachi Monaka Honten (main shop)" founded in 1907, and has been loved for more than 100 years as a "fun to look at and delicious to eat" Shachihoko confectionery.

The savory monaka skin is baked using only pure glutinous rice and filled with tsubu-an (sweet bean paste), which is slowly cooked using a unique method. The simple taste has long been a favorite of many people.

It has received an Honorary Grand Gold Medal at the National Confectionary and Tourism Exposition. Recommended by the Nagoya Tourism Brand Association.。

【Ganso Shachi Monaka】

Over 60 Years since its Birth! Nagoya's Representative Confectionery "Nagoyan"

Nagoyan" is one of the most popular Nagoya souvenirs. It is a baked cake made of Japanese wheat sponge cake dough, filled with a mild yellowish bean paste. All the wheat used is domestically produced, with the main ingredient being "Kinuakari" wheat from Aichi Prefecture.

The moist and soft texture is perfect for coffee breaks! They will be appreciated not only as souvenirs, but also as tea sweets, gifts, and for a variety of other occasions.


Delectable Gourmet Cookies for Someone Special,

Gemellivo is a grocery store run by product designer Minoru Takeuchi and his brother Ken, an Italian chef. Gemellivo offers a lineup of baked goods that are perfect as souvenirs, based on the concept of "baked goods for adults who love to eat."

The most popular souvenirs are the cookies. Pictured from left to right are two types of cookies: Bitter chocolate sablé, Earl Grey and lemon icing cookies, and Gorgonzola cookies. You will want to eat these cookies a little at a time, as an accompaniment to a cup of tea or with your evening drink.  


Pecan Nut Chocolat from "Chez Shibata," 
a Leading Patisserie in the Tokai Area

Chez Shibata is a leading patisserie in the Tokai area, with four branches in Aichi and Gifu and nine overseas. Under the theme of "Modern Japanese," the store is decorated with a variety of sweets, including baked sweets and cookie tins.

Among them, we recommend the "Pecan Nut Chocolat (Caramel Salé). Large roasted pecan nuts are coated in white chocolate and finished with caramel powder. It is perfect as a gift since it keeps well for a long time!

[Chez Shibata Nagoya]

The Popular Bakery "Pan no Tora" where You can always Find People Waiting in Line.
"Gold Financier"

Pan no Tora'' is a popular bakery that always has lines of customers, starting with its main store in Anjo, and opening stores all over Aichi Prefecture, including Handa, NEOPASA Okazaki, and Yagoto stores. A particularly recommended souvenir is the ``gold financier.'' There are four types of "Gold Financiers" in total, and they can be purchased inside Nagoya Station.

The classic financier is made with aromatic Marcona almonds from Spain, honey, and burnt butter.

[Pan no Tora Anjo]

The retro package will tickle your heart!
Baked confectionery of “Cafe Bonbon”

Koguma Monogatari 140 yen each (tax included)

Founded in 1949, Cafe Bonbon offers a wide variety of baked sweets that are perfect as gifts, such as baumkuchen and cookie financiers.

The "Koguma Monogatari" with its cute retro packaging is especially irresistible. The simple, old-fashioned taste will soothe both your eyes and your heart. There are three flavors: walnut, earl grey, and green tea.

[Cafe Bonbon]

A must-see for cheesecake lovers!
"Sweet of Oregon"

Sweet of Oregon is a cheesecake specialty store with its main store in Meito Ward, Nagoya City. The cheesecakes made from the secret recipe of "Grandma Gills" in Oregon, U.S.A., are exquisite.

Using seasonal ingredients, the cheesecakes have a natural and gentle taste. Whether for yourself or as a souvenir, it is an excellent product that is sure to please.

[Sweet of Oregon]

*Products and availability may vary depending on each store.

The Cute Packaging Makes You Want to Buy it!!
Nagoya Ogura An Parfait Sandwich

"Ogura An Parfait Sandwich" is a unique sandwich cookie designed to resemble a parfait filled with red bean paste that might be found in a Nagoya coffee shop. The crunchy texture of the sandwich cookie is filled with freeze-dried Ogura and whipped chocolate with corn flakes.

The pink based package with a parfait on it is sure to be a hit with the ladies!

[Tokai Kotobuki]

"Hitokuchi-Uiro Nairo," Containing Bite-sized Uiro from Osu Uiro

Nagoya's standard souvenir "Osu uiro". Among them, the Hitokuchi Uiro Nairo, which comes in a plastic drawstring bag, looks cute and is perfect as a souvenir.

Osu Uiro is a standard souvenir of Nagoya. Among them, "Hitokuchi-Uiro Nairo" in a plastic drawstring bag, looks cute and is a perfect souvenir. It comes in five typical bite-sized Osu Uiro flavors (white, cherry blossom, green tea, black, and nairo), allowing you to enjoy a variety of tastes!

White: A light taste with the flavor of rice
Cherry: The aromatic flavor of cherry blossoms and leaves
Matcha: The deep taste of high-quality matcha green tea
Black: The rich taste of brown sugar 
Nairo: Gentle taste of steamed rice with sweet bean paste

[Osu Uiro]

"French Treasure"
"L'atelier de Michel Belin"

"L'atelier de Michel Belin" is located in Kodama, Nishi Ward, Nagoya City. It is the main store in Japan of the brand by Michel Belin, who is known as a world-class chocolatier.

Here, the store sells a variety of cakes, baked goods, gelato, etc., as well as his special chocolates. The chocolates, which have been awarded the title of " French Treasures," are especially excellent!

【L’atelier de Michel Belin】

Baked sweets specialty store "Buttery"
"Battery Sandwich", a very popular product that is sure to sell out

Buttery is a bakery specializing in pastries. The store offers a variety of aromatic sweets made with carefully selected butters such as fermented butter and Hokkaido butter.

We especially recommend the "Buttery Sandwich," a very popular item that is inevitably sold out. The cookie on the outside is made with rich Japanese fermented butter. Sandwiched between the fermented butter-scented cookies is a butter cream that combines Hokkaido butter with three new flavors.

One of the charms of the cookie is the original design of the cookie tin, which is also visually vibrant. The butter sandwich in a cookie tin with a retro floral pattern and mustard-colored ribbon is a perfect gift as well as a treat for yourself.


Nagoya limited flavor of "Kakitane Kitchen"
"Tebasaki Flavor" & "Ogura Toast Flavor"

We also recommend the Nagoya-only flavors from Kakitane kitchen, a Kaki-no-Tane specialty store. There are two types: "Tebasaki Flavor" and "Ogura Toast Flavor + Almond."

The azuki-scented Ogura Toast flavor has a deliciously subtle sweetness, while the Tebasaki (chicken wing) flavor is savory and spicy, making it a perfect bar snack! The size is small, but there is quite a lot in the package.

[Kakitane Kitchen]

This time, we introduced recommended souvenirs from Nagoya! Please use it as a reference.



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