[15 selections] Recommended Souvenirs to Buy in Ise-Shima, Mie!

Ise City
Posting date: 2023.03.24
[15 selections] Recommended Souvenirs to Buy in Ise-Shima, Mie!

This time, we will introduce "15 Recommended Souvenirs from Ise-Shima".

From long-established Japanese sweets to local gourmet, accessories and items using pearls, which are a special product of Ise-Shima, all of which are unique to Ise-Shima.

All of them can be purchased at Okage Yokocho or around Oharai-machi, so you can get them on your way back from visiting Ise!

Buy Pearls for Souvenir!
Long-established Specialty Store Representing Ise-Shima
"Hamaco Pearl"

Hamaco Pearl Ise store is located within walking distance (10-15 minutes) to Ise Jingu, Naiku, and Okage Yokocho, and has excellent access!

If you've come all the way to Ise, you'll want to get a pearl as a souvenir or gift for yourself. We recommend Hamaco Pearl, a long-established pearl specialty store that represents Ise-Shima. Hamaco Pearl procure high-quality pearls at stable prices from Ise-Shima, Tahiti, Australia, etc., and process and produce jewelry in-house.

This shop is very popular among tourists because you can casually enjoy pearl jewelry at reasonable prices that you can only get from direct sales.

In the spacious shop, you can find a wide variety of pearl jewelry that is fun just to look at, from reasonable souvenirs that can be purchased for 10,000 yen or less, to high-end pearl necklaces, and items for ceremonial occasions.

One of the reasons why Hamaco Pearl is a good value is that we have been a member of many unions due to our trust and track record over the 50 years since our founding. Since Hamaco Pearl is able to participate in bidding events held locally both domestically and internationally, they are able to provide high quality pearls at reasonable prices by purchasing them directly.

Hamaco Pearl want young people to pick up and wear high quality beautiful pearls. With this in mind, they are particular about quality, design, and price, and you can find high-quality pearl jewelry.

Experienced craftsmen process and manufacture the pearls, so you can change the pearls and adjust the length of the necklace on the spot at the store.

If you would like to talk to the staff in detail, we recommend that you call them directly and make an appointment.

When you visit Ise, be sure to visit Hamaco Pearl.

[Hamaco Pearl]

[Ise Branch]
Address: 1-15-20 Ujiurada, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number :0596-24-5353
Business hours : 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed :Tuesdays (open if Tuesday is a national holiday)
Free parking: Approximately 20 passenger cars (large buses available upon request)

[Toba Branch]
Address: 3-33-7 Toba, Toba City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number :0599-26-2255
Business hours : 9:00-17:45
Closed :Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a national holiday)
Free parking:About 5 cars

This Store Everything You Need!
"Ise Bijin Honpo"

The exterior is marked by a logo mark with a mizuhiki (decorative Japanese cord made from twisted paper) motif and a red tapestry.

”Ise Bijin Honpo” is a goods shop that sells pearl accessories, cosmetics, etc. located in "Oharai Machi", which is located at the base of the inner shrine of Ise Jingu.

In addition to original cosmetics, there are also plenty of souvenirs and Japanese miscellaneous goods that make use of the goodness of pearls and Ise-Shima.

With the theme of hospitality, we have carefully selected and carefully selected products that harmonize the traditions of the country of Ise with the newness.

Ise pearl white powder

One of our top picks is the popular Ise pearl white powder, named after Ise white powder and Ise's specialty product, pearls. Ise white powder was very popular as a souvenir when visiting Ise Jingu during the Edo period.

As a modern version of Ise white powder, it was created with the desire to make it a staple souvenir of Ise Jingu. It is also a great point that you can use it 24 hours a day.

Beauty face powder that can be used 24 hours
Morning: Apply before base makeup to prevent makeup from coming off
Night: Night powder that locks in skin care effects

from top left
“Omoteurara (Mist to prevent makeup loss)”
"[Salt] Ise pilgrimage Saisaki salt, pure salt"
"Teyubi Kiyoraka"
"Ise pilgrimage bath salt"

Other original products are also popular as souvenirs.

<Omourara (makeup prevention mist)>
A mist-type astringent lotion that is soft, cool, and comfortable on the skin, tightening the skin and making it fresh and fresh. Prevents makeup from coming off or transferring to the mask.

<Salt to carry with you: Oise pilgrim's salt for good fortune and purity.
This is the salt (salt of the ancient times) taken from the seawater of Kunisaki, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, which appears in Japanese mythology and is still deeply connected with Ise Jingu. The salt is made using a method handed down from ancient times, and wrapped in Ise washi paper, which is also used as shrine paper, to make "to-go" salt. It is said that salt has the effect of warding off bad luck when carried around.


Clean and beautiful


<Teyubi Kiyoraka>
A hand sanitizer spray made with cosmetics in mind. Contains moisturizing ingredients that are gentle on the skin of your hands, making it moist and smooth to use.


<Oise Pilgrimage Bath Salt>
The scented bath salt inspired by the nature of Ise is recommended as a souvenir or gift. All 4 types. (Cherry blossom scent, Japanese mandarin orange scent, Jingu cedar scent, Isuzu River scent)

From casual accessories to elegant jewelry, there are many Japanese miscellaneous goods that can be used for various occasions. There are many things that you can buy at reasonable prices, so it's perfect as a memory of your trip!

Only at Ise Bijin Honpo can you purchase Mikimoto Cosmetics products. The cherry blossom and carnation hand cream, which is popular as a souvenir, is a product that can only be purchased here.

In addition, there is also a store-limited happy set items that includes hand cream and Ise pearl white powder. Ise Bijin Honpo wants to nurture "Ise Bijin (Ise beauty)" in body and soul. It is a place where you can meet carefully selected items with such wishes.

Please feel free to stop by when visiting Ise.

*Sakura and carnation hand creams are different from those in the Happy Set Items.

[Ise Bijin Honpo]
Address: 48-1 Uji-Imazaike-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken
Phone number: 0596-21-2340
Business hours: 9:30 - 17:00 *Varies according to the season.
Closed: No regular holidays


A Specialty of the Iseji Route with Tradition of 200 Years
"Henba mochi"

"Henbaya Shoten" is a long-established Japanese confectionery store that has been in business for over 200 years since its establishment in the Edo period. The signature product is "Henba Mochi", one of the specialties of Ise.

The crispy and browned dango skin is wrapped in smooth, not-too-sweet bean paste. The chewy and soft texture is so delicious that you will be captivated once you eat it.

A tea bag in a "horse can" representing the origin of Henba Mochi is also a perfect souvenir!

Henba Mochi has a short expiration date of two days, including the date of manufacture, but it is one of the specialties that you should keep in mind when you come to Ise-Shima.

[Henba Mochi]

The Crunchy Texture is Irresistible!
“Ebiten Senbei” from Ebiya Shoten

One minute walk from the torii gate of Ise Jingu (Inner Shrine). "Ebiya Daishokudo / Ebiya Shoten"is located in "Oharai Machi", which flourishes as a torii-mae town. They carry a wide selection of Mie souvenirs carefully selected by our staff, as well as original products such as artisanal crafts, Ise cotton, Banko ware, dashi soup stock, and rakugan (dry confection of starch and sugar).

One recommendation is "Ebiten Senbei".

The umami of the shrimp kneaded into the batter and the sweetness of the onions are in harmony with each other, creating an elegant deep-fried senbei. You can eat as many as you like with its crispy and light texture.

[Ebiya Daishokudo / Ebiya store]

The Cute Expression is Irresistible!
Isuzu Chaya "Okage Inu Sable"

"Okage Inu Sable'' is sold by the confectionery shop "Isuzu Chaya" in Oharai Machi-mae, Ise. This sable is based on the "Okage Inu" who visited Ise in place of her owner who was unable to go to Ise.

Using two types of domestic butter and domestic wheat, it is fragrantly baked. The scent of butter spreads throughout your mouth.

Because it is individually wrapped, it can also be used as a spread for school or company ◎

[Okage Inu sable]

Local Face Mask of Ise-Shima
"Ise Lululun"

Iseshi's local lulurun (face mask) "Oise Lululun". This is the Mie Ver. of the "Tabi-Suru Lululun" series limited to regions using local ingredients.

"Oise Lululun" contains Sakaki leaf extract extracted from Ise Sakaki. The refreshing scent of trees will calm your mind.

We also recommend “Ise Lululun Shinju (pearl)”, which contains pearl extract extracted from Ise Shima pearls! Moisturizes the skin and leads to smooth skin. It is a reward pack that you want to use when you are here.

[Ise Lululun]

Healed by the Pure Scent
"Ise Incense Isuzu River Mizu" from Kutsurogiya

"Kutsurogiya" is a fragrance specialty store located in Okage Yokocho. They carry a wide selection of fragrance-related items, including original incense made from natural fragrances.

The most popular scent is"`Ise no Kaori Isuzukawa Mizu". This scent is inspired by the purity of the Isuzu River, a clear stream that flows through the shrine precincts. Burning it in the morning will soothe your mind. Perfect as a souvenir for yourself! You can also purchase it at Okage Yokocho 's online shop.


Showa Retro and Nostalgic
"Bottled Yogurt" from Yamamura Nyugyo

Yamamura Nyugyo was founded in 1919. The characteristic of Yamamura Nyugyo is "pasteurization sterilization", which is sterilized while stirring slowly at 85℃ for 15 minutes. It preserves the originality of the milk and gives it a rich flavor.

Bottled yoghurt made with such special milk is very popular because it's "retro and nostalgic!" It melts in your mouth and has a mellow taste that makes you want to eat it every day.

We also recommend a great value set as a souvenir!

[Yamamura Nyugyo]

Enjoy the Taste of Ise-Shima at home!
Iwatoya "Ise Udon"

Speaking of Ise-Shima gourmet, it is the "Ise Udon". Various shops sell sets that allow you to eat Ise udon at home.

For example, the Ise udon of Iwatoya, which was founded in 1910, is made with 100% Ayahikari wheat from Mie prefecture. You can enjoy the soft, chewy extra-thick noodles unique to Ise udon at home.

Since it is a type that can be stored at room temperature, it does not lose its texture and is perfect as a souvenir!


Traditional Crafts of Mie Prefecture
Iga Kumihimo from "Kumihimo Hirai"

"Iga Kumihimo" is a traditional craft of Mie Prefecture. Silk threads, gold threads, silver threads, etc. are colorfully assembled on a Kumidai (tool to assemble threads). Its origins date back to the Nara period.

"Kumihimo Hirai" in Oharai Machi is a directly managed store of the "Iga Kumihimo" manufacturer, and the store is lined with traditional Japanese accessories, key chains, and more.

Keychains and straps are a cute and easy way to incorporate Iga Kumihimo. There are various colors and designs, so please look for your favorite one.

[Kumihimo Hirai]

Do You Like Beers?
"Ise Kadoya beer"

“Ise Kadoya Beer” manufactures and sells craft beer in Ise City, Mie Prefecture.

It is a craft beer brand known to those in the know who has won gold medals for the first time in Japan in 2017 and 2019 at the British IBA (The International Brewing Awards), which is said to be the Oscars of the beer world.

There are various types, from standard to limited editions, but my recommendation is the New England IPA style "Neko Nihiki." When you pour it into a glass, the tropical scent spreads gently. Alcohol is 8%, but the bitterness is modest, and you can enjoy the fruity hops.

[Ise Kadoya Beer]

"SNOOPY Chaya Ise"
Ise limited goods

"SNOOPY Chaya Ise" is located in Oharai Machi shopping district. The teahouse also has a shop, which sells SNOOPY teahouse limited goods.

Especially recommended are the goods from the Ise store that can only be purchased here. There are plenty of souvenirs unique to Ise-Shima, such as purses made from Ise cotton, Ise udon noodles, and Ise tea!

[SNOOPY Chaya Ise]

Morning Porridge & Abalone Rice Mix
By "Ise Sekiya"

"Ise Sekiya" manufactures and sells marine delicacies such as Sangu Abalone for gifts. There are stores in Geku Omotesando and Naikumae.

The recommendation is "Morning Porridge" prepared with "Isehikari", a miracle rice of good luck. You will be served with a special secret sauce. You can spend a luxurious time from the morning.

Rice base series such as “Abalone rice set” and “Paella set” are also popular! You can easily enjoy the taste of Ise-Shima at home.

[Ise Sekiya]

Sake Made with High-quality Water
"Mie's Local Sake"

Blessed with ingredients from the mountains and sea, Mie Prefecture has been called the "Land of Food" since ancient times. The climate with large temperature differences and high-quality water are ideal for sake brewing. There are many liquor stores in Oharai Machi as well.

This is a set of three, "Hanzo", "Saku" and "Rumiko no Sake". The mini size is recommended because you can enjoy drinking and comparing!

In Commemoration of Visiting Ise
"Ise-mairi" "Kirin Suzu"

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Ise Jingu 's "Oise Mairi" and "Kirin Suzu".

At the shop (Sanshuden) in the inner shrine Ise Jingu, you can find bells (:suzu) and straps perfect for commemorating your visit to Ise. It's perfect for commemorating your visit to Ise!

This time, we introduced "15 Recommended Souvenirs from Ise-Shima".

All of these items can be purchased at or near Okage Yokocho and Oharai Machi, so be sure to stop by on your way back from visiting Ise.



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