[Minami-Ise, Mue] Stay in a Trailer House at Outdoor Facility "Network Resort Nansei"

Posting date: 2019.11.12
[Minami-Ise, Mue] Stay in a Trailer House at Outdoor Facility "Network Resort Nansei"

"Trailer houses" often appear in foreign movies and dramas. You can eat, play games, and talk with each other ...... in a room that looks like a secret base. Everyone has probably longed to live in a trailer house at least once.

A facility where you can stay in such a trailer house is the outdoor facility "Network Resort Nansei" in Minamiise, Mie Prefecture. There are 20 mobile homes on the premises. This time, I would like to actually stay and report fully!

What is a trailer house?

trailer house

First of all, I would like to introduce a little bit about the trailer house.

A trailer house is a house that has wheels and can be towed by a car, which was born in the United States. Unlike a short-term camping car, it is fully equipped with a bed, shower room, kitchen, electricity and water supply, and is equipped with the same facilities as a general house.

Therefore, you can spend as comfortable as staying in a hotel while being surrounded by nature!

Gokasho Bay

Gokasho Bay spreads out in front of you. You will be fascinated by the beautiful scenery that looks like a lake.

trailer house

trailer house

trailer house

There are 20 trailer houses on the premises.

"Network Resort Nansei" is an outdoor facility where you can enjoy fishing, canoeing, cruising, BBQ, etc. First of all, I will introduce the inside of the facility.

Front & Lawn Square


The front desk is to the left of the entrance. This is where you can register for accommodation and activities. It's nice to be able to enjoy not only staying but also various activities together.

<Activity list>
・Canoe (2 people per boat) ¥1,650
・Fishing rod (2 hours per rod) ¥1,100
・ Archery (1 hour) ¥1,100
・Crab basket ¥550
・ Cruising (1 trailer) ¥2,200

lawn square

lawn square

In front of the front desk, there is a spacious lawn area facing Gokasho Bay. There is also a badminton court. (Badminton set rental is free of charge)

pizza kiln

There is even a pizza oven (rentable for ¥1,100). Pizza with ingredients (¥550) is also on sale, so please enjoy your original pizza with your favorite ingredients.

"Open-air bath & cypress bath" that heals the fatigue of the trip

Cypress bath

One of the attractions of "Network Resort Nansei" is its private and relaxing open-air baths and hinoki (Japanese cypress) baths. (¥550 per person over elementary school age)

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and a towel are included, so you can come empty-handed! Reserve your time at check-in.

Hinoki bath

This is a hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath. You will be healed by the rich scent of cypress.

Open-air bath

Open-air bath

This is an open-air bath. Both are heated by wood, so you can enjoy the gentle feel of the water.

Spot Details

[Network Resort Nansei]
Address: 1306-1 Hasamaura, Minamiise-cho, Watarai-gun Minami-Ise town
Phone number: 0599-64-3347
Parking lot: Yes




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