[2023 edition] 10 selections of campgrounds and sauna facilities in the Tokai region where you can fully enjoy outdoor saunas

Posting date: 2023.08.21
[2023 edition] 10 selections of campgrounds and sauna facilities in the Tokai region where you can fully enjoy outdoor saunas

Taking advantage of the feature of the tent sauna that "you can enjoy the sauna anywhere you like", the number of facilities where you can "feel revitalized" in a wonderful location is increasing! A natural field filled with beautiful rivers and clear air is a perfect sauna spot.

In addition, outdoor saunas are diversifying, such as the emergence of facilities where you can casually enjoy saunas at beaches and outdoor resorts. Therefore, we will introduce facilities in Tokai area where you can enjoy outdoor saunas in various locations.

* Entering a water bath, river, waterfall basin, or sea immediately after a sauna bath puts a strain on your body. Please be aware of your physical condition.

The Ultimate Experience in the Holy Land of Tent Saunas
Mie/Kiho-cho "Hisetsu no Taki Campsite"

Located in Kiho Town, the southernmost tip of Mie Prefecture, "Hisetsu no Taki Campsite" is surrounded by nature. It spreads out in a place facing the "Hisetsu Falls", which is 30m high and 12m wide.

It is known nationwide as the "Sacred Land of Tent Saunas" because you can experience the moving experience of using the basin of a waterfall instead of a cold bath.

You can choose from a total of 3 types of tent saunas: 1 Finnish type and 2 Russian types (pictured). The Finnish type has a moderate temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius, and it takes about 30 minutes to slowly warm the body. Ideal for enjoying chatting and gathering in the tent sauna.

On the other hand, in the Russian style, the room temperature often exceeds 100℃, so it is recommended for the one who want to be steamed well!

The highlight is the moment of jumping into the basin of the waterfall! The water is cool, and it cools down the hot body in the sauna at once. You can get close to the falling point of the waterfall, and it's exhilarating!

There are also chairs for resting where you can see the waterfall. The word "bliss" is perfect for outdoor bathing. The sound of the falling waterfall is also soothing.

[Hisetsu no Taki Campground
Address: 1409-1 Asazato, Kiho-cho, Minamimuro-gun, Mie Prefecture
Phone number : 0735-21-1333

Refresh in the Forest Sauna! 
Mie/Komonocho "AOU no MORI ~ CO-CREATION SPACE ~"

"AOU no MORI ~ CO-CREATION SPACE ~"is a private sauna facility located in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture. It is a topical spot that is attracting attention from ventures and start-up companies as a place to spend time in an extraordinary space in the forest and talk in a sauna.

There is a Finnish sauna (pictured) with a comfortable room temperature of 60-80°C and a Russian sauna with a temperature of over 100°C. You can also enjoy loyly made with fresh herbs grown at "AOU no MORI".

The temperature of the water bath is about 13℃, which uses natural water from the Suzuka Mountains. Fresh natural water is constantly flowing. While listening to the murmuring of the stream, relax in the open air on the rest chair.

After the sauna, you can take a break inside the mushroom-shaped instant house. A projector is also available for online meetings and presentations. Since it is a rental type facility, it can be used for various purposes such as training and seminars.

Address : 2302-1, Kuratani, Oaza Sugitani, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie-ken

Relax Yourself in the Clear Waters of the Itadori River

“ITADORI SAUNA”is a place where you can enjoy a sauna on the banks of the Itadori River, a clear stream filled with emerald green water. It is a sauna tent field created by the owner, Yo Mishima, who was born and raised in Itadori and grew up using this great nature as a playground.

The tent sauna can be rented out, so you can enjoy a private space only for your friends. Keep the room temperature between 80°C and 100°C. You can work up a sweat while listening to the sound of the firewood rustling and the babbling of the river. If you pour aroma water containing homemade aroma, the scent spreads in the tent and has a great relaxing effect.

The biggest feature is that you can dive into the clear stream Itadori River after the sauna. 5 seconds from the sauna to the river, the flow line is also wonderful! If you entrust yourself to the river and float gently, you will feel as if you are one with nature.

It goes without saying that bathing in the open air while feeling the wind of Itadori is the best. You can also rent a SUP here and enjoy the open air bath on the board.

Address : 5877-1 Itadori, Seki-shi, Gifu-ken
Telephone number : 050-1807-4256

Enjoy the "Sea Bath" on the Open Beach!
Aichi Tokoname "STEAMERS"

"STEAMERS"is a place where men and women can experience sauna leisure together at the open Rinku Beach in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. In addition to being close to the city center of Nagoya, it is very easy to use if you bring a swimsuit and sandals. The wood-burning sauna has low humidity and is easy to breathe even at high temperatures, so even first-timers should try it!

Mobile saunas from various countries are lined up on the beach, creating an atmosphere like a trade fair. In fact, all of these saunas are also for sale! Especially recommended is the hut sauna "reboot house" that uses thinned wood in Aichi Prefecture. If you like it, buy one for your home (!?)

After the sauna, let's float in the "sea bath". Although it depends on the season, it is not as cold as the water bath or the river, so it may be suitable for sauna beginners. By the way, "STEAMERS" is also open outside of summer (scheduled to be closed from January to February due to strong winds). It may be valuable to be able to enter the sea outside the sea bathing season.

At the beach, we offer original sauna meals and original drinks developed for sauna people. A BBQ plan and an all-you-can-drink plan are also in preparation, so it seems that the fun will continue to spread.

Address : Rinku Beach, 2 Rinku-cho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi, Japan
Phone number : 070-4002-1367

Yatsugatake's Underground Water and the Wind Blowing on the Plateau!
Nagano/Chino "TINY GARDEN Tateshina -Camp Lodge & Cabins-"

TINY GARDEN Tateshina -Camp Lodge & Cabins- is an accommodation facility produced by Urban Research (retail company).

Equipped with lodges, cabins (pictured), and campsites, you can enjoy your stay in your preferred style while feeling the nature of Tateshina.

Opened in the camp area in March 2023, "SAUNA CABIN HU" is a completely private sauna limited to 3 groups per day. A full-fledged sauna equipped with a wood-burning stove for self-loyly.

Estonia's wood stove "HUUM" is characterized by the ability to generate fine steam, and you can comfortably increase the sensible temperature by heating.

After being thoroughly steamed in the sauna, go to the water bath. It is filled with underground water from Yatsugatake and is very cold. The water bath is equipped with a shower, and the point is that you can also bathe in water from your head.

And a blissful time with a rest chair. You can refresh yourself while feeling the clear air of the plateau.

The sauna can also be used by non-guests by reservation. We also recommend a plan that includes accommodation and use of the sauna.

In addition, there are plenty of other facilities such as the original brand "EKAL" with a lakeside theme, a shop selling outdoor gear, and a cafe space. You can enjoy a full day on the shores of Lake Tateshina.

[TINY GARDEN Tateshina -Camp Lodge & Cabins-] 
Address : 8606-1 Kitayama, Chino-shi, Nagano
Phone number: 0266-67-2234

Mountain Village x Traditional Japanese House x Sauna
"saunaMYSA", Shizuoka city, Shizuoka

“saunaMYSA”is an Old Folk house Built in the Mountains of Shizuoka

At first glance, you would not think that it is a sauna facility. The sauna is unisex, and you must wear a bathing suit. Towels and other amenities can be picked up at reception. (Only swimwear is required).

There are two tent saunas, about 90℃ and about 110℃, so you can choose according to your preference. Both tent saunas can be self-roasted.

There is a large water bath in the garden. The well water from the Abe River system is used lavishly, and the water temperature is about 13 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Feeling the wind blowing in the mountains while bathing in the open air is nothing short of comfortable. It will invite you to the best "Totoi".

Address: 16201 Funazawa, Ashikuboguchigumi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Phone number: 054-297-5337

Outdoor Base built by Pioneering Nature
Aichi / Toyota "Sauna Base SHIFUKU"

“Sauna Base SHIFUKU” is a chartered outdoor facility on the banks of the Tomoe River, not far from Korankei.

"Blissful Area Plan" and "Unexplored Area Plan" with a tent sauna that can accommodate up to 4 people. There are 3 plans of "large tent sauna plan" that can accommodate up to 10 people. The "unexplored area" (pictured) is an area that was originally created by reclaiming a place where rocks and plants were growing thickly.

The setting of the tent sauna is authentic under the supervision of the tent sauna specialist group "madsaunisut". In addition, it is also possible to use the original sauna herb of the medicinal herb specialty store as an option. Boiling herbs on the stove and roasting them in the broth fills the tent with a pleasant scent.

We also recommend the “Blissful Area” (pictured), where you can enjoy an open-air bath surrounded by bamboo groves and autumn leaves. It is in a place further back in the "unexplored area".

It is attractive that all areas have a good flow line of sauna → cold water bath in the river → rest!

[Sauna Base SHIFUKU]
Address : 18 Shiohira, Kagobayashi-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Sweat Refreshingly in the Tent Sauna!
Nagano/Achi Village "Seina no Mori Campsite"

“Seina no Mori Campsite” is located in Achi Village, Minami Shinshu, which is famous for its beautiful starry sky. A campsite surrounded by nature at an altitude of 1,100m that connects Ina Valley and Kiso Valley.

The “Trial Saikatsu Plan” is a popular plan where you can enjoy a backpack-type portable tent sauna “Mobiba” on the riverside. At the sauna spot recommended by the staff, you can easily experience the tent sauna. Prices start from 6,000 yen for a 2-person, 2-hour plan, which is quite affordable. You can set up your own tent sauna and enjoy the outdoors.

After warming up in the sauna, take a cold bath in the stream that flows in front of you. The water depth is shallow, so you can enjoy it with confidence. The plan also includes the rental of chairs for resting, so you can take a break wherever you like in the campsite.

[Seina no mori campsite]
Address : 2991 Seinaiji, Achi-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano, Japan
Phone :0265-46-2525

Find the Best Sauna Spot of the Day in the Village!
Gifu/Shirakawa Village "Shirakawa-go Soto Sauna Caravan"

“Shirakawa-go “Soto” Sauna Caravan” planned by Shirakawa-go Activity Center o8. This is a sauna tour program where a guide selects the best places for the day from among the great natural spots scattered around Shirakawa-go and takes you there.

The meeting place is usually "Michi-no-Eki Hida Hakusan". It is operated from 2 people, and the pair plan is reasonably priced at 6,000 yen per person! Under the guidance of a professional, you can make a fire on the riverbed and enjoy the tent sauna.

There is no doubt that you will feel revitalized by the wind blowing through Shirakawa-go while bathing in the snowmelt water from the sacred Mt. Hakusan. Programs that make the most of the advantages of tent saunas, where you can enjoy a sauna wherever you like, are likely to attract more and more attention in the future.

Also, in winter, there is a “heavy snow sauna” where you can enjoy a sauna experience in a world of pure white snow (limited to one group per day). Only in Shirakawa-go, which is a heavy snowfall area, can  enjoy a “snow dive” instead of a cold bath!

Shirakawa-go "Soto" Sauna Caravan
Address : 516-62 Hirase, Shirakawa-mura, Ono-gun, Gifu Prefecture Roadside Station Hida Hakusan (meeting place)
Tel: 080-5133-1508 (Shirakawa-go Activity Center o8)

A Giant Miso Barrel Sauna Made with DIY! ?
Aichi Okazaki "Nukata Nature Field"

Opened in the spring of 2022, "Nukata Nature Field" is an auto campsite full of handmade feeling. You can experience wonderful nature while having good access from the Shin-Tomei Expressway Okazaki Higashi IC.

The symbol of the campsite is the sauna that uses a huge miso barrel, about 2m20cm high and about 3m30cm wide! The owner inherited a miso barrel and built it with DIY, making it a very Okazaki sauna.

The inside of the miso barrel sauna is surprisingly spacious! Men and women can enter together with swimsuits. There is a wood-burning stove with sauna stones stacked in the center, and self-roasting is also possible.

After the sauna, let's cool down in the water bath made in the river. Even non-campsite users can experience the sauna.

[Nukata Nature Field]
Address: 30 Miyanoiri, Ishihara-cho, Okazaki-shi, Aichi, Japan
Phone number : 090-1824-4066

This time, we introduced "campgrounds and sauna facilities in the Tokai region where you can fully enjoy outdoor saunas". If you usually only go to sauna facilities and super public baths in the city, why not change your taste and go to the mountains or the sea?

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