[Fushimi, Nagoya] STILL THINKING COFFEE is a Coffee Stand where you can Stop By Casually

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Posting date: 2022.04.01
[Fushimi, Nagoya] STILL THINKING COFFEE is a Coffee Stand where you can Stop By Casually

In December 2021, the coffee stand “STILL THINKING COFFEE” opened in Chojamachi, Fushimi, Nagoya City.

The coffee served at STILL THINKING COFFEE is a special one made for this shop by Mr. Atsuki Kawakami, who is called "the lone coffee roaster". Why don't you stop by for a one-of-a-kind coffee that you can't taste anywhere else?

This time, we interviewed about STILL THINKING COFFEE's commitment and thoughts!

Inspired by a City in South America
Vivid Color is a Landmark


The exterior of STILL THINKING COFFEE is eye-catching with bright yellow and blue, and it has an outstanding presence as well as being fashionable. The coloring is based on the image of the streets of the South American cities such as "San Miguel" and "Guanajuato".



The inside of the shop has vivid colors that make you feel like you are in a foreign country, but there is also a space in the back that reminds you of a pure cafe. It has a casual atmosphere where even one person can stop by casually.

In fact, the owner of this shop is Mr. Kitagawa, who has a video and publishing office on the 3rd floor of the building. The landlord of the building asked him if he could rent the first floor because it would be a vacant tenant, so he decided to make a coffee stand. Since it was originally an old building, he wanted to give it a hand-made feel, with a taste of oldness rather than being particular about fashion, so everyone including the staff painted the walls.

Mr. Kitagawa has always loved coffee and was thinking of opening his own coffee shop someday, so there is no compromise in choosing the coffee that STILL THINKING COFFEE offers.

Mr. Kitagawa chose beans roasted by roaster Atsuki Kawakami, which he felt was the most delicious out of all the coffees he have had so far.

One and Only Coffee


Atsuki Kawakami, who is also called the "lonely coffee roaster", has a number of achievements, such as exhibiting his roasted coffee at the Emperor's Tree Planting Festival. While most coffee is roasted with gas, the most distinctive feature of Mr. Kawakami's roasting is charcoal roasting, which is done by hand. He impresses many coffee lovers with his own five senses and roasting techniques, regardless of the beans, the machine, the humidity or the weather.


According to Mr. Kitagawa, gas-roasted coffee often feels unsatisfactory. On the other hand, charcoal-roasted coffee has the unique aroma and bitterness of coffee beans, and is delicious even when cold.


There are 4 types of coffee, including No. 1 to 3 and a LIMITED coffee for a limited time. The taste of coffee is as follows.

No.1 HAVANA:Dark roasted blend. While the original charcoal-roasted product is fully featured, it is characterized by a crisp texture and a deep flavor that follows afterward. Coffee with a mysterious charm that is dark but does not cause heartburn no matter how many times you drink it.

No.2 SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE -LIGHT BLEND-:Light roast, medium roast, medium-medium roast, dark roast blend. It's a light blend with a smooth, light mouthfeel and an elegant sourness that retains the strong flavor of charcoal roasting, making it easy to drink even for people who don't like coffee.

No.3 NGY: An American blend with a distinctive aroma by increasing the amount of light roast overall compared to No.2 Light Blend and adding 20% more mocha and Colombian light roast flavors. While most of the coffee in Nagoya is deep roasted, NGY is a shallow roasted American blend, a new style of coffee in Nagoya.

No.5 LIMITED:This is a limited-time-only menu, with the best beans roasted and delivered to you at that time of year. The menu changes every few months, so it is a fun way to try new coffees. Ask the staff about the type and flavor of coffee and they will be happy to tell you.


While conventional blended coffee often uses two or three types of beans, STILL THINKING COFFEE blends as many as 8 to 10 types of beans. The fact that the taste is well integrated even when several beans are used is proof of the superior blending technology.

And since Mr. Kawakami has been with Mr. Kitagawa for 20 years, for STILL THINKING COFFEE, he selects beans from scratch instead of existing blends and blends and roasts them. It is a unique and precious coffee that has been completed after many months of trial production.

Baked Sweets using Lutein Eggs


If you drink coffee at STILL THINKING COFFEE, how about trying baked sweets together? Baked confectionery handles products of maman OVALE, and there are egg sable, financier, baumkuchen and so on.

The baked sweets use "lutein eggs", which contain a large amount of the antioxidant "lutein", which is expected to be effective in preventing skin spots and wrinkles, anemia, stress, and eye diseases that women are concerned about. The quality of the taste is also high, and is well received by customers.


There is also a gift box, so it is also recommended as a gift for those who want to choose sweets that are good for the body as much as possible. You can also adjust the kinds, number, and combination of sweets, so it would be a good idea to ask the staff.

Drip Meetings, Pop-up Events, etc.
Look Forward to Future Events


At STILL THINKING COFFEE, they have held a "drip meeting" where Mr. Kawakami taught us the tips of hand dripping, and a pop-up event with Okinawa's MAVERICK HAMBURGER x ART rug "ODD RUg co." (ESPY ONE).

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The drip meeting provided many discoveries, such as the fact that even if you use the same beans and equipment, the taste can vary greatly depending on how you drip the coffee, and that once you get the hang of it, you can brew delicious coffee yourself. In addition, the participants were able to learn directly from Mr. Kawakami, a professional roaster, and the event was quite popular, so they are considering holding more of these events in the future.

Also, it seems that plans are underway for events around the end of April and during Golden Week, so you can enjoy STILL THINKING COFFEE in a different atmosphere than usual.


Mr. Shiotani, the manager of STILL THINKING COFFEE, talks about future events and the future of the shop.

"STILL THINKING COFFEE wants to be a place where a community is born from this store. This includes not only the staff and customers, but also each other. By connecting people beyond the boundaries of region and work, new ideas, attractions, and enjoyment will be born, which will then spread to the surrounding areas. I hope that by continuing such events, we can eventually enliven Choja-machi as a whole. To that end, I would like to increase the number of fans of this store first."

Enjoy Special Moments
With Delicious Coffee at STILL THINKING COFFEE

STILL THINKING COFFEE is a place where you can discover new fun while drinking delicious coffee that you can only taste here. Whether you come alone or with friends, you're sure to have a great time.

Coffee, beans, and baked goods are also available for take-out, so why not stop by when you visit Fushimi?


Spot Details

Address :1F Fukuromachi Textile Hall, 2-10-8 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Telephone number :052-222-6002
Business hours :10:00-19:00
Regular holiday :Non-arranged holidays

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