"Atelier Trefle", a flower and miscellaneous goods store in Fujigaoka

Nagoya city Meito-ku
Posting date: 2021.06.21
"Atelier Trefle", a flower and miscellaneous goods store in Fujigaoka

With more time at home, more and more people are incorporating flowers into their lives. I want to decorate it nicely, but there must be a lot of people who are worried about how to incorporate it.

This time, we would like to introduce you to the flower and miscellaneous goods shop "Atelier Trefle" located in the residential area of Fujigaoka. In addition to custom-ordered gift arrangements, this shop offers flowers that are easy to incorporate into your daily life, and is a place where you can get close to your daily life with flowers.

Atelier Trefle

The location is along Prefectural Route 59, about a 14-minute walk from Nagoya Municipal Subway "Fujigaoka" Station. There is a parking space in front of the shop.

Atelier Trefle

A shop filled with "favorite things"

Atelier Trefle

Atelier Truffle, which opened in 2004, is run by the Mori sisters who want flowers to be more familiar.

Atelier Trefle

The shop is filled with antique sundries along with seasonal flowers and dried flowers.

Atelier Trefle

Fresh flower corner.

Atelier Trefle

dried flower

Countless dried flowers produced in the store.

dried flower

The back room, which is also a lesson room, is a dried flower corner. Familiar with the wonderful interior, it feels like you've wandered into someone's house. (Lessons are currently downsizing.)

Miscellaneous goods that the owner, Mr. Mori, purchased in Europe, mainly in England, are also displayed. She likes cute things, and seems to have collected things she likes.

Practical tableware and objects. Just looking at it is fun and makes you feel like you're on a treasure hunt.

Signboard dog Nunu-chan

You can enter the store with your dog! Three signboard dogs will welcome you.

Fresh flowers to enjoy the season

The plants sold in the shop are not only flowers, but also a wide variety of branches and fruits. The concept of purchasing is to cherish the sense of the season. I also choose flowers that are easy to incorporate into everyday life, but are a little unusual. At the end of May when I visited for coverage, rare flowers were lined up, mainly cool early summer flowers.


Peony is the representative flower of early summer. When it blooms from a round bud, a large flower blooms.


Campanula named for its bell-like shape. This is also a flower that can be met in early summer.


Although it is a standard rose that can be purchased all year round, it is in season from May to June in early summer. The roses at this time of year are of good quality and there are many varieties.

smoke tree

A smoke tree that looks like fluffy smoke. It can be enjoyed as a cut flower only for a short period in early summer. It has a lot of volume, so it gives off a presence just by popping it casually.

smoke tree

Smoke tree drying on the ceiling. I'm looking forward to seeing how the texture will change.

kangaroo paw

Uniquely shaped kangaroo paw. Named for its resemblance to a kangaroo's foot. It seems that I try to choose calm colors that match the interior.


Australian flower Banksia. Some were colored and some were natural colors. It turns brown when dry.

hybrid statice

Hybrid statice that can also be dry. We also stock a lot of flowers that will last for a long time.

Sun Flower

And early summer flowers sunflowers were in stock.

Spot Details

[atrlier trefle]
Address: 708 Toyogaoka, Meito-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-777-0780
Business hours: 10:00-18:30
Closed: Wednesdays and Thursdays
Parking: Yes


Born in Hokkaido. After getting married, she moved from Sapporo to Yokohama to Hyogo and now lives in Nagoya. While working at a company in Nagoya, she is active as a writer. Her hobby is visiting temples and shrines. Traveling all over the country in search of local delicacies. Learned flower arrangement from 2011 and obtained master's license. She likes to live with flowers. She would like to share useful information for living in the Tokai region.

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