Let's Go See the Christmas Lights in Nagoya [2023-2024]

Let's Go See the Christmas Lights in Nagoya [2023-2024]

Display of Christmas lights begin with the arrival of winter. This year, too, you can enjoy Christmas lights at many spots.Among the many Christmas lights spots in Nagoya, Editorial Team has carefully selected the best ones to introduce to you.

Port of Nagoya Seatrain Land "Winter Illumination"
Friday, December 1, 2023 - Sunday, February 25, 2024

Nagoya Port Seatrain Land, a free admission amusement park located at the Port of Nagoya, will hold "Winter Illumination" from December 1, 2023 (Fri.) to February 25, 2024 (Sun.).

From sunset, a starry sky dome with LED lights will welcome you at the main gate. Illuminations and heart-shaped objets d'art that light up in time with the sound will decorate the park. Visitors can enjoy a romantic feast of light and sound fused with amusement park attractions.


Port of Nagoya Seatrain Land

Noritake Garden "Heartfelt Christmas 2023"
Saturday, November 11 - Monday, December 25, 2023

New this year is the 8-meter symbolic tree. Around the symbol tree, a 2-meter Santa Claus, a winter tradition at Noritake Garden, and many smaller trees will stand in a row. From sunset, the trees will be illuminated, creating a magical Christmas atmosphere in the forest.

Visitors can enjoy strolling around the park in a Christmas mood and picking up Christmas gifts at the store.

*Lights on until 21:00 (gates close at 21:00)
*Shops close at 18:00 as usual

[Noritake Garden]

"Sakae Minami Osu Winter Illumination"
Friday, November 17, 2023 - Sunday, February 25, 2024

The theme color of the illumination, which is a winter tradition in Sakae Minami and Osu in Naka-ku, Nagoya City, has been renewed to a single color of "champagne gold" this year. Approximately 300,000 LED lights will illuminate the entire city.

Sakae Minami Web

November 8 (Wed) - December 25 (Mon), 2023

The largest Christmas tree in the Nagoya area, measuring approximately 12 meters high, will be on the first floor of JR Gate Tower again this year. The story of "Crystal Village" will be presented with the world view of a mysterious village where time has stopped, accompanied by original music.

JR Gate Tower

Hoshigaoka Terrace "Winter Illumination 2023"
Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Thursday, February 29, 2024

The theme of Hoshigaoka Terrace "Winter Illumination 2023" is "Botanical Town - Little Prince of the Earth. This year's illumination expresses houses and streets in harmony with nature, based on the image of humans becoming dwarfs and standing at the same eye level in a world where plants and insects live.

Hoshigaoka Terrace

Midland Christmas & Illumination 2023
November 8 (Wed) - December 25 (Mon), 2023

"~Singing with you, laughing with you. Being with you is the best present! A Christmas with you."

A floating tree appears in the atrium of the commercial building for the first time since its opening! Designed by florist Yukiko Sago, it is an oversized hanging tree approximately 3m in diameter x 10m in height made of mesh fabric.

The illumination also unifies the trees and plantings around the perimeter of the building in champagne gold. It warmly illuminates the hearts of visitors to Meieki.

Midland Square

Dainagoya Building Winter Illumination
November 8, 2023 (Wed) - December 25, 2023 (Mon)

The annual Christmas illumination at Dainagoya Building will be held under the theme of "Champagne Gold Christmas" in 2023, featuring approximately 110,000 LED lights and a photo spot with a champagne gold color scheme. Visitors can enjoy the fantastic illumination along with the night view of skyscrapers in front of Nagoya Station.

Dainagoya Bldg.

Nagoya Lucent Tower "Winter Illumination"
November 8, 2023 (Wed) - January 31, 2024 (Wed)

The Nagoya Lucent Tower Christmas Lights will be held again this year. The plaza and entrance will be decorated with various colors of illumination and a light-decorated dome that will serve as a photo spot, creating a fantastic world.

Nagoya Lucent Tower Winter Illumination

Endoji Shopping district "Endoji Illumi!"
From early December 2023 to the end of February 2024 (tentative)

Following last year, this year's "Endoji Illumi!" is being held again this year!

This event will be held in the historical town of Endoji Shopping Street, creating an extraordinary experience in the everyday scenery to provide a “heart-throbbing time”. Based on the concept of "Enmusubi" (connection) which is derived from the town's history and the relationships between people that have been built up over the years, the Christmas light will be staged so that visitors can experience the unique atmosphere of Endonji.

[Endoji Shopping Street]

Horikawa Nayabashi Winter Illumination
Late November 2023 - Mid-January 2024 (scheduled)

The "Nayabashi Winter Illumination 2023" will be held again this year. This year, the illumination display is being held at Nayabashi Bridge and Sham's Garden northeast of Nayabashi Bridge. In Sham's Garden, in addition to decorating the plaza, a whopping six three-dimensional illuminated figures of Horigon, the image character of Horikawa, will appear!

Horikawa Nayabashi Winter Illumination


November 8, 2023 (Wed) - December 25, 2023 (Mon)

At "KITTE Nagoya," a show will be held in which the tree and illuminations will glow gorgeously in time to music. Approximately 10,000 LEDs will be used to light up the space with lanterns that will light up your thoughts and feelings.

In addition, a special version of "Serendipity," the official music piece for KITTE Marunouchi's 10th anniversary, composed by pianist Nobuya Kiyotsuka, will start playing from December 1 (Fri.).

KITTE Nagoya

In this issue, we have brought you a list of Christmas lights you can enjoy in Nagoya. We hope you will take a look at them.

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