[Yatomi City] "Kainan Kodomo no Kuni" is Full of Adventure! A Perfect Park for Family Outings

Yatomi City
Posting date: 2021.11.02
[Yatomi City] "Kainan Kodomo no Kuni" is Full of Adventure! A Perfect Park for Family Outings

After driving 30 mins from Nagoya, there is Kainan Kodomo no Kuni.

There are a lot of playground equipment such as a "Roller Slide", a "Jabu-jabu Pond" where you can play in the water, and athletics made of logs on a large site. On weekends, there are workshops and events where you can try to record things like throwing shoes, and events such as rogaining that are full of exciting ideas for children.

This time, we will introduce everything about Kainan Kodomo no Kuni by area!

Athletic made of rubber
"Adventure Square"

super wave

All the children are fascinated by running up and climbing up the wave-shaped playground equipment "Super Wave" made of rubber!

He seemed very satisfying to challenge many times and finally reaching the top!

The block-shaped playground equipment "Rubber Mount" made of rubber attracts children with the thrill of jumping from block to block and giving them a little chill!

A voluminous jungle gym "Rubber Jungle" made of rubber and rope.

The “Yurarin-bo” is a fun and mysterious feeling that bends with the recoil of the rubber.

A resting spot located right in the center of the Adventure Square.

Large and small roller slides are popular
"Slope Square"

"Green hill" is very wide and has an atmosphere like a plateau. On holidays, it is packed with tents of families enjoying picnics.

From the observatory of the "Large Roller Slide" with a total length of 40m and an inclination of 11 degrees, you can see the buildings of Nagoya Station.

The "Small Roller Slide" for small children has a total length of 20m and an inclination of 12 degrees. The thrilling vibrations and speed that are transmitted through the body are thrilling.

Behind the "Large Roller Slide" is a little-known resting spot that the staff told us about. It seems that you can take a quiet and relaxing nap.

"Green Resting Area" This is also a little-known rest area because it is located behind the hill.

A lot of athletics using logs
"Fort Square"

“Yura Yura Bridge” made of logs that leads to “Fort Square” surrounded by a pond. If you are not careful, you will really fall off, so there is no relief!

A wooden compound playground equipment named "Fort", such as a tire swing and a Tarzan rope that hangs from a rope and slides. Their feet are slanted, they cling to diagonal trees, and they are called "fortresses," so it's hard for them to keep up with children.

A resting place in Fort Square.

There is also a place where plants are like a maze around the bridge leading from "Fort Square" to "Jabu Jabu Pond".

In the summer, there is also an event where you can catch goldfish at the “Jabu Jabu Pond”. Harvest events are also held each season at Kainan Farm, a field around the pond. Harvesting experiences such as taro and pumpkin, which are a little rare, are also likely to be food education learning!

Both "Water bike" and "Foot-operated go-cart" are 50 yen each!

Common ticket for 50 yen each. Coupon tickets (11 tickets for 500 yen) can be purchased at the administration office of the children's center or at the go-kart station staff.

One pedal boat can accommodate up to three people, including children. Second grade elementary school students and older can ride alone. (The service may be canceled in case of strong winds.)

The "Foot-operated go-cart" platform is right next to the ticket office.

There are three types of go-carts for different ages and heights. A pedal-type go-kart runs on a 500m course.

Blue go-cart : For children over 3 years old
Yellow go-cart : For children over 4 years old and under 120 cm
Green go-cart : For children over 120 cm tall, second grade elementary school students and above. Children and their parents may ride together. Children only are not allowed to ride together.
Closed: Water bicycles and foot-operated go-karts are closed on Mondays *If Monday is a public holiday, the next weekday

Spot Details

[Kainan Kodomo no Kuni]
Address: 1238 Nitanda, Torigachi-cho, Yatomi-shi, Aichi 490-1403
Phone number: (0567)52-1515
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 *Closing time may change depending on the season.
Closed: December 29th - January 1st
Paid rides only Every Monday (the next day if Monday is a holiday)
Parking: Free 8:30-17:00
Parking Lot 1 (400 regular cars at all times), Parking Lot 2 (400 regular cars for holidays), Taiho Parking Lot (300 regular cars for holidays) *The 2nd Parking Lot and Taiho Parking Lot are crowded on the day The gate will be opened accordingly.

web: https://www.aichi-park.or.jp/k-kodomo/index.html
Instagram: None
facebook: none
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swuRn1C0N825eTQ

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