Let's go around Nagoya's mosaic tile art on the Nagoya Municipal Subway 

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Posting date: 2022.09.21
Let's go around Nagoya's mosaic tile art on the Nagoya Municipal Subway 

This time, I would like to introduce Nagoya's mosaic art using the camera app Dazz Camera that I introduced before! Dazz camera is attractive because you can use various cameras (filters)! You can easily enjoy various retro cameras.

The main one I'm going to use this time is D Classic. If you want to take photos that look a little more faded than that, CT2F is recommended!

▼D Classic


What is mosaic tile art?

The most famous tile art is Park Guell, produced by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain, but mosaic tile art can be seen in various places around the world.

Such mosaic tile art is left everywhere in downtown Nagoya. There are so many of them that it is no exaggeration to say that it is a city of mosaic murals.

However, in recent years, many works have disappeared due to the demolition of buildings.

So this time, I visited the mosaic tile art that Nagoya is proud of.

Hisaya Odori Station

First, Hisaya Odori Station. Immediately after entering the south ticket gate! People and sunflowers blowing soap bubbles on the left and right.

It's not the camera's fault that the sunflower looks stretched out, it really stretches sideways.

It was a mosaic art with a bright impression.

Yabacho Station

Yabacho Station.
It is on both sides of the Matsuzakaya connecting passage.

Each size is small. There are about 18 points along the passages to Matsuzakaya.
It was a slightly subdued mosaic art.

Haven't you seen all of Yabacho's mosaic art?
Please take a look at the shots I took using the D Half of the Dazz camera this time!

Kamimaezu Station

Kamimaezu station.
Near the west ticket gate. I'm starting to get excited about where it's going to be next.

Immediately after exiting the ticket gate, there is a large and colorful art!

It seems that Nagoya's sightseeing spots are drawn.
The provider was Osu Uiro Kishimen.

Tsurumai Station

It is located in the underground passageway leading from the subway to JR.
This is the largest art I found this time. The black crane on the purple background is impressive.

Gold tiles were used for the beak and legs of the crane, giving it a luxurious feel.

Lunch at retro cafe "Cafe Niigata"

Take a break around here. To Cafe Niigata near Tsurumai Station.

Does it look like an old-fashioned tobacco shop? ! There are a lot of customers when you go inside! The retro lighting and furniture make you feel like you've slipped back in time.

Neapolitan for lunch. Nagoya-meshi. It's been a long time since I had Neapolitan and it's 550 yen! How inexpensive!

Marunouchi Station

The mosaic art at Marunouchi Station is located just outside the ticket gates as you come up from the Tsurumai Line.
As you exit the ticket gate, it stands proudly before your eyes.

Nagoya Castle is cool.

Glossy tiles and matte tiles, even the same color looks different.
It was the most Nagoya-like art with Nagoya Castle drawn in a cool way.

Fushimi Station

Fushimi Station is near Yorimachi FUSHIMI. It's cute from the moment you see it! !

Constellation mosaic tile art. The tiles here are very uneven. I also like it.

This time, I landed at Yorimachi FUSHIMI for the first time. I never thought there was a place like this in the basement of Fushimi Station. It seems that there are still places in Nagoya that I do not know.

Finally, I went to Egeresuya Coffee Shop. The atmosphere of the shop is good and calm.

I ordered coffee and custard pudding. There was a pudding boom in the streets, but it's the first time I've ever had a cafe pudding. The old-fashioned firm pudding was delicious.

This restaurant is perfect for retro cameras.
I would like to come again.

This time, I visited 6 mosaic tile arts!
I thought that I hadn't been consciously looking at the places I should have passed by many times.

When I was shooting, there were a lot of people walking by, but no one was looking at the art. Still, it was a day when I thought that mosaic tile art was wonderful because there were tile art in various places and I could feel art close to me.

From now on, I want to become a person who enjoys station art without looking at my smartphone all the time!

▼ D Classic (close to the original color. Slightly retro feeling)

▼CT2F (Faded texture. With date.)

▼ D Classic (close to the original color. Slightly retro feeling)

▼CT2F (Faded texture. With date.)

I would like to conclude by comparing the lenses of the Dazz cameras.
By all means, please try visiting the mosaic tile art.

Exclusive photographer for Alive Co., Ltd. I usually take photos to be used on the website, but also photos to be published in various media.

I will be posting at my leisure, but I will be sending out information about the charms of Nagoya through photographs.


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