[Gujyo Hachiman: Weekdays only!] Tour around the Beautiful Castle Town with a Digital Ticket “CentX”

Gujo City
Posting date: 2023.10.30
[Gujyo Hachiman: Weekdays only!] Tour around the Beautiful Castle Town with a Digital Ticket “CentX”

"CentX", an app operated by Nagoya Railroad, will launch the"CentX Gifu Travel Coin Campaign" from Monday, October 30 to Friday, December 22, 2023, for weekday travelers to enjoy a special discount on trips to Gifu.

The "Takayama/Shin Hotaka 2-Day Free Pass," "Ochobo-san Bus Ticket on Nishimino Liner," and "Gifu Kinkazan Ropeway Round Trip Ticket Exchange Ticket" are just a few of the tickets available to enjoy Gifu in the autumn season.

This time, I went to Gujo Hachiman using a digital ticket from among the many campaign products. I will report on the trip.

What is "CentX"?

First, let me introduce you to "CentX".

"CentX" is an application that supports business and outing travel mainly in Aichi and Gifu prefectures. In addition to route search, operation information, and delay status checks, the app also provides useful services such as "Outing Information," "CentX web tickets," which allow seamless travel, "Special coupons," and more.

In the "CentX Gifu Travel Coin Campaign" that will be held this time, you can enjoy your trip at a great value using digital tickets sold within "CentX".

Furthermore, you will also receive "Gifu Tabi Coins" along with your ticket.

*You will need to download the Gifu Tabi Coin app.

Buy your digital-tickets at CentX!

Purchasing tickets is very easy!

① Download “CentX” app
② Purchase the ticket of your choice from among those eligible for the campaign (*Applicable only to weekday tickets)

③ After purchase, you can automatically charge the Gifu Tabi Coin app.

On the day of use, just show your smartphone screen on public transportation or at the store!
You can easily enjoy your trip without having to receive a ticket.

I went to "Gujo Hachiman"
Using digital ticket

The "One-day Gujo Hachiman Coupon" is a special ticket that includes a round-trip ticket from Mino-Ota to Gujo Hachiman on the Nagaragawa Railway, a ticket to the Gujo Hachiman Exposition Hall, and a ticket to Gujo Hachiman Castle.

Additionally, this time, you will receive 600 yen worth of Gifu Travel Coins.

*The number of coins given varies depending on the ticket.

[One day Gujo Hachiman coupon]
Price: ¥3,140 (tax included)
Contents: Round trip ticket from Mino-Ota Station to Gujo Hachiman Station (Nagaragawa Railway) + Expo Museum admission ticket + Yawata Castle admission ticket
+600 yen worth of Gifu travel coins

Let's ride the Nagaragawa Railway!

First, take the Nagaragawa Railway from Mino-Ota Station to Gujo Hachiman Station.
I showed the CentX screen to the station staff and was able to board the train immediately.

The Nagaragawa Railway, which was established in 1986, is a one-man train that connects 38 stations from Mino-Ota Station in Minokamo City to Kitanou Station in Gujo City.

The car has a very cute, Showa retro feel and is loved by many people, from locals to tourists.

The trains can be crowded even on weekdays, so it's ideal to be at the station about 30 minutes before departure. By the way, there is no toilet on the train, so please use it at Mino-Ota Station.

The train journey from Mino-Ota to Gujo Hachiman takes about an hour and a half.
As the name suggests, the Nagara River Railway runs along the Nagara River, known as one of Japan's three major clear streams, for approximately 50km of its total length of 72.1km.

Just the comfort of the rattling train, the beautiful Nagara River, and the view of the lush nature will refresh your mood.

Inside the train, you will also hear on-board announcements that introduce you to the charm of the Nagaragawa Railway.

We also recommend eating a boxed lunch while enjoying the view. Enjoy your journey to your destination while looking out at the ever-changing train windows.

*I bought my bento box at Nagoya Station.

Arrive at Gujo Hachiman Station

After about an hour and a half of train travel, we arrived at Gujo Hachiman Station.
The station sells souvenirs, has a cafe where you can enjoy the retro station building, bicycle rentals, and a tourist information center.

There is also a walking map inside the station, so grab one and get going!


Let's go around Gujo Hachiman using "Mame Bus"!

Buses are convenient from the station to the city center.

The Mame Bus runs from Gujo Hachiman Station to the central area of Gujo Hachiman. First, head to the nearest station, "Jyokamachi Plaza (Castle Town Plaza)," to head to Gujo Hachiman Castle.

<Usage fee>
100 yen per day
One-day pass: 200 yen


Japan's oldest wooden reconstructed castle
Gujo Hachiman Castle

It took about 10 minutes to reach "Jyokamachi Plaza". From here, we will continue on foot to the castle.

There is a gentle slope leading up to the castle, so if you are not confident in your physical strength, we recommend taking a taxi from the station to the top.

Surrounded by rich nature, you can enjoy forest bathing while walking slowly. The road is paved, so you can easily climb it with sneakers.

There are also some shortcuts along the way.

After climbing the hill, you will arrive at Gujo Hachiman Castle in about 20 minutes.
It felt like a little mountain climbing, and it felt very refreshing.

You can enter Gujo Hachiman Castle with a one-day Gujo Hachiman coupon.

What kind of castle is Gujo Hachiman Castle?

Gujo Hachiman Castle began as a fort built by Endo Morikazu in 1559. It was built at the end of the Warring States period, and later restored and expanded by castle lords such as Sadamichi Inaba and Yoshitaka Endo.

In 1667, the castle was extensively restored by the 6th lord of the castle, Endo Tsunetomo, and was officially recognized as a castle by the Edo shogunate.

However, with the abolition of the domain in 1871, Gujo Hachiman Castle was abandoned, and all but the wooden structure was demolished in 1872.

The present Gujo Hachiman Castle was rebuilt as a four-story, five-story wooden castle. It is recognized as an important cultural property of Gujo City, and the castle ruins are designated as a historical site of Gifu Prefecture.

The view of the castle town and Okumino mountains from the castle tower is spectacular. The white castle tower stands dignifiedly surrounded by the sky and nature, and is said to be "Japan's most beautiful mountain castle."

It is also known as a famous castle for its autumn foliage, and during the autumn foliage season, the area is so colorful that it is said that the "castle tower goes up in flames".

Seal of the castle (300 yen per piece)

At Gujo Hachiman Castle, you can also purchase castle stamps made from artisan-made Mino washi paper. You can purchase it at the entrance ticket office, so be sure to check it out as well.

It also has the date on it, so it's a great memento of your visit.

[Gujo Hachiman Castle]
Address: 659 Ichinotaira, Yanagimachi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture
Business hours: Please check the official website
Closed: December 20th to January 10th


Walking around Gujo Hachiman gets more excited
"Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan"

The building is a former tax office built in 1919 and has been reused as a museum.

After visiting Gujo Hachiman Castle, head to the Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan. You can also enter the museum with a one-day Gujo Hachiman coupon.

The "Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan" introduces the charms of Gujo Hachiman in an easy-to-understand manner, with the theme of ``a castle town of water and dance.''

Inside the facility, "Gujo Odori (folk dance) Demonstrations" are held four times a day.

It provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the origin and history of Gujo Odori, as well as the 10 different Gujo Odori styles using illustrated panels and videos.

Also, the Gujo Odori demonstrations performed by the staff in yukata, which are held mainly on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, are also popular.

By experiencing the charm of Gujo Hachiman, I became even more excited to walk around the town.
Be sure to stop by here as a starting point for your walk.

It's a great deal to be able to enter Gujo Hachiman Castle and Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan with a coupon.

Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan
Address : 50 Tonomachi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture
Hours: 9:30-17:00 (last admission at 16:30)
Closed: December 24 - January 2

"Gujo Hachiman Former Town Hall Memorial Building"!

I was getting hungry, so I went to the Gujo Hachiman Former Town Hall Memorial Building for lunch. It is about a 10-minute walk from Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan.

The Gujo Hachiman Former Town Hall Memorial Building is a comprehensive tourist information center located in the renovated former Hachiman Town Hall. There is a free rest area, a restaurant, and a specialty products store inside the building, making it the perfect place to take a break!

This time we will have lunch at the "Former Town Hall Cafeteria".

They have menus unique to Gujo, such as Kei-chan chicken set meals, Gujo ham steak set meals, and soba menus (summer).

You can enjoy dishes unique to Gujo Hachiman, so be sure to try the local flavors.

"Gujo Kei-chan chicken set meal". This is their proud chicken, made with tender young chicken thighs and our restaurant's original miso-based seasoning.

"Gujo ham steak set meal". Myogata ham, representative of Gujo Hachiman, is made into a luxurious thick-sliced steak. It's juicier and more filling than eating it as it is.

Business hours: around 10:00-16:00
*Meal menu available from around 11:00

The drink menu is also extensive.

"Gujo Hachiman Natural Water Cider Jelly'', an idea created by students at local Gujo High School, is also popular as to-go menu item. This is a crushed jelly type drink that locks in the flavor and carbonation of cider.

You can also rent bicycles at the Gujo Hachiman Former Town Hall Memorial Building.

Let's explore the highlights of the castle town on a bicycle. We also recommend cycling through the back alleys that you don't often go through.

Gujo Hachiman Former Town Hall Memorial Building
Address: 520-1, Shimadani, Yawata-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture

Full of fresh air!
Let's take a walk around the castle town!

After filling your stomach, take a stroll through the quaint castle town of Gujo Hachiman. Gujo Hachiman is also known as Okumino's Little Kyoto and has a nostalgic atmosphere.

Yanaka Mizu no Komichi (Water Path of Yanaka)

While walking along the main street, I arrived at a popular spot called "Yanaka Mizu no Komichi", which is marked by willow trees. In honor of Gujo Hachiman, the road is paved with 80,000 cobblestones (hachi-man: 80,000) and the waterway running beside it invites you to cool down.

There's also a cute rest space next to it that makes you want to sit down!

Speaking of Gujo Hachiman, it is a "water town." There are natural water pumping stations scattered throughout the area, so if you bring your own bottle, you can enjoy Gujo's delicious water.

Enjoy local gourmet food while walking around!

Gujo Hachiman has a wide variety of restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet food. You can easily enjoy local delicacies such as Mitarashi dumplings, sweetfish skewers, hot croquettes, and frankfurters, a specialty of the local area.

Be sure to check out the gourmet food you can enjoy while walking.

Let's get souvenirs!

At the end of the trip, we stopped at a souvenir shop and picked up Gujo Hachiman's specialties.
This time, we received a Gifu Travel Coin that cost 600 yen per person, so we were able to purchase souvenirs at a great value.

Gifu Travel Coins can be used in a variety of ways while traveling in Gifu Prefecture, such as purchasing souvenirs, eating and drinking, experiencing experiences, and entering tourist facilities.

By using “CentX Gifu Travel Coin Campaign”
Let's explore Gifu at a great price!

This time I went around Gujo Hachiman using a digital ticket. A train journey along the Nagara River Railway, and the beautiful scenery and history of Gujo Hachiman. All of them were wonderful memories that will stay in my heart.

Using the "CentX" app, you can smoothly plan your trip, from purchasing digital tickets to using Gifu Tabi Coins.
Please take advantage of the "CentX Gifu Travel Coin Campaign" and enjoy your trip to Gifu.


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【Sales Period】
October 30th (Monday) - December 22nd (Friday), 2023
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Gifu Tabi Coin: https://gifu-bank.co.jp/sp/gifutabi-coin/


Nagaragawa Railwayhttps://www.ngt.co.jp/


Gujo City Tourism Association: https://gujo-kanko.jp/

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